How to make the shoulders wider? Exercises for the shoulders on the bar: reviews

In this article we will talk about how to make the shoulders wider. What exercises are best done? Which is better: bench or mahi? Why do so many newcomers are unable to increase the volume of the delta? On this and many other topics on.


Shoulder muscles are made up of 3 beams: front, middle and rear. Of course, for the qualitative study of each of them needs its own approach in terms of the necessary exercises. Powerful Delta are fundamental to the success of the development in the volume of the body muscles. Why? All the matter in the human anatomy. For example, a front beam deltas are always involved in the bench press on a par with the pectoral muscles, and the rear together with the broadest participates in the rods. In the event that the delta will be weak, do not expect gigantic power achievements. Next, we describe in more detail about the most effective exercises that will help you as much as possible to develop all three beam deltoid muscles.

How to make the shoulders wider? Exercises for the shoulders on the bar: reviews

Bench barbell sit / stand

Bench press barbell sit / stand is one of the basic exercises in bodybuilding. Performing it, you affect the entire shoulder girdle, triceps and upper back some muscle. If you are doing this exercise because of the head, it is possible to limit the amplitude of up to 20-30 cm, doing high reps (15-30). This reduces the load on joints and muscles increases the time to optimum load for 30 seconds. It should be noted that this form of execution affects more medium beam deltas, rather than the front, as is the case in classical performing exercises. How to make the shoulders wider? Many coaches and experts say that it presses exercise maximum develop shoulders, while mahi and traction only reinforce and develop the power potential.

Press of dumbbells sit / stand

Dumbbell bench press is a great alternative to the above exercise, which is difficult to perform with the right technique. It should be noted that this movement has a number of advantages over the rod zhimom, which we write in the individual sub-items.

  • during this exercise your hand more comfortably and securely positioned relative to each other, it is sufficient to greatly reduce the risk of injury;
  • bench press with dumbbells over targets the medium beam deltas due to lack of the neck.

Remember that this exercise is very effective for the progressive development of the deltoid muscle, but it needs to perform with the proper technique.

How to make the shoulders wider? Exercises for the shoulders on the bar: reviews

Mahi dumbbells

Mahi dumbbells allow "aiming to" work out your delta. In the first months of training this exercise can not be carried out correctly, most beginners, but in essence it is one of the most effective ways to "finish" the delta after heavy basic exercises. In the hall you can see the 3 different swings execution:

  • front;
  • medium;
  • rear.

Lifting dumbbells in front of you is best developed front delts. As a rule, the implementation of this exercise is not necessary, since the front beam works in all types of rods and clamps. If you still want to do this part of the delta of the bulkier, use small weights in parallel with a large number of repetitions that will be the best example of such training.

Medium beam well loaded with the help of strides through the sides. However, remember: First, it is desirable to lower the shoulders down, in order to exclude from the trapeze work. Second, tilt the body slightly forward, simplifying the exercise. Thirdly, during the movement try to keep your elbows just above the wrist. Finally, in order to bleed the rear beam, do the exercise in a similar fashion to the previous version, however, makes a lower slope ahead.

How to make the shoulders wider? Exercises for the shoulders on the bar: reviews

What is better: bench presses or mahi?

How to build broad shoulders? Of course, need regular exercise and adherence. However, any exercises to focus more attention? Now try to explain.

To develop a truly three-dimensional Delta, you need to do heavy basic exercises, because they make it possible to use the principle of a load progression. Of course, that such exercises primarily include various presses. If we talk about mahah with dumbbells, they are, of course, a "sighting" load off your shoulders, but the lack of significant progress in the encumbrances does not allow to gain muscle mass and strength. However, light exercise allow "score" your muscles at the end of the training, and therefore neglect the strides it would be foolish. Finally, do not forget about the fact that there is a direct correlation between training weights in the basic exercises and insulation. This means that osilivaya heavier weights in the basic movements, you'll master more weight and insulating. Although otherwise it is impossible.

