How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

In different seasons of the pike are biting in different ways. In spring and autumn, for example, it comes Jordania. Pike at this time it is better to look in the reeds in water lilies and algae, it often hides under podmytuyu Beach, snags, in the shadow hanging over water the tree or bush, in a word, in those places where you can lurk in ambush. It ponds where sport fry and bleak, roach, rudd with. They pike can stand for hours waiting for a careless victim. The most active biting her there in the morning, at dawn, or after five hours, although day in the fall and spring months, she does not miss his chance to grab prey swims by.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

At this time, it begins the most exciting fishing for pike. In summer and winter, this river robber begins to fall into the "antizhornoe" state. And only in a certain period of the day it comes out to hunt, and to maintain their livelihoods.

How to catch pike in the summer

Each pond at this fish - a constant of his inmates - their quirks. She uses different zhivtsov, pecks at different times, and so on. D. Therefore, going on a fishing trip, you need to know in advance when to fish for pike in the summer and how to do it in a particular river or lake.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

To Catch a big specimen in July or August is almost impossible. The situation is somewhat better in cloudy weather, when the sky is tightened storm cloud. But still, even if for sure know how to catch a pike in the summer, to understand the habits of the toothy predators, catch large specimen can be very rare. Of course, come across individuals weighing up to one kilogram, and even a little more, but not too often. To do this, you need to have patience and carefully fished areas where pike can live.

Fishing Features

In principle, there are certain principles on how to fish for pike in the summer. These fish are biting in the heat or in the early morning or evening when the sun slowly sinks below the horizon and the heat subsides. In any case, to hunt for it makes no sense in the daytime. After a few hours spent on the waterfront, a fisherman will be no chance to come back home with the loot.

The places where to fish for pike in the summer

Find out where the predator hunts, just enough. You just need some time to watch those areas that are completely overgrown with grass under the water. If this body of water is, this toothy fish, the small fish will occasionally flocks to jump out of the water, making attempts to escape from the ruthless hunter.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

In the summer when the water warms up strongly from "bloom", large pike trying to find a place where the most cool and clean. On lakes and rivers such sites are deep whirlpools, and the pit, where the underwater sounding keys. If you know in advance these places, when using the jig lure or diving crankbaits can get a good catch. Although it needs to hold a special hunt for the trophy.

Tips on how to catch a pike

Summer should catch in more shallow water, wherein a small and thin steel bait leash. Wobbler need to take the size of a finger, soft plastic bait - ten centimeters long, and spinners - the second or third dimension. As they say experienced anglers, such a snap even large specimens can seduce in the summer. At the same time you can see and catch big perch and rudd.

You need to catch small places or close to the bottom. In the colder season bait should be carried out deeply. Pike at the bottom always find shelter, where collects dead fish. In addition, the depth of the pond, even in cold weather is much warmer.

At the same place in open water - or local pit plateau, "perch hills", etc. -.. More highly rated at the time of the classic pike fishing. But in the summer of such deepwater sites like extinct.

On a larger reservoir is formed thermocline, after which cold water begins, almost all the fish avoid its holding in the zone above this location, moving to the top during hunting. That is why fishing at a depth in the cold useless, but in summer it can be very effective.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

Although in this case at this time greatly expands underwater flora, as if nature itself gives Pike shelter.

Green ponds - a paradise for these predators. Here, they can stand in the shade, can hide and be surrounded by a myriad of fish feed. Since the rest of the year underwater vegetation is almost no places experienced "Shchukarev" bypass. But those who know how to catch a pike in the summer, realize that where there is an abundance of aquatic plants and especially water lilies, feel at ease and the predator. Wiring the catchiest artificial baits such as crankbaits and jerkbaits acoustic, you can draw them out of hiding. Often bite in shallow water followed by the breakers or splash.

