Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

Each girl who looks after himself, can not afford to leave their nails in an ugly state. Grubby hands, oddly enough - almost the first detail that draws attention. The modern world has given us a magic wand, as gel nail, and now with beautiful nails, you can go longer than ever before. However, the modern world - is chaos, and not always in the cycle of affairs is the time to entrust their handles real master.

But it does not matter, do nail design and can be on their own. This saves not only time to hike in the lounge, but also finances. Make yourself a manicure is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. On the Internet you can find an incredible number of video tutorials that explain step by step how to perform a particular design. In fact, to make beautiful nails can learn absolutely any girl, here it is not a talent, but as practice. It remains only to find out that the same is now fashionable.

Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

The palette of colors for the seasons

Fashion - lady capricious, every year we see more and more new inventions masters, some trends are replaced by others, but one rule is as old as the world. Traditionally, design nail manicure in the summer - it's bright colors, the autumn gives way to bright colors on muted pastel tones.

Color is usually chosen by outfit, if a manicure for a specific event or just in the mood, if this gel lacquer, which will stay with you for at least two weeks. Currently, the trend cool colors, intense aubergine, variations blue (from blue to blue-black), various shades of pink and purple and classic brick-red, red and mustard. For a long time occupied a leading position metallic colors. During the summer, the silver, and in autumn - golden.

Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

What kind of fashion?

In addition to the colors and design to draw attention is also on the shape of the nail plate. Classic back in fashion, and for several seasons to replace square nails came oval, the length of which does not exceed one or two millimeters. The second place was for Russian lovers manicure takes a square shape, it looks particularly impressive on long nails.

And third place is deservedly gets the almond-shaped with a pointed tip. This style some time ago broke a leading position, but quickly forgotten. This is because long, but still sharp nails in today's realities - it is very inconvenient. Each shape looks great with the design manicure gel polish.

Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

What to expect next?

For quite a long time in fashion simplicity. Elaborate nail designs have long been relegated to the background. The main trend of today is simple and clear, and quite easy to perform. Therefore, manicure can significantly save.

At the moment, at the peak of popularity in the US and Europe - the new moon manicure. It came a tendency to us from Asia and already has a leading position on the most popular nail art. The best design manicure short nails - it is a single color coating.

Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends


Moon manicure

The essence of the manicure is that the lower part of the nail is drawn not familiar to us white nail hole, and exactly to the middle. The result is that one part of the nail is painted half in one color and the other - the other, a contrast.

Typically, a combination of dark and nyudovyh shades. As we have seen, in the fashion returns simplicity. And it was evident even at the last fashion week, many designers have gone for the simplest way that will appeal to those who are always in a hurry and who never have time. Now, such a combination in a fashion one fingernail covered by any bright color, while the rest remain colorless. You can use a regular clearcoat or nyudovy, which is as close to the natural color of the nail.

Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

That combined with office clothes?

Those who work in an office where strict dress code - a basic rule, designers recommend to pay attention to the monochrome manicure with interesting details. Ideal - nyudovyh combination with metallic hues. As a basis for this is a classic manicure taken Nude, and under it already selected metallic.

The main color should match the color, the most versatile shade - a warm beige or cream. These colors are suitable for virtually all tsvetotip. When the primary color dries, using a fine brush to apply a drawing golden patterns. It can be a jacket, moon manicure, nail strips along the length and even the most improbable patterns.

You can just pay attention to cover with glitter, they have one distinct advantage - the ease of use. You are guaranteed to get a perfectly smooth graphically manicure, and no one would guess, if you do it yourself at home or in the salon.

Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

Geometric Shapes

It is worth noting two more options nail art, which will almost always appropriate. Primarily, this fashion geometric patterns, executed in black or white. This is usually used for black paint and a fine brush. In specialty stores, you can find a marker with him the work is several times faster, and the result - be careful.

The basis of such a manicure - a transparent coating that is in perfect harmony with bright contrasting patterns. For example, you can apply two stripes on each nail, as well as circles, squares, triangles, and everything that your heart desires, what just enough imagination and time.

The result is fixed with transparent top. And voila - a fashionable and simple manicure ready. To nails do not catch the eye with their bright pictures, can be applied pattern on some fingers selectively, and if the soul requires experimentation, it is possible to alternate different figures so that they do not recur. The main thing that fantasy did not disappoint. Different design on each nail - is another trend, which can be performed in a completely different colors. Designers believe that this fashion will remain for a long time. It looks great on a design manicure short nails.

Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

Ombre on nails

Another trend that has come to the world of fashion for a long time enough, but still does not give up its position. This Ombre both the hair and the marigolds. It needs two colors that blend with each other to perform such a manicure. Manicures performed as follows:

  • As with any manicure, Ombre begins with the fact that all the nails are covered with two layers of the base. It does not matter whether it is a long-term coating or conventional lacquer.
  • In the foil, apply two strips of selected colors of nail polish and dunk them in the sponge or sponge.
  • While varnish began to dry up, you need to immediately make a mark on the nail.
  • Repeat the need every fingernail.
  • Luck, who remained on his finger around the nail, you need to immediately remove a cotton swab with acetone.
  • Attach base paint should be colorless or drying.

That's it, it would seem, such a complicated manicure, but the performance is quite simple.

Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

Nail Design Foil

Foil - it's not quite the usual material for nails, but with it you can make an unusual design, without leaving home. Simply pre-buy foil of different colors, it is advisable to do it in a special store where everything is sold for manicure. Despite the fact that such a design is carried out quickly and easily what the power of even beginners, it looks impressive. Getting to the creation of a perfect manicure:

  • Cut foil bought into ten parts for each nail and yet set it aside.
  • Cover the nails any varnish, it is only important that it was combined with a color foil. The varnish is applied in two layers.
  • Immediately before the varnish is not dried up, it should be applied to each nail (or multiple selected) foil is not glossy and matte. Do it better with tweezers, so as not to damage the still not cured, a layer of varnish.
  • Hold the nail in the foil at least five minutes, and then a sharp movement to remove it from the nails.
  • Will very unusual chaotic metal pattern that should be fixed with varnish. It looks impressive, which are only a photo manicure design.
Manicure design: the most fashionable ideas, pictures and an overview of trends

This nail design looks very impressive and seems complicated in execution, but it is only at first glance. Also, this nail art can be supplemented with different crystals and ornaments, which are easy to stick to your nails with the help of the base. In special shops you can now find anything. And this design always looks stylish and glamorous. But the most important thing - do not forget one thing - in the fashion that you like.