That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

Who else but the personal assistant of the stars can tell what lies behind the closed doors of luxury homes of celebrities? Maid, housekeeper, personal assistant, nanny - often these people are in favor of a neutral designation "source close to the star" in the news tabloids. Sometimes staff reveals the secrets of his stellar employer for revenge, while others may not resist the fee, which offer the publication of secrets of the famous person ...

That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

Housekeeper Arnold Schwarzenegger

That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

In 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he has an illegitimate son of Joseph from Mildred Baena - maid who worked in the house of 20 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, the woman was immediately brought to the attention of journalists.

In an interview, Mildred told that the hostess Maria Shriver did not even know who is the real father of the boy. Baena was married, and her pregnancy did not cause too many questions. But as they get older, Joseph was more like his biological father. In Arnold's wife began to have doubts ...

"I fell on my knees, saying I'm sorry. Mary was so strong. She cried with me and told to climb. We hugged and I said it was not the fault of Arnold - we're both to blame. I admire her strength and the way she took it "- shared Baena.

When the truth was opened and both lover confessed to adultery, Mary filed for divorce. It was a difficult time for Schwarzenegger. The hardest time breaking the children of parents Arnold and Maria. The actor said: "I understand and deserve the condemnation and anger on the part of my friends and family. No excuses can not be, and I take full responsibility for the pain caused me. " At the moment, Arnold talks with his illegitimate son, takes care of him and help financially.

The servants Kardashian

That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

Details of the life of the stars are divided into assistants and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. For example, a housewife Kim claimed that she was very sweet and nice person without a shadow of bitchiness. And, importantly, Kim kind to their employees. Housekeeper Kardashian draws attention to the fact that she is very sloppy. "In the bedroom, Kim always dirty, and no matter how often it is removed. When you come into the room, feeling as if a tornado has passed. " Knowing the feature, the star is very demanding on the bedclothes: it should be silk and change every day.

But Courtney, the eldest of the Kardashian sisters, Kim is different from the good-natured. According to the workers, Courtney - demanding and picky person. Once it has banned all in the house wearing perfume because she did not like the smell of someone else's.

"It was crazy, always looking for ways to save money. Once she called to two different grocery stores to compare prices of chicken breast. Who does that? "- shared her housekeeper.

"Chloe Kardashian, in turn, is a fun and cheerful. She likes to joke, most often she makes fun of Kim. " According to the housekeeper, once Chloe hid clothes and shoes sister, from what she panicked. Chloe just did not want to accept the fact that Kim is constantly scatter their things.

Babysitting children Jude Law

That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

Already being in a relationship with actress Sienna Miller, Jude Lovelace had an affair with Daisy Wright, the nanny of his three children from his first marriage. Jude and Sienna were to be married, but before the altar, it never came. The actress is not just wrong bride and broke up with him in 2005. In addition, in an interview Sienna plain text threatened mistress Lowe: "Daisy is better to live in fear. I hope this woman will not face me in a dark alley! " And she Daisy Wright does not miss the opportunity to talk about his love affair with the actor and some money in the revelations. After the affair ended with Lowe, Wright sold his interview.

According to the nurse, whenever Jude Law quarreled with Miller, he found solace in the arms of Wright.

At first Daisy it seemed that Jude did not her type, but when they were alone, she quickly changed her mind.

Soon after the novel ended, and parted lovers enemies: "I have mixed feelings about it. Maybe a part of me was still in love with Jude, but at the same time I feel anger and hatred for the fact that he was able to so leave me. It broke my heart. "

The assistant Lady Gaga

That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

The scandalous story of Jennifer O'Neill and Lady Gaga began in 2011, when she filed for the singer in court. Assistant wanted to obtain compensation for overtime work, because Gaga demanded that the assistant was with her day and night.

"She would wake me up in the middle of the night, so I changed in the player the movie that she was tired. I was not supposed to either output or lunch breaks, personal time and space "," - Jennifer said.

