Carlos Sanchez: biography, career, achievements

Carlos Sanchez: biography, career, achievements

Carlos Alberto Sánchez Moreno was born on February 6, 1986 in Colombia. His hometown is considered Kibido. Small and poor areas grew the most authentic football legend.

The guy from childhood was fond of sports, played in the schoolyard football club, where he was noticed by a coach. His style is often described as erratic and unexpected. It is for such players as a reward nickname "The Rock".

Getting club career

As a footballer, Carlos Sanchez was held in 2005. For the sake of a better life, he, together with his family moved to Uruguay, where he enrolled to study at the football academy "Danubio". Due vyskoim the results of the games and training Carlos Sanchez was adopted in Montevideo club "River Plate". There, he first participated in major competitions - Cup Uruguay. In the competition was attended by many stars of Uruguayan football.

Carlos Sanchez: biography, career, achievements

In spite of the high expectations for the 40 matches of Carlos scored just one goal. After graduation, Sanchez signed a contract for a period of 5 years from "Valenciennes" and debuted in the First Division. In December 2008, in the match against Monaco, he scored his first goal. The player is not a high level of the game and was extremely faint in the background of his comrades. Carlos tried to raise their level of play by changing the team, but negotiations with the English club were unsuccessful. Because of this, in 2012 he was forced to renew the contract with the French "Valenciennes". In 2013, the athlete started showing good results, because of what was seen by the Spanish club "Elche" and was bought for € 3 million. The youngster quickly joined the team and made his debut in the "Primera Divison."

Thanks to the first major success in the 2014 World Cup, Carlos moved to the English club, "Aston Villa". Its price has risen to 4.7 million euros. In 2018, after the expiry of the contract, he moved to the "Vesthem United."

International Matches

In parallel with the activities of the club, the athlete is a permanent member of the national team of Colombia. His first match was held May 9, 2007 against Panama. There was noted an interesting manner of Carlos games for which he was named as one of the contenders for the main part the championship of America.

Carlos Sanchez: biography, career, achievements

Sanchez participated in this tournament three times - in 2011, 2015 and 2016. The interesting thing is that the player shows a much better result was in international matches, but not in the club.


Player has been noted in many sports magazines, it occupies a leading place in the list of promising newcomers. It is the 2016 America's Cup champion of the year.