How to dress the girls full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish

Modern Western fashion has long ceased to be guided only by women with a slender figure. Abroad, people of any weight have a choice. And happy to use it. Unfortunately, there is still, and fat women are often faced with it in our country, the problem of beautiful clothes large sizes. Many of them waving the hand and say in despair: "Fashion? It's not for me! "So whether it's as beautiful dress full girl discussed in detail in this article.

The opinion of experts

How to dress the girls full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish

Psychologists believe that if a person is unhappy with her figure, the other he himself did not notice the negative factors. Perhaps personal life does not add up due to shyness or other complexes, and extra five kilograms here at all and there is nothing. Stylists support of psychologists, arguing that you can pick up a trendy outfit for any figure. With TV screens and on the pages of magazines, they constantly talk about how to dress stylishly full girl or woman.

Errors in the choice of clothes

1. hoodie. How often do we see them on ladies with impressive forms. Somehow, it is believed that baggy clothes hide from others the excess weight. But in fact, robes hide beautiful breasts, long legs, and sometimes a thin waist.

2. Black color. The assertion that black is slimming, partly true. But this does not mean that it is able to visually reduce the woman several sizes. But it can spoil the complexion, mood, as well as to create the impression that the lady is in permanent mourning. 3. Narrow suits. Often women do not want to believe that their shape has changed over the last 10-15 years, and are trying hard to squeeze into clothes his pioneer childhood. So ladies need to realize that they can be stylish at any age, and size here does not really matter.

4. Waiver of corrective underwear. Unfortunately, the people around us see all that we did not want to notice themselves. Expensive slimming underwear can not hide the excess weight, but it is quite capable to remove wrinkles on the abdomen and tighten the buttocks.

Shirts for obese women

How to dress a full girls to always be on top? To do this, you need to know its advantages. A main advantage of young girls is a beautiful chest. Correctly picked up blouse can enhance the beauty

How to dress the girls full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish

from its owner and attract admiring glances fans.

Classical laws of vertical and horizontal strips work, and in our days. And if you want to adorn themselves with a strip - the only vertical. Preference should be given blouse with sleeves, as they close the widest part of the shoulder and arm visually make thinner. Impressive looking women dressed in blouses contrasting colors, when the top is decorated in bright colors, and the waist - in the dark.

It would seem that every woman knows that ruffles increase volumes. However, many obese women continue to wear them. Another thing - the Basque. It is suitable for any figure, emphasizes the waist and draws attention to the hips.


How to dress the girls full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish

Dress - a classic response to a question about how to dress nicely full girl. This outfit has always been and will be in vogue, and men never remain indifferent to it. The material for the dress must be chosen correctly. It is better to abandon the thin knitwear, as it immediately will give all the secrets of the figures and exposing its weaknesses. Keep in mind that a major figure on the fabric and thick stripes to increase the volume, even if the clothes matched in size. Neckline V-shaped favorably emphasize a magnificent top, and the belt will focus on the waist (but only if there is one). Dress with a high waist can work wonders, transforming its possessor and make her the heroine of the evening.


How to dress fashionable girls complete, if the soul does not belong to the skirts and dresses? Wear pants! Tights and bridges should be excluded for obvious reasons. By the choice of trousers or jeans should be approached seriously narrowed bottom spoils girls with non-standard figure. It is better to give preference to the free flying a style or straight pants to the floor. High heel lengthen legs and the arrow to add vertical lines to visually narrow the figure. By drawing on the jeans should be treated with special attention, as the artificial abrasions can play havoc and spoil the appearance.

How to dress the girls full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish

How to combine clothes

Big mistake - to think that men are attracted to women in some parts of her body (breasts, buttocks or thigh). In fact, they value the correct proportions, that is the figure of "hourglass", and a large weight value has not. It is understood that the happy owners of the ideal forms in the world is very small, and therefore have the support of the required combination of the suit.


A well-chosen color clothes and dresses can make a profitable ensemble that will distract from everything superfluous. The main thing that things were not contrasting, or horizontal stripes will be cut shape, shortening and making it wider than it actually is.

Summer Clothing

How to dress the girl full in the summer? In the same way as everything else - fashion trends has not been canceled. You should regularly follow the news from the catwalks, listen to the stylists and fashion magazines to thumb through. By the way, many contemporary designers design their collections for full ladies, and their works are available for every woman.

How to dress the girls full of low

If a non-standard figure exacerbated by the low growth, the problem of choice of clothing is particularly acute. Here are a few tips on how to dress up the girls full of small stature:

How to dress the girls full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish

1. Reconsider your attitude to the shoes - a small heel in this situation is indispensable. No need to risk the health, getting uncomfortable studs. Fortunately, there are shoes with a wide and stable heel. Comfortable and elegant shoes will transform any shape and make you feel at a height in all senses.

2. Avoid shoes with very high heels: this model of full woman would look grotesque, and therefore evident to others first.

3. Short skirts or low contraindicated full girls. The best model is one classic cut or pencil skirt.

4. From her wardrobe to exclude all the clothes with shoulder pads and wide sleeves, as these things make the shape of a square and solid.

5. Be sure to use accessories: elegant silk scarves, bracelets, necklaces, handbags. A well-chosen details add appeal to any woman, and then to the nuances of the figure, no one will pay attention.

As we have seen, clearly answer the question of how to dress full

How to dress the girls full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish

m girls, impossible. Each has its own individual characteristics and the type of temperament. Of course, many may argue, "How to dress the girls complete, if the stores represented only beautiful clothes to size 48?" Indeed, the older generation of women are more attractive to sellers of clothing in terms of solvency. Therefore, they are specialized departments, and the young beauty has nothing to do there. However, fortunately, there are studios and private dressmaker. Believe that their services are not as expensive as it seems, and a good specialist will tell you how to dress a full girls. As a result of creative work, you can gain a wardrobe, which will envy slender woman. Do not be afraid to experiment or to seem ridiculous. Without the painful experience it is impossible to win. But when his style is found, each release of the or work will bring joy. And it will agree is well worth it.