Which protein is best? Rating proteins, reviews, recommendations

Proteins are the basic material for constructing your body's cells. That you need them for a progressive muscle growth, which so desired by all athletes. The name "protein" (as translated from the Greek -.. Important, paramount) most accurately conveys the meaning of a given substance in a biological context. Which protein is best? Read about it on.

Value protein

Which protein is best? Rating proteins, reviews, recommendations

it is invaluable for any athlete. We list the most important advantages of protein:

  • main structural component of the body's cells;
  • is used for the development, restoration and preservation of your body tissues;
  • source of energy.

Those athletes who want to achieve visible results, should take 2-3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. When reaching such a result you will definitely see the growth of your muscles. They grow slowly and gradually, so they just need a constant supply of nutrients to help you achieve the desired results. Remember also, that in the first hour after an active training should definitely take a considerable amount of protein (preferably consume fast-digesting whey protein), which is easily done with a protein shake, details of which we will discuss later.

Types of proteins

There are several types of protein supplements, is actively used by bodybuilders for rapid muscle growth. It is worth noting that the most important, and in combination, and popularity is only 2 types:

  • serum;
  • casein.

All types of proteins have unique properties, which have both advantages and disadvantages. Scientists have proved that the casein is digested in the human body rather slowly, gradually releasing amino acids into the bloodstream. He was not particularly strong influence on protein synthesis, although significantly slows down its decomposition, which makes it ideal for night views of protein consumption, so that it protects your muscles from catabolic (breakdown) during sleep.

Which protein is best? Rating proteins, reviews, recommendations

Whey protein is much faster releases amino acids, thereby increasing protein synthesis. Tragically, all this goes on for long - only 1:00. With this dramatic increase in protein synthesis and is accompanied by rapid catabolism that occurs due to extreme dynamic our body. In view of this whey protein will be the most successful additive for use after training or early in the morning, when a person needs a quick lifting amino acid levels in the body.

Egg and soy protein is also used by athletes, but due to their multiple disadvantages (compared to 2 above) are used less frequently. Read more about them, we'll continue.

Whey protein

Whey protein is a concentrated mixture of globular proteins are obtained from whey. Because of its extremely high speed digestibility and biological value of this kind of protein is the best for the growth of muscle and fat burning (i.e. maintain shape during the "drying"). He is very popular among bodybuilders of all levels, which proves its effectiveness. As a rule, most of the newcomers find their first food supplement in such a product as whey protein. Which is better? Below you will see a summary rating.

  1. 100% Whey Gold Standard; Which protein is best? Rating proteins, reviews, recommendations
  2. Elite Whey Protein from Dymatyze;
  3. 100% Pure Platinum Whey from SAN.

Gold Standard protein for several years now occupies a leading position among beginners (and many professional) bodybuilders because of its high efficiency, good taste and attractive price.


Casein is a rich source of long-acting protein. The slow uptake of this type of protein has the effect of a prolonged and gradual saturation of the muscles with amino acids. What is the best protein - whey or casein? The answer to this question does not exist, since both have their advantages. Research shows, casein is able to provide amino acids for muscle 7:00 that triggers a strong anti-catabolic effect, which is absent in the use of whey protein (we're talking about the long term). Casein is a natural dairy products without any chemicals. It is created from regular milk ultrafiltration. What casein protein is the best? Below are some well-known brands that produce high-quality products.

  1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein;
  2. Lipotropic Protein from LG Sciences;
  3. Dymatize Elite Casein.

Which protein is best? Rating proteins, reviews, recommendations

The above rating proteins based on feedback from many visitors to sports sites, which confirms their effectiveness.

Soy Protein

He is the worst kind of protein, is used in bodybuilding. This is true both in muscle mass set, and during the "drying" (burning of fat). The main advantage of this type of protein - it is its price, which is significantly lower than its "competitors". he refers to the slow proteins, as absorbed by the body is about 6-8 hours. With relatively low popularity, he often lends itself to criticism even by the experts do not advise to use it for the following reasons:

  • The low biological value.
  • The low rate of assimilation.
  • Defective amino acid composition.
  • According to the results of multiple studies conducted in different years, soy protein was worse than other types of protein.

Of course, not all that scary, because it contains and its advantages, which we present below. However, remember that they are unique to soy protein isolates.