O'Neal also had to spend the night with the singer in the same bed as Gaga did not want to sleep alone.

Gaga was very unhappy former employee act. Singer called O'Neill rat and said that Jennifer did not deserve any compensation. In court papers, the star pointed out that it is - the Queen and is perfect for all those who work on it. Yet in 2013, Gaga has paid the requested amount, and former assistant, in turn, signed a contract for a book, which is dedicated to the work and life with the pop star.

nurse children Alexander Malinin

That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

nurse children musician Lyudmila Queen became the heroine of the talk show "Live" with Boris Korchevnikovym. The woman told about her work in a stellar family and Emma Alexander Malinin and what relationship developed between her and her famous tenants.

Lyudmila was a nanny twins Frola and Ustinov about a year, as the woman is working exclusively with infants. (Now the children 16 years of age). Babysitting faced with an unusual condition: no interruption of sleep.

"Schedule two two without sleep right. Here it is what you want "- said the Queen. The woman said that her Malinin highly paid services (about $ 3000 per month), and the requirements have requirements, and they must be carried out.

But the nurse hastened to push his condition: "If I work two days without sleep right, would you be kind enough to give me the driver."

Before that, in 2011, in an interview with Lyudmila he has told me that Emma Malinin demanded that she kept her eyes on the children day and night.

"In all of this the staff room with toilet and bathroom was in the basement, and children - on the third floor. Sometimes, for a change so tired with running that no fitness do not need! "- confessed Lyudmila.

The woman also said that sometimes she still managed to take a nap - on a tiny banquette or on the floor.

By the way, before I first saw Lyudmila Frola and Ustinov, she had to take a shower, rinse the throat with a special solution and put on a medical gown and mask.

The servant of Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov

That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

Lyudmila Dorodnova for more than 30 years watching the home of Alla Pugacheva, and now works at her former husband Philip Kirkorov. At the same Lyudmila always tries to help Diva, if necessary. Relations with Alla and Philip she had warm and kinship. "I am very grateful to Philip for his attitude toward me. We are all full of character. There are no people who have everything running smoothly. Honestly, Philip to me a very good relationship. And for me as the son of Philip. Native people, "- Ludmila said.

Dorodnova says that breakfast Kirkorov prefers an omelet or scrambled eggs. Artist of fish can not stand, but loves caviar.

About Alla Pugacheva Lyudmila speaks with great warmth: "This is my queen. She's one for all. " According to Lyudmila, Alla - a simple man. The actress does not like to flatter her, she loves humor and is very vulnerable.

"When I was with her ... Oh, it was a crazy time! Songs, jokes, and the clink of glasses, laughter. If a home visit, and then I could not sleep at night - I was all clean, to wash, to the morning, when Alla wakes up, she had the impression that no partying at home and was not at all. "

After the maid started to work at Philip Pugacheva gave her disposal - to make sure that it went to the "normal, good" friends.

nurse children Alexander Kerzhakov

That tell maids and assistants to celebrities about their employers

nurse children striker in football - very talkative lady. Two years ago, Marina gave a candid interview to journalists Life of family secrets athlete.

Several years ago, between Alexander and his ex-wife Ekaterina Safronova conflict arose because of the general's son. Kerzhakov took the boy and wanted to limit parental rights Saforonovu. This story turned into another scandal, but a nanny actively throws up new information.

According to Marina, Catherine was not a caring mother. Whenever Alexander was leaving, she throws a party, drank alcohol and even "something sniffing", "children involved only me. Her eldest daughter Sonia sometimes did not sleep until three in the morning because of noisy parties. " Also, the nurse noted that Safronov often behaved inappropriately, was irritable, could not get out of the bedroom when her husband came. According to the observations of the nurse, Catherine increasingly engaged themselves. But Alexander, in turn, showed himself as a good father and a caring husband, despite frequent charges.

In addition, the nurse Marina confirmed that Catherine received treatment for drug abuse clinic.