Photorejuvenation: reviews specialists, contraindications

Time can not be deceived. I agree with him, too, is problematic enough, but you can stop the processes that occur in the body under the influence of time - you can slow down aging.

The new shape your skin

Until a few decades ago this statement would have caused a cautious reaction, and possibly ridicule. Today, almost every woman enjoys caring means or passes procedures to help improve the condition of the skin and return it to its original luster: anti-wrinkle creams, Botox and hyaluronic acid facial massage and lifting procedures.

Modern cosmetology is not standing still, every year there are new methods of dealing with aging. The latest revolutionary invention was resurfacing. Reviews of this procedure, blew the whole female world. It was invented an effective recipe for eternal youth ?!

Photorejuvenation: reviews specialists, contraindications

What is photorejuvenation?

Rejuvenation - it's one of the most promising methods to combat the signs of aging, based on non-contact laser technology, which allows to reproduce the cell renewal. Powerful light-wave laser pulse interacts with the skin, activating the respiratory and metabolic processes. The skin comes to life, stimulation of collagen helps to restore elasticity. In addition, this technique is well removes dark spots and vascular mesh.

So, photorejuvenation, reviews of which offer hope for the return of his youth is given by the result after the first session. The skin becomes smoother, gets a healthy color and shine, fine lines evaporate. In addition, the effect of rejuvenation is much more durable than the effect of lifting or Botox.

When the aging process begins?

there comes a time when he stops to admire his reflection in a mirror in the life of every human being. The freshness and elasticity of the skin somewhere disappear, the skin looks sluggish, there are first wrinkles and age spots, and under eye bags are collected. In this case, it is natural to want to erase the traces of old age from your face. And here comes to the aid rejuvenation. Guest experts say that the procedure should be performed as needed, but those younger than 25 years, it is contraindicated. This is the age structure of the skin age-related changes begin to happen, but how they are expressed depends on the influence of external factors, lifestyle and hereditary rights. So, smoking and drinking man living in an industrial center and working at a stressful job, the probability of finding the wrinkles on the face of 25 years are much higher than in humans, leading a healthy lifestyle, not under stress, and living in an environmentally clean area.

Photorejuvenation person, enthusiastic reviews which, in the initial stages of skin aging can not be used. Suffice special care: toning and moisturizing with special creams and masks, acupressure and UV protection.

Photorejuvenation: reviews specialists, contraindications

Phased skin care

After 30 years of coming melkomorschinisty stage of aging. At this time, the skin needs more tremulous care. We should choose caring products containing collagen and hyaluronic acid. It is necessary to carry out daily manipulation, improving microcirculation in the skin. To achieve maximum effect, and lifting specialists recommend use in this age of rejuvenation. Reviews say that the procedure is enough to use several times a year to get the desired result. In 35 years, you should think about more active preparations, as changes in the skin cells are already on a deep level. Topical anti-aging treatments are peeling and lifting, using cell cosmetics.

After 40 years it is necessary to move to the "heavy artillery". The main methods of care can be added Botox and hyaluronic acid. But first, experts recommend pay attention to the rejuvenation of the skin. Reviews about this procedure superior to reviews of the above injections. By the way, they should be resorted to only in extreme cases.

The essence of the procedure

Photorejuvenation: reviews specialists, contraindications

Laser resurfacing, which reviews will help you decide on the necessity of the procedure, is a selective photothermolysis aimed at selective biological target. In other words, the impact of light beams pulsed IPL lamps on the skin. Practiced by use of light beams with different wavelengths. Waves of moisture absorbed in the pigment or capillary vessels and therefore their destruction occurs. Due to the warm tissues activates stimulation of cell regeneration, the production of collagen and elastin.

A feature of the procedure is that the light waves act only on the affected skin cells, leaving intact tissue surrounding the target.

For example, in the coagulation of healthy cells do not suffer from vascular rosacea, as they aimed minimum wave light. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that a dyed structure absorb the maximum amount of light, whereby the heated and vaporized. During the procedure, age spots become darker shade, but after some time, the skin in this area is peeled, exposing a new healthy layer. This happens pigment photodestruction and the damaged portion is adapted to the healthy skin.

Preparation for procedure

Photorejuvenation: reviews specialists, contraindications

photorejuvenation person who reviews which encourage women to enroll in a beauty clinic, requires compliance with several rules.

2-3 weeks before the expected date of the procedure, you must refrain from sun exposure and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Prohibited use and tanning creams containing pigments and alcohol. It is necessary to protect the skin from damage. For a period of rejuvenation is better to abandon antibiotics. If you have a serious illness, you should consult with your doctor and get permission for the procedure.

Implementation of these rules will save you from inflammatory reactions, reduce the process of rehabilitation to a minimum and ensure the maximum effect of the procedure.

The process of the procedure

Photorejuvenation: reviews specialists, contraindications

On the purified intact skin smeared with a special gel, which has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. It acts as a conductor passes through a light flows. During the procedure, the eye wear special bandage. With manipuly made gradual processing of each of problem skin.

The duration of the procedure varies from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the assigned physician beautician course.

After the procedure there may be slight inflammatory reactions, which are removed by means of regenerating creams.

The procedure is done in several stages. Courses are assigned individually for each case, depending on the desired result. The trend toward a marked improvement in skin condition is visible after the first session. On average, held 4-6 sessions, the interval between which is up to a month. This method of treatment can get rid of even the serious defects of the skin and fix the result for a long time. The procedure may act as an independent method of preventing photoaging and complex component of anti-aging treatments. Contraindications to interact with the lifting, peeling and Botox do not.

The expected effect of

Photorejuvenation: reviews specialists, contraindications

This procedure acts as an effective method to combat not only wrinkles, but also with such unpleasant cosmetic defect as rosacea. Photorejuvenation, reviews of which in 98% of cases are heard in a positive way, is an excellent way to get rid of rosacea - manifestations on the skin vasculature and capillaries. Just 3-5 sessions visible signs of defects disappear completely, leaving no trace, no scarring. Only in some cases need more polishing, or ozone, allowing finally get rid of the residual effects of the disease.

After the session ends skin becomes toned and elasticity former fade acne marks, the pores are significantly reduced. Oval face becomes clear outlines, fade bags and bruises disfiguring eye area.

The best evidence of the effectiveness of the procedure called "photorejuvenation" - reviews before and after, as well as comparative picture of the results. The photo in this article you can see the transformation of women after photorejuvenation (5-6 sessions), and the initial results before the procedure. Changes quite noticeable, is not it?

Photorejuvenation: reviews specialists, contraindications

photorejuvenation: reviews and contraindications

Despite the attractiveness of this procedure, it can not take advantage of each. Photorejuvenation, reviews of which are impressive, is strictly forbidden to pregnant and lactating women. Rejuvenation procedure is prohibited for people with cancer, cardiovascular and skin diseases, as well as epilepsy. Patients with diabetes or people with thyroid problems, before the procedure is necessary to consult with your doctor.


Rejuvenation - is a revolutionary new method that helps restore youth and attractiveness of the skin in just a few sessions. In addition, this method is the most gentle of all available, and its result is comparable only with the operating method of lifting. The cost of this procedure is readily available to the average person.

From the above we can conclude that this is the best method of struggle for the young and healthy skin.