What are the attractions to visit in Canada?

• What are the attractions to visit in Canada?

What are the attractions to visit in Canada?

With each city, tourists are increasingly expanding horizons for travel. Every year there are new and interesting routes, which tends more and more people to discover a new country, a city or even an entire country.

This year great interest of travelers associated with Canada - a country that surprises many faces cultures blend of contemporary styles in large metropolitan areas and the identity of the small settlements, incredible beauty and pristine nature, friendly and helpful people, as well as many different architectural, historical, cultural and even natural parks.

According to the rating voiced by the world-renowned publisher Lonely Planet, Canada was named the number one country for travel in 2017.

What are the attractions to visit in Canada:

An interesting and original Québec

What are the attractions to visit in Canada?

Be sure to include in your itinerary a visit to the old part of Quebec City, where most clearly shows the influence of the old European culture on the formation and the formation of the region. Strolling through the narrow streets, laid out different format paving stones, it seems that you are not on another continent, and walk through the ancient streets of Belgium and France. Surprise tourists and bright multi-storey houses, which in their appearance reminiscent of Europe. However, the conservative European cities are dimmed and originality thanks to the coloring of the walls in different colors of paint. In this part of the city is practically no immigrants, but there are a lot of tourists. Therefore, old Quebec City is full of a variety of hotels and restaurants that fit any wallet tourist: from the cheapest options, designed for the budget traveler, and ending with the institutions of luxury for the elite.

Castle Kasa Lomo (Lomo Casa) in Toronto

What are the attractions to visit in Canada?

This estate once belonged to the Canadian financier Henry Pellatt and is considered a whim nobles. Construction works were completed in 1914. However, ten years later, Henry Pellatt fiasco as a successful entrepreneur, and was forced to abandon his dream and leave the castle.

The same might be interested in this structure of the modern traveler? It is clearly seen an architectural style typical of the Middle Ages.

Interestingly decorated bedchamber, richly decorated lounges and reception rooms, long corridors with "secrets", the once secret tunnel, the length of which is about 250 meters, the incredible beauty of the gardens with stunning landscaping, horse stables, where only the stalls for horses made of elite breed of red wood - all this must see with your own eyes to appreciate the greatness and importance of the castle.

The Royal Ontario Museum in

What are the attractions to visit in Canada?

Do you want to see the original architectural monument of modern times? Then you definitely need to visit the Province of Ontario (the second largest in Canada) and visit the Royal Museum there. Neo-Romanesque style pronounced architectural forms of buildings, also you can meet and elements of deconstruction. At the present time the museum is often used as an exhibition center: Exhibition of Fine Arts held in this building. Also known Royal Museum exhibits of dinosaurs, which are often open to tourists.

In the immediate vicinity is the name of Queen Victoria Park. Wondering natural landscapes? Want to see the monuments in honor of members of the ruling dynasty? Then you will certainly need to include this park plan your route the traveler.