Taxi service in different countries

For a seat passenger should sit in a taxi in France, in Italy, well why single women and who sits behind the wheel of a car in Singapore.

Taxi service in different countries

France passengers in the backseat

Taxi service in different countries

After agreeing on a trip, do not rush to jump into the front seat. In France, there is an unspoken rule: only the rear passengers travel. Punish infringement of you no one will, but will make a remark. Next to the driver is allowed to drive only to dogs.

In legal taxis have three characteristics: the top - the inscription Taxi, on the right door - with a badge number, and inside - the counter. Book a car by phone or arrange with the driver in the parking lot. Catching a taxi is not accepted: the driver has no right to stop when within a radius of 50 meters there is a parking.

Cost: Planting - about € 2. The total cost depends on the day of the week, time of day and even the speed at which the car is going. The minimum fare is about € 6, 1 (410 rubles.). Welcomed the cache, as well as a tip - 10% of the cost of the trip).

Italy discount for single women

Taxi service in different countries

In Venice there are specifics. The narrow streets will not pass any one machine. Therefore, the water taxi here. It can be ordered from the hotel or at the harbor, where there is a stop with great Water Taxi yellow sign. Mean time "trip" of Venice is about 10 minutes, will have to pay about € 15. However, if you need to call in the small canals have to add around € 10 to the bill. Plus 10% tip.

In the rest of Italy - no surprises. Signs of a licensed taxi: yellow or white color, label Servizo Publico, burning checkered shield and the image with the number on the door. And know this: for a trip to unlicensed taxi you risk to pay a fine of € 500-800. Cost: Planting and the first 3 km will cost € 2-3 (200 rub.), Each additional kilometer - + € 0, 5. At night, a third more expensive, also put a surcharge on weekends and holidays. But there is a discount for single women - up to 10%. Payment - over the counter. Tips are welcome. "Check how close the hotel boats can moor, because they can not approach each berth. For the fact that they are carrying you through the Grand Canal (not round), it is necessary to pay more, "- says Ale-Alena from St. Petersburg on the TripAdvisor website.

United Arab Emirates: female taxi

Taxi service in different countries

In the UAE, women have the right to travel in the rear seat. In a number of major cities in the country are working special female taxi passengers that only women and children can be. Lead them are women. To obtain a work permit, they undergo special courses from the transport corporation. Machines easily identified by bright pink roof, so sometimes they are called "pink taxis". Are female taxi near the maternity hospital, hospitals, shopping centers, that is, where men appear not worth it, and operate from 6 am to 2 am.

Where: On the parking lots of hotels and shopping malls - Taxiline. Special staff adjusts all. Bonus: Most hotels have free shuttles to major shopping and entertainment centers.

Cost: The minimum fare in Dubai - 10 dirhams (155 rub.), And Ras al-Khaimah - only 5 dirhams. There is also a VIP-taxi, which drivers take a minimum of 50 dirhams and an additional 2, 25 per kilometer at any time and in any direction. The minimum amount for a trip to this - 25 dirhams. Payment over the counter.

India trade necessarily

Taxi service in different countries

In India, there are regular taxi - cars with the license checkered, counters - and tuk-tuks. The ride on a tuk-tuk cost several times cheaper. Plus he can travel wherever conventional taxis will not pass - for example, through the narrow streets. In some cities such as Agra, drivers of tuk-tuks can offer a guided tour. The two-hour tour of the main attractions will cost about 300 rupees (270 rub.). In this case, the driver is likely to show you places where you just do not get.

Cost: As the contract.

Singapore: car without driver

Taxi service in different countries

Since August 2016 there were taxis with unmanned control of Singapore. As long as they go through the territory of the business center, but by 2018 it is planned to replace the entire drone fleet. To use the service, it is necessary to order a car via a smartphone app nuTonomy by robo-car icon. You enter the address, the wish and wait. The ride is absolutely free. A resident of Singapore Seo Olivia is one of the first tried out an unusual transport: "I do not know where the car knows where to brake and how it reacts to traffic lights, but it was an amazing experience. I am pleased that I have to pass on this taxi, though had to be fidgety. Still unaccustomed to drive without a driver. "

Taxi ranks (Booking Taxi), with a view resemble stops are located near the airport, major shopping malls and hotel complexes - just wave your hand to the side of the machine with a burning green signal "free". However, during peak hours it is better to call the transport by phone (more expensive by 3-4 Singapore dollars, but definitely leave). Cost: For landing you will be charged 3 Singapore dollars, and for every 250 meters - even 0, 07. The trip from the Temple of Tooth Relic to the famous Gardens by the Bay (2 km), for example, will cost 3, 5 Singapore dollars (150 rubles ).. At night, the rates are raised twice. But the most expensive cost standing in a traffic jam: for every second of downtime drivers take for 1 cent. Once in it, it is better to pay and walked on foot to the end of the traffic jam, to order a new taxi. But here it is not necessary to pay a tip, and taxi drivers always find the change to all bills.

Greece replanting passengers

Taxi service in different countries

per passenger the driver may seem small. Without asking permission, he can easily slow down next to the voter on the road and, if that is necessary to go in the same direction, to invite the salon. And the price is not reduced by this: every pay over the counter. Well, if the voter will have one.

Vote on the street or called by telephone. Taxi - a car with the inscription Eleuqero. On the color is not necessary to be guided - in Greece, they differ depending on the region. So, in Thessaloniki used cars blue-white in Athens - yellow.

Price: Rates depends on time of day and distance. A trip to the daily rate in the city will cost around € 0, 3 for 1 km. Night and Country - almost twice as expensive. Planting in both cases will cost € 0, 85. Tipping is not expected, but from them and do not give up.

United Kingdom: No of GPS-navigators

Taxi service in different countries

In London taxis will not meet already familiar in our time a GPS-navigator. What for? Before you get the license of the London taxi driver, which provides establishment of public transportation, you must pass the test on the topography. Taxis in Britain is of two kinds: black cab and regular car - a mini-cab. The first - for those who have money. Late with them is almost impossible, as it moves on special lanes. Price matches the quality of the trip. Mini cab can not stop the wave of a hand. For the selection of a passenger from the street in the best case, the driver can pay a fine of £ 200, in the worst - losing a license. Mini cab must be ordered by phone. On "vote" to stop only the black cab, and that if he would burn For Hire plate. This means that the machine is free. However, in the UK, as in other countries, taxis easy to find near the railway stations, airports, major shopping centers.

Cost: The UK is not accepted to sit in the cab, if in a purse less than £ 5 (375 rub.). If a passenger got into the car, agreed on the route and the cost of the trip and the crew set off, he should the driver £ 2 2. Every 281 yards (256 m), this amount is increased by 20 pence. At night, on holidays and weekends tariff is higher. Uneven amount is always rounded up. The good news: paying for a taxi, you can not only cash, but also a bank card. Tipping is customary to leave at a rate of about 5% of the trip cost.