  • High soy protein isolates be spared (or have very low levels) of antinutrients activity during feed processing.
  • If the manufacturer adds methionine, several increased biological and nutritional value of protein.
  • Isolated affect the production of thyroid hormones (in small quantities).
  • Soy protein has antioxidant properties.

As you can see, the picture is not very bright. This type of protein has a lot of flaws that can not block his dignity. If you do decide to buy, we can recommend the soy protein from the following manufacturers:

  1. Optimum Nutrition 100% Soy Protein;
  2. Scitec Soy Pro;
  3. Weider Soy 80 Plus.
Which protein is best? Rating proteins, reviews, recommendations

We believe that the above supplements to be the best option to purchase. The price of the first two ranges in the interval from 900 to 1000 rubles per 900 grams. Soy Plus 80 will be more expensive and will cost you 1500-1600 rubles per 800 grams.

Egg Protein

A great alternative to dairy (casein) protein is the egg, which provides ongoing support muscle tissue. This is due to the fact that he has enough high degree of solubility. Egg protein can be recommended for those who have difficult digestion of milk protein. Casein content of lactose intolerance is very much provides. However, the egg is virtually non-existent, like fats and carbohydrates. It is easily absorbed by the body and does not contain cholesterol, that allows you to take it in conjunction with any diet. By tradition, we give below the "leaders" among manufacturers of food supplements that are popular among bodybuilders.

  1. Elite Egg Protein from Dymatize;
  2. Optimum 100% Egg Protein.

2 These supplements may be mentioned flawless favorites. For the price of a protein from ON considerably more expensive - 2300-2500 rubles per 900 grams of anti-1300-1500 rubles for the same container from Dymatize.

Which protein is best? Rating proteins, reviews, recommendations

What is the best protein?

We have already mentioned about the best proteins, which are available on the market. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, although 4 kinds of clear leaders may be mentioned casein and whey proteins (both fast and slow to digest, respectively). Now we'll give the last rating proteins where we point out the best options for the complex.

  1. Syntha-6 by BSN;
  2. Matrix from Syntrax;
  3. Probolic-SR from MHP;
  4. Protein 80 Plus by Weider.

That the above products most often recommended to eat many bodybuilders.

Biological value of some products

The biological value of the protein can be determined by the degree of similarity of its amino acid structure with the structure of any protein present in our body. Initially it was thought that the highest biological value (BC) belongs to the whole egg, because of what their business center was taken as 100. Some time later, it was discovered that the whey (which was received later than the scale of BC was introduced), this slightly higher and is in the range from 105 to 154. Below, we provide a short list of where we point BC products having the highest values:

  • Milk whey protein isolate - 110-159 / concentrate - 104;
  • whole egg - 100;
  • cow's milk - 91;
  • egg white - 88;
  • fish - 83;
  • Beef - 80;
  • chicken - 79;
  • casein - 77;
  • soy - 74;
  • Figure - 59

Which protein is best? Rating proteins, reviews, recommendations

Protein house

Of course, the proteins not pump your own. Remember that protein - it is simply a dietary supplement rather than any anabolic. It is intended only for that you may be able to eat daily protein standard for "pitching", which is 2, 5-3 grams per kilogram of body weight. If you are not able to buy the finished product, which, unfortunately, not very cheap cost, can prepare a sports protein in the home of the foods. We will not paint multiple recipes now, and only point products, which are suitable for this "food". So, in this section include the following: milk and cottage cheese (low-fat), nuts, ice cream, eggs, cocoa powder, milk powder, to taste fruits (preferably choose a banana). All this can be mixed in a blender to obtain a tasty and healthy drink. Which protein is best for women? All people are equal in terms of power, and therefore the difference between the use of any protein not in men and women. Just remember that it is very difficult to cook at home a cocktail that would fit athletes during the "drying". All the eminent manufacturers as much as possible reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the final product, which, of course, can not do at home.


Given all of the functions and the biological effects that are inherent in the protein, and its components - amino acids, it should be recognized that it plays a very important role in bodybuilding. In this form of the sport are used for different purposes. To prevent catabolism of muscle, stimulating their growth, maintaining excellent physical shape, etc. We believe this article will clear answers to most burning questions about how a protein better when taking it, is harmful Is he so. n. We wish you success in the gym!