How to make the shoulders wider? Exercises for the shoulders on the bar: reviews

That is, dumbbell swings useless?

Not really. At an advanced level of training mahi allow more accented to pump one or another part of the delta, which lags behind the rest. Despite this, in other respects they are inferior drafts and zhimam on several counts. Firstly, doing isolated exercises, we expose ourselves to great danger due to the complex device of our shoulder joints. Second, it practically does not give the muscles more strength and volume. For these reasons, more effective training will be the initial implementation of the heavy basic exercises, after which they can be just "finish" strides.

How to make the shoulders wider? Exercises for the shoulders on the bar: reviews

Link to the chin

How to make the shoulders wider? The answer is simple - do traction. As a rule, the majority of beginners "bullies" neglect to practice, making a huge mistake. For bodybuilders this is one of the most useful exercise, because it develops great shoulder-width apart. You already know that the delta consists of 3 beams, but many athletes are usually only interested in the medium beam, giving the very wide. It was his attempt to maximally develop, "killing" countless approaches. Since each of the beams does its job (front and part of the middle of the beam perform a bench function, and the other part of the middle and rear beams perform traction), often observed the uneven development of the shoulders, where a dominant position is the front delta, and behind it are "retarded" mean and back. What conclusion can be drawn? If you want a really broad shoulders (the photo below shows them), you need to make traction.

How to make the shoulders wider? Exercises for the shoulders on the bar: reviews

One of the best exercises will pull to the chin. It is much more effective than the standard swings, because you can take a heavy weight and reduce the possibility of injury to a minimum level. In general, each of the above exercises in their own way useful. All you need - is to build a proper training program that will give you impressive results. And they need all the "bullies", because the narrow hips, broad shoulders and solid hands - this is standard male body.

Exercises for the shoulders on the bar

Pull-ups are not specialized exercises for the development of the deltoids, but almost all of their species are forced to work the muscles of the shoulders. From the point of view of efficiency of the best views of pull-ups to strengthen the deltoid are the following:

  1. Pull-average direct grip. Most standard motion that affects the front delts.
  2. Partial tightening average reverse grip. Its implementation duplicates previous view, but in our case it is necessary to fix the body before reaching the average amplitude. In this exercise, work perfectly the front and middle of the delta.
  3. The back part of the delta is strained only when pulling the narrow reverse grip. Performing motion you can see in the photo below.

On this, perhaps, everything. All other types of exercise to a greater extent affect the muscles of the back, a trapezoid, and the like.

How to make the shoulders wider? Exercises for the shoulders on the bar: reviews


How to become a broad-shouldered? Of course, you need to create a competent and effective training program. For beginners, it will be enough to perform 2 exercises per workout:

  • bench press standing barbell (2 + 3-4 warm-up approach * 6-12);
  • thrust rod to the chin (warm-1 + 3-4 * 6-12).

For more advanced add the following exercises that strengthen the delta:

  • mahi dumbbells (warm-1 + 3-4 * 6-12);
  • swings in the slope (1 + 3-4 warm-up * 6-12).

By performing these exercises, you will really be able to pump the delta to the maximum, increasing their volume and power capabilities. If you're a fan of street training, then follow the following program:

  • tightening narrow reverse grip (5 approaches gradual progression in the number of repetitions).
  • partial tightening average reverse grip (5 approaches to the gradual decrease in the number of repetitions).

To sum up, we can draw several outcomes:

  • delta are very "soft" muscles that are easy to injure;
  • delta operate two types of movements: + traction presses;
  • The best exercises for the deltas can be considered rod presses lying / standing and rod pull to the chin;
  • Mahi perform a secondary role "seek" exercises;
  • presses exercise longer affect the middle and front delts;
  • develop traction rear hemisphere deltas.

Well, we hope that we will answer your basic questions about how to make the shoulders wider, what exercises to train the delta and the like. Have fun at the gym!