The child loves chocolate: the use of goodies

• The child loves chocolate: the use of goodies

With a baby in the family the parents' opinion regarding the education of their offspring is often divided. Especially it concerns power - namely, the use of the beloved chocolate.

The child loves chocolate: the use of goodies

Many doctors do not recommend to use it kids up to three years, predicting the possible development of allergies, tooth decay, digestive problems, and so on. D. Other health care providers argue that such a treat in moderation is not only not harmful, but it brings a special benefit .

The child loves chocolate: the use of goodies

Why child chocolate

Sweets are an excellent source of energy, while taking into account the child's activity, one or two of chocolate sweets are a must. They contain carbohydrates are involved in the construction of hormones, blood proteins and cell membranes.

Another argument in favor of the doctor called chocolate that it contains antioxidants. This material has its positive aspects:

- helps to improve metabolism;

- it has a positive effect on the development of immunity;

- it prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases;

- reduces the risk of infectious diseases.

In addition, there is a perception in society that the delicacy is "happiness hormone", and this is true, so we can not deprive a child of pleasure.

The child loves chocolate: the use of goodies

Benefits for the baby sweets

Parents should be included in the diet of their offspring chocolate, but carefully monitor the amount of consumed sweets. Benefit child's body components bring goodies: - cocoa butter gently envelops teeth and prevents tooth decay to develop;

- Calcium is essential for strong bones;

- iron saturates the brain child of oxygen;

- Potassium improves heart;

- magnesium and copper, vitamins B1, B2 and PP contribute to the development of healthy nerves.

However, not all chocolate is equally useful. When buying it should take into account the quality of sweets, and this should read the composition of the product, where the first place are the cocoa beans. The important point is the use of time goodies - children should not eat it on an empty stomach, and the most useful for the organism younger pediatricians called milk chocolate.

The child loves chocolate: the use of goodies


The main thing - to know the measure

Sweets are not only benefit, but excessive amounts of harm to the kid:

- large amounts of carbohydrates enhances the production of gastric juice, so it may cause nausea, heartburn and pain in the abdomen;

- sugar in the composition will be postponed to the child's body in the form of excess weight;

- the use of more than 100 grams of chocolate per week, according to doctors, has a negative impact on the liver, burdening her.

Failure to comply with the measures in children developing allergic reactions that cause discomfort for them and their parents.