Knowledge that will save your life

Trouble often occur unexpectedly. Going on a challenging hike or a neighboring bakery, you might find yourself in a dangerous situation where the error will cost your life. We recommend that you podstelit straws in advance and learn some useful survival skills.

Knowledge that will save your life

Being in a crowd, look for escape routes

In an emergency, people instinctively ran to the door through which they entered, or to a nearby, creating a crush. If you know of another way out of the building, you probably will be able to get faster.

If someone threatens you with a weapon, keep eye contact with him

Feel at gunpoint - a lot of stress. Try to remain calm and not to lose eye contact with the aggressor. He may begin to doubt and presses the trigger.

When going hiking, always take a mirror and a whistle

The best way to attract someone's attention - a light and sound. Reflected the sun's rays and whistles to help rescuers locate you quickly if something goes wrong.

Remember the rule of three

There is one general rule about which not everyone knows so do not sin again. So, you can survive three minutes without air, three hours without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food. Of course, much depends on the ambient conditions (for example, when the weather is good, you will stretch without shelter much longer than three hours), but in general, it usually helps to set priorities.

Plastic bottle with coal can serve as a filter for the water

Dirty water will be cleaner, if you skip it across the primitive filter consisting of a plastic bottle with coal. So that the water became safe to drink, it should be boiled after cleaning.

Going down the stairs, do not hold your hands in the pockets of

Everyone can slip while descending the stairs. If at this moment you do not grab the railing, the fall can result in serious injury.

Minor wounds can glue super glue

If for some reason you do not have with a patch, but there is a super-glue, you can use it to seal small wounds to prevent dirt from entering into it. However, this solution is not suitable for large wounds.

By all means try to conserve heat and dryness of

Hypothermia kills gradually. Many do not realize that they are supercooled, until it's too late. To prevent such an outcome, go to nature in a properly chosen clothes and shoes with protection from getting wet. In an emergency situation will make every effort to keep dry and warm.

Select a location in the tail of the plane

In fact, the aircraft - one of the safest modes of transport. But if you are experiencing fear, choose seats in the middle row at the end of the cabin. According to statistics, the mortality rate in this region is about 28%, compared to 44% in the middle third of the passenger compartment. If your chances of surviving an accident are much greater.

When traveling, you can report your location close to

The worst thing you can do is go camping - that's nobody to say where you are going. If you are stuck in the middle of wild nature, it is very unlikely that you are someone accidentally finds. Knowledge of your location very help rescuers.

An extensive wound can be closed sanitary napkins

Cellulose wadding was invented during the Second World War. The material is well absorbed blood, and therefore fabricated therefrom dressing. In peacetime of it started making sanitary napkins. They are clean and well absorbed. If you have on hand pads, lined them wound and secure with a bandage.

Swim parallel to the beach

If you are in a band rip current (rather narrow stream of water directed from the coast to the open sea), do not fight with him in the hope to swim, you just exhausted. Instead, swim parallel to the shore to get out of the rip current.

to extinguish the fire, you can use the ash

If the fire gets out of control, and you do not have a fire extinguisher, use it instead of the usual soda. In addition, it can help to clean stubborn dirt and mask your scent from predators.

The condom can be stored up to 2 liters of water

Condoms made from an elastic and sealing material. Wrap it in a sock or other tissue and can be used to store water.

Do not eat snow

If you are in a snow-covered forest and want to drink, do not eat snow. He will cool your body and create a threat of hypothermia. Try to find a way to melt the snow.

In an emergency, ask for help in person

If you are in a critical situation in the midst of the crowd, then it triggered the so-called bystander effect, when one thinks that will help someone else. Point out someone from standing together and ask them to call the emergency services, then the probability of getting aid will increase significantly.

If you get lost in the woods, walk along the fence or stream

If you are really lost and can not get out on the road, try to find the fence or stream. Creek is a source of water and can get you to the settlement. But the fence - a clear sign of civilization.

The flashlight can be used for self-defense

Flashlight is invaluable if you need to find your way in the dark. Also, if powerful enough to shine a flashlight in the face of an attacker, it is briefly disorienting him and give you time to escape.