Green color blends with any clothes?

In the interior, and in the selection of clothes of great importance must be given to color. Many rely only on their sympathy to certain shades, but to do so not worth it. As a basis you need to take one's favorite color, and only then to combine it with a suitable tone. One of the most popular colors in clothes and all over, particularly in the design of the room, - green. What color is combined? How to combine wardrobe items or green interior with others?

Green color blends with any clothes?

Color Combinations Regulations

There are three colors to combine universal rules.

  1. Cold shades can be combined with cold and warm - to warm.
  2. All pastel colors are easily combined with each other. Incidentally, pastel (razbelennye color) is now in vogue. This applies in most cases clothes.
  3. Do not combine at the same time more than 4 colors, as well as should not be a single color in clothing and interior.

The value of green

Green symbolizes nature, earth, peace and harmony. This is not surprising. After all, this color has practically all plants on earth that give us oxygen. Green very well calms the nervous system, so often it is put in the foundation of interior design. In addition, now in vogue eco-style. To properly set up it is necessary to know with what color goes green color and its shades.

Shades of green

  1. Summer shades. This grassy, ​​green, bright green, olive.
  2. Autumn shades of. In them there is a little bit of yellow. This color can be described as a swamp or khaki different contrast and brightness level of
  3. Universal shades - razbelennye green. What color matched that tone, do not think for a long time - it is combined with all the others.
Green color blends with any clothes?

Green color in the interior

Eco-style - is addicted to everything natural, environmentally friendly. Therefore, in the design of buildings in this style is necessary to pay attention not only to paint but also for materials. However, color objects also plays an important role. So, with grass-green good will combine all natural shades: natural wood, gray linen, white. Should not be abused with acid shades, red and blue.

The green color in the clothes

Like it or not, but the most pressing question is: what color is combined in green clothing. Photo on the Internet, transmission of fashion, of course, helps, but is required and decoding.

It is rare to find suits in which the green color is basic. This is no accident. It is very difficult to find such a tone of green that would fit to face, and requires a certain courage to wear a bright outfit. As a rule, choose green accessories: bags, boots, scarves, belts, etc. Let us consider several options to combine the green with the other...

A bright green, lime, yellow green

Bright acid colors it is better not to wear in combination with other bright, such as pink, orange, yellow, blue or red. A strong likelihood that the suit will look like a carnival. To protect themselves from the oblique views, combines bright shades of green with pale or dark, such as beige, gray, black. Also, light green shades will look good in combination with white. This will create a sense of summer freshness and coolness. Playful way come with a combination of lime and dark green with a grayish tinge.

Saturated and bright dark green

These tones will look advantageously in combination with white, black, purple and pink ash. Particularly daring ladies can make an exotic set, in which a green skirt or pants will contrast with a red blouse or a shirt, or vice versa. Package is very risky, but the result can turn out stunning.

Green color blends with any clothes?

3. Calm dark green

Inactive dark good looks with contrasting burgundy, red, dark pink. Also excellent coniferous pink looks with coral, pale pink, beige, lilac.

Thus, it is possible to summarize all of the above.

Light bright green is best combined with beige, gray, black, white. Acidic tone is better not to base kit.

Colors combined with dark green: burgundy, red, ash-pink, beige, green, lilac.

From what to wear green blouse?

So, your blouse is green. What color blends such clothes? If blouse dark green, put on a beige or light gray skirt or trousers. Will set a very refined. Light green blouse will look good with black pants or jeans of any shade of blue.

Green pants / skirt

Green color blends with any clothes?

The dark trousers elegant look with a muted cranberry, ashen pink or burgundy. It is advisable to choose a light silk fabric can be brilliant, it will give the image of a special luster. Bright green pants or skirt look best with a white blouse. Complete this image of dark green accessories - and will be irresistible.

dotting green accents

We figured, what colors are combined in a green dress. But not necessarily take it as a basis of his attire. Accessories of all shades of green always look very stylish. Complete beige dress, pants or a blouse with dark green belt - and the image will play in a different way. Or wear a green scarf with a light jacket, it is advantageous set off his eyes. Brave young ladies can purchase green shoes or sandals. They will be looked advantageous in combination with black, white dress, cream-colored or dark cranberry.

Green color blends with any clothes?

Any solid color set can be diluted with fresh note, putting, for example, a green jacket. Pay special attention to pastel tones. Purchase a few things different razbelennye colors. You will be able to combine them in different ways. Very fresh looks combination of pastel lavender with green. It will suit the ladies of all ages and professions.

In no case do not reject green. What color goes like him to wear, you will understand immediately. Any shade of green brings harmony, gives the image of freshness.