As home to pierce ears? How to care for pierced ears

Nowadays, jewelry is not uncommon in the ears, but quite the contrary. Agree, it is difficult to find a girl, a girl or woman without earrings. To some ears pierced in infancy, someone comes to this on their own, in a more conscious age, and there are people who dare to make a hole in the ear without the help of professionals. In this article we will discuss how to pierce the ears are not only quick and painless at home, but also correctly.

How much have your ears pierced?

As home to pierce ears? How to care for pierced ears

The answer to this question has always been ambiguous. Someone claims that the ears pierced a small child who has not even walk, do not, and some believe that the sooner - the better. Of course, this procedure has its pros and cons. The probability that a girl pierce his ears when he grows up, is very high, so why not do it when she was still a child, to rid it of headaches in the future? In addition, a little girl with earrings look very cute, and so the young mother as soon as possible with the child run into the cabin. Often the girls begin to think about yourself such an event in the school years, and that's it, and then it is interesting to try to pierce ears at home. The need to go to the experts do not see and adults, girls and women. Why, if it is possible to do everything yourself?

Custom morally

As home to pierce ears? How to care for pierced ears

Learning how to pierce your ears, you need, first, to tune in to it mentally at home. If a person has already decided on the procedure at home, it can be considered a very bold and ready for anything. Firstly, you need to be in a good mood, do not be distracted by extraneous things and problems, give yourself wholly process. Secondly, it should soothe the nerves, create a favorable environment, to eliminate tremor in hands. You can turn on some relaxing music, which is tuned to the desired fashion. Also, we should prepare for the fact that something could go wrong. Anything can happen, but do not need to pre-panic and scroll through a negative scenario in my head. Calm down, get yourself together. You can not? Then you have only one thing - to pierce ears in a medical center. But you do not want. Therefore, we are gearing up for a positive and ... By the way, even at home is better to resort to outside help: ask a friend to help you, mother, sister, etc. When the right mood comes, it's time to start preparing the instruments and procedures for the place...

Prepare all necessary

Understood in the art of how at home to pierce ears, prepare all that you will need in the process. Find a pen or marker to identify the puncture site. Replace writing articles can be a toothpick dipped in iodine. The last option would be the safest for your health. Seek ye out of the medicine cabinet, sterile cotton wool, which you will need to handle the ear before and after the piercing, and the needle itself, which you will operate. Processing is carried out with rubbing alcohol. In extreme cases, it can be replaced or alcohol tincture of vodka. Prepare as hydrogen peroxide. And most importantly - the needle. It should be of medium thickness, very smooth, and preferably longer, to her it was comfortable to hold in hand and to drive in the lobe.

How to choose the first earrings?

As home to pierce ears? How to care for pierced ears

By the choice of the first of earrings should come very responsibly. Depends on them your first impression of wearing jewelry, the wound healing process, the degree of complexity of the treatment after piercing of ears. Often in showrooms puncture is performed using a special gun that pierces the earlobe earring, stud. It is because of the prevalence of this phenomenon - the puncture is performed quickly and with almost no pain - there is a myth that it is a carnation - the best option for the first earrings. If we are talking about the procedure in the cabin, you can not argue, because the earrings for the pistol are made of special medical alloy, they are covered with gold and put them professionals. At home the same conditions such products are not recommended to be put. The skin under the nails is very difficult to handle, there were cases when the back strap to grow into the lobe if it is too tightly pressed to his ear. How to pierce the ear itself and avoid the problems described above? Select neat gold earrings, which are easy to put on, removed, they do not have the spare parts and are fairly easy. Prefer product with a smooth, round, classic bow.

How to pierce your ears? We act according to the plan

Mentally prepared? Earrings choose? You can start!

  1. Take the face of your hair, tie a high beam, so that nothing you do well.
  2. Take a sterile cotton wool and treat earlobe with rubbing alcohol.
  3. If you decide to use anesthetic (spray with lidocaine, for example), observing all instructions processed by the earlobe.
  4. The marker, a pen or a toothpick to put iodine points in those places where there is a hole. Note that the label should be placed on both sides of the lobes and the points on both ears must be symmetrical. In this case, it helps keen eye and calm, not a trembling hand. Remember, focus on ear reflex zones, and can inadvertently disrupt some body if a puncture made in the wrong place. Stabbing should be strictly on the center of the lobe. As home to pierce ears? How to care for pierced ears
  5. Treat earring soap first, then peroxide and alcohol. You can leave jewelry soak in the liquid or remain in cotton wool moistened with alcohol, for a time, so that it accurately is effectively disinfected.
  6. The needle treated first with alcohol, then fire, then the scale is removed using the same medical fluid.
  7. While holding the earlobe hand, lean the tip of the needle to a point outside of the lobes and slightly push it. Palpate the needle from the back side and guide it so that it is left in place, wherein the second point is drawn.
  8. Insert the needle dramatically, putting all efforts. It is very important to do everything quickly and clearly: it is necessary to control the trajectory of the needle, so that it comes right on the second point. The faster the movement, the less pain you will experience. As home to pierce ears? How to care for pierced ears
  9. When the lobe is pierced by the needle is pulled sharply.
  10. Earring to be inserted immediately, until a hole has not yet completely tightness.
  11. The ear pierced again washed with alcohol.

How to care for pierced ears?

Pierced ears should be treated with hydrogen peroxide every day, preferably several times a day. It is also possible to wipe lobe tincture of calendula, since it promotes rapid healing of wounds. To bow earrings are not grown into the ear, it takes time to move from time to time. Sleeping on the back is recommended, and a pillowcase on the pillow to put on a well-washed and ironed. New earrings, you can try to put in about a month, but the rush to the jewelry is not worth it. The first time, give preference to gold, gold-plated and silver jewelry, and do not change them too often.

As home to pierce ears? How to care for pierced ears

If you suddenly ...

If done correctly, the healing will take place quickly and without problems. However, if you suddenly happened fester, it is not a cause for panic. The first step is to apply the antimicrobial ointment is commonly used for the treatment of festering wounds, and move the earring in the hole. Also we recommend to remove hair in a ponytail, while the lobe will not heal because the wound can get dust on the hair, dandruff, nail polish and so on.


Now you know how at home to pierce ears. This process, as is evident, is not complicated, but it requires courage, tranquility, accuracy and fast response. If you react to the procedure responsibly and wisely, and follow all of the above recommendations, you all must succeed. Agree, it's nice to show off new earrings, and at the same time be noted that the holes for them you punched yourself!