Ghost in the house of a terrorist

Ghost in the house of a terrorist

For centuries, mankind has faced various otherworldly creatures. But, unfortunately, to explain where it came from something strange has come to us and what it means, could only daredevils.

Undoubtedly, in the distant past, heavy rains, hurricanes or drought is considered a manifestation of the will of the gods, so to judge the current, so to speak modern supernatural power clearly can not. After all, it is likely that scientists just have not been able to explain their origin. But how to respond if a person face to face with the inexplicable? Let's see what a poltergeist, and what dangers it can carry?

The People's definition of

Regardless of the country, one explanation for this phenomenon: the poltergeist is the soul of a deceased person. She could not find the rest remained in the world of the living. But that she did not bring harm zhivim and gone to heaven, he held a special exorcism and the priest invited. But, despite all attempts to exile this fact, many faced with the fact that the poltergeist contrary to adopt new, stronger momentum after the so-called exiles.

Ghost in the house of a terrorist

Parapsychologists came to the conclusion that the basis of the poltergeist is taken not spirit, but rather the human mind. And then we will discuss this point in more detail. With Poltern German means "noise" or "rattle" and Geist translated as spirit. On this basis, we can conclude that the poltergeist - the so-called "noisy spirit."


Based on the descriptions of the victims of this noisy spirit, all his actions are meant to scare and hurt those who have it settled. But as shown by practical experience in this area, then on the "hands" in the poltergeist only one death. But here are a couple of nuances.

So how can you understand that in addition to have in your home there is someone else?

• Constantly hear different noises and crashing in different parts of the house;

• You can hear the footsteps and the clatter;

• Objects change their location on their own;

• Different things ignite by themselves;

• Appear strange stains on the walls and ceiling;

• The feeling of touch.

Poltergeist may not always cause significant harm to people. Basically he likes to hide some very important thing for a man.

Ghost in the house of a terrorist


Scientists who study the poltergeist, came to the conclusion that in many cases it is not tied to a particular place, but would still like he likes to stick to the people.

Studies have shown that from the attacks of the spirit suffer mostly girls in puberty. Among scientists there is one theory that allows us to understand what a poltergeist is a kind of psychokinetic energy, which can affect people with shattered nerves and psyche. In fact, a person does not realize that he himself is the cause of all their problems. What we have in the end? Man scared himself and thus also clocked up their minds to the fact that in the house there was something that he wanted to kill him, or bring to the madness. The outcome of these situations that's clear. To protect your home and yourself, invites to her priest to sanctify the walls of his house and spent the exorcism rite. Now just imagine what could happen to, so shattered psyche of a teenager, when it comes to the priest, and will carry out certain manipulations in his house with him, including?

Ghost in the house of a terrorist



In fact, to say that such a thing as a poltergeist is clearly a manifestation of the supernatural forces is impossible. And there are confirmed. Various wet footprints in the house, objects that disappear, noise and so on can be explained logically. But I would still like it is just one point of view. So take care of themselves, their homes, their psycho-emotional state and, of course, his life. If with all this, you will have a full order, no otherworldly forces you are not afraid.