How to make hair softer? Balms and shampoos for hair: reviews

Hard hair has many drawbacks and deliver their owner a lot of trouble: they are naughty, bad fit, and give a general image of some sloppiness. Naturally, all this may not please the girl, so she wondered how to make hair softer.

To date, there are a lot of manipulations that can be performed on their own hair, but not all of them are a guarantee of beauty. So, before you start the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the issue and understand how to make hair obedient.

How to make hair softer? Balms and shampoos for hair: reviews

If the stiffness was the result of the frequent use of hair dye and various ploek including rectifier, it is sufficient simply for some time to leave hair alone and treat them with masks. If necessary, it is advisable to use tools that protect against high temperatures.

If the hair is stiff from birth to

If the girl curls were always hard, since birth, the despair is still not worth it. This problem can also be solved. Wash the head must be boiled or filtered water, which should not contain chlorine. Such a measure will help to avoid excessive production of sebum. Also, for these purposes, you can use a mild shampoo for hair.

The use of oils

Experts recommend to put on tight curls burdock or olive oil. This is the easiest way to make hair softer, and the effect of it will exceed all expectations. Oil should be applied to the roots and comb to comb down the length of about half an hour before shampooing. Hair need to hide with a towel, then rinse shampoo. To achieve results take about 5 treatments.

How to make hair softer? Balms and shampoos for hair: reviews

Special means of

A positive effect on the structure of curls balm for the hair and rinse. But in order to achieve a good effect it is important to correctly pick it under your hair type. Included in the shea butter will help to smooth hair and soften them. For these purposes, you can use argan oil. It penetrates into the hair instantly, straightening scales. Dry and damaged hair to frequent coloring is better to treat means which are based on ceramide. It is useful to apply indelible products that protect the hair from environmental influences.

The secrets of hair softness

Experts have developed the basic rules, observing that you can keep the hair soft:

  • Do not comb your hair until they are completely wet, as this may damage their structure.
  • After shampoo need to use fabric conditioners. They must be applied according to package directions.
  • Do not often blow-dry, and expose them to a variety of adverse effects.
  • The shampoo should be selected according to the type of hair. No need to buy the means "two in one", their medicinal properties are far from ideal. Remove rigidity help silk proteins. How to make hair softer? Balms and shampoos for hair: reviews

Tools, hand made

Thinking how to make hair softer, you can make your own mixture. To do this, you need to add boiled water apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and strongly brewed green tea.

Egg yolks for many years used to strengthen the hair. To prepare the curative mixture to mix in a 2: 1: 1, the following ingredients: egg yolks, alcohol and water. Whisk necessary until until a thick foam. After the procedure, decreased excretion of fat and hair will be soft and silky.

Soften the hair mask will help corn. For its preparation will need corn oil and lemon juice. They must take in equal proportions. The mixture should be applied for 15 minutes and roll up head with a towel.

How to make hair softer? Balms and shampoos for hair: reviews

obedient hair - the pride of women

To make hair obedient, you can start with a special cosmetics. Make the right choice will be easier if you first ask feedback girlfriends who have already used them, and listen to their opinion. It is important to balms and conditioners moistened hair, so the hairs become much more flexible. Unruly hair deliver a lot of problems their owner, because it is difficult to make an evening hairstyle or gently put them soft curls. If the cosmetic preparations do not help, it is necessary to move to a more decisive and drastic measures. Professionals are advised to apply to the unruly and coarse hair perm, keratin straightening, lamination. It is impossible to carry out these procedures on their own, without having certain skills and experience, as this may damage the hair structure.

Girls who are interested in how to make hair softer, should avoid mouthwash based on burdock root. Painting head of hair with henna will give additional rigidity, so you should choose a different coloring agent.

How to make hair softer? Balms and shampoos for hair: reviews

Hair Care - a daily ritual

That hair was soft and had a neat appearance, there is little use of masks and air conditioning, even if they are from the best manufacturers. Caring for the hair to become a daily habit.

At least once every few days is useful to wash your hair homemade shampoo. To do this, use the egg yolk, white clay or serum. After the procedure, you can rinse your hair with some water with lemon juice.

Add shine and softness rinsing after each wash water with a drop of vinegar or green tea.

To prepare the masks can be used completely different ingredients, the main rule - a mask must match the type of hair.

You can not wash your hair with hot water, since such a procedure would provoke excessive oiliness of hair and scalp dryness.

The softness and shine

That hair had a great view, not enough to know how to make hair softer. It should also make sure that the hair was shiny. For these purposes, you can use the beer, putting it on wet hair. Half an hour later the mask can be washed away with plenty of water.

Add shine, you can use vegetable oil. It must be rubbed into the tips, so they are not whipped. A few minutes before the end of the procedure, you must distribute the oil over the entire length. To understand how to make hair soft and docile, girls should try cosmetic lines such as "Kerastase", "Kaaral" or "L'Oreal".

Good reviews can be heard on the following companies: Redken AllSoft, NIOXIN and Wella.

Redken AllSoft mask contains avocado oil and amino acids, the effect of which is aimed at long-term hydration. Girls use means this series, argue that the hair becomes much softer, easier to comb and pleasant to the touch.

Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo is very good moisturizes and gives each volosiny mane energy. As women customers say, hard hair is soft and manageable.