The better to catch the summer

By the choice of gear for pike should be approached very seriously. After all, if the spring of this predator can even catch the "stick" in the summer so unlucky. This time of year is the best such accessories for pike, which is the catchability for walleye. Rod need to use compact and lightweight, with the casting of twenty to sixty grams. Its structure must be sufficiently rigid as soft unable to prosekayut mouth pike. The most frequently used scaffold three millimeters in diameter, with the highest quality.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

The bait should be fixed only on leashes made of tungsten. This is due to the fact that in the snatch pike can easily cut the line. The coil should be also light and compact.

Features Tackle

Optionally handy to have a spare spool, while the presence of a very strong friction brake is necessary.

It is very important at this fishing trip to the hunter a good command of the methods of casting technology. The bait should be used in two forms: for active and passive fish.

Zhivtsovaya rod for pike

In this fishing gear for summer toothy predator need to use enough lifting the floats. When it is not necessary to immerse the float under water to Pike not feel much resistance from it during capture bait. To make better use of the nozzle tees tenth and twelfth dimensions providing enough catch large specimens.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

Since we have to use different sizes and zhivtsov activity, fishing with experienced professionals are taking a set of at least three different floats, as well as several removable cargo to regulate them under a particular bait.


In summer, in addition to zhivtsovoy rod, good performance provides the use of this particular gear. Its operating principle is much the same circles work. The main difference lies in finding the fishing line on the special reel, which are attached either to the bushes or on the branches of trees. It should be very firmly secured it, that there was no disruption. After installation zherlitsy fishing line is fixed to split the reel in such a way that upon the occurrence of biting it can easily come out. Pike did not feel any danger and so quietly swallowed the bait.


It works well is another option zhivtsovoy snap pike - circles. They are large coil made of foam, with fishing line wound on it.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

The weight of sinker used in depends on the bait, its mobility and size. Experienced Shchukarev for which fishing on the fish in the summer does not pose any difficulty, use metal leashes. They at reducing the number of bites significantly increase the possibility of catching such a large specimen, which is able to cut even the strongest fishing line. After lowering the water entrapped monofilament bait on the hook in such a way that the fisherman was able to wind it from the spool upon the occurrence of fish. Attack pike followed by inversion circle. Various color surfaces of the gear makes it possible to easily and quickly determine which of them worked.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?

The main specificity using circles is the mandatory presence of the boat. After all, they are put at the center of the pond, where you want to swim in any craft, at least on the rubber.

On Spinning

In early summer, when the water is still not fully warmed, pike raided the shallow areas. However, in general it still prefers to stay in the bush. Fishing for pike on spinning in the summer - it is not simple. Sometimes even an experienced "Shchukar" is difficult to determine the place where she was hiding.

Gradually, the water finally warming up, and in July and August predator hardly visited the shallow water. To meet her here sometimes only possible in the morning, and then only after the water has cooled down somewhat overnight. In mid-summer the pike prefers to stay in areas with a depth of not less than two meters. Active it is a maximum of one hour per day, the rest of the hides. Therefore, pike fishing in the summer should occur at greater depths.

For catching this predator is not necessarily to buy expensive American or Japanese spinners, it is possible to do a simple copy. In the first place the choice depends on the method used and on the fishing lure.

For spinners, wobblers and other soft species can use any spinning with uniform wiring. Some anglers prefer telescopic model, since they are the most convenient for fishing in coastal areas. These rods are not only optimal for these situations, but do not require special conditions for transportation or storage. When jig fishing, ultralayte and tvichingovoy wiring wobbler require more expensive spinning. Their rods should be of higher quality, light and sensitive. Professional spinnings usually prefer to use the rod, collected his own hands, ordering it to handle, as well as the form and accessories.

How to catch pike in the summer? What fish for pike in the summer?


In the first summer month for pike are best suited shedy and Krenken. These lures allow to play the game with the greatest frequency and minimum amplitude. In addition, during this period are great and large soft plastic bait with twisters and spinners spinning variety.

But as soon as the heat comes the rush, the types of baits for catching pike radically changed. And though at great depths is still a good idea to work shad lure type, but in shallow waters it is recommended to choose something else. Only experienced anglers know what to fish for pike in the summer is best: it lures with a large amplitude and low frequency oscillations.