How to paint your nails in different colors: fashionable design ideas

How to paint your nails in different colors: fashionable design ideas

Female manicure has long been a measure of style and taste of its owner. Still would! What a pleasure we experience when choosing paint on the trading shelf, and then nakrashivaya nail for nail. It's a ritual. And would not you want to learn how to paint your nails in different colors? You are guaranteed to get pleasure from the process and meet friends admiring glances.

Why paint your nails in different colors?

This question can not be answered unequivocally. Everyone has their own reasons for this, but they are all based on the same basis: it is fashionable, it is stylish, it's beautiful.

Think about it, a classic manicure has already become something familiar and commonplace. And sometimes you want a holiday and bright colors. I want to fight spot boyfriends and girlfriends to catch envious glances. And there is nothing left but to paint your nails in different colors.

No, of course, there are other options: buy new clothes, change hair color. But now it's not about them. Besides manicure - one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective ways to cheer yourself up.

Colorful design attracted by the fact it does not take a lot of time, in contrast to the painting on the nails. In addition, you do not need any other available means (stencils, stickers, etc.).

An excursion into the history of design nail

How to paint your nails in different colors: fashionable design ideas

As soon as we get used to it and enjoy all the charm of the famous jacket, like the fair sex with his head covered a new wave of fashion. Name it - two-color manicures. However, current trends are such that it rapidly turns into color. Today it is fashionable to paint your nails in different colors. Photos show us a variety of combinations: from conservative to trendy. And the result looks great. Where did this tradition has gone? Who has decided to tell us how to paint your nails in different colors?

And it was so. A couple of years ago the Australian creative lady named Christine Fitzgerald issued a paired set of paints. All highlight was that their shades were perfect for each other. The entire European elite did not miss the opportunity to try new products on myself. And fashion paint your nails in different colors strode triumphantly across Europe.

Features of the two-color manicure

You are interested and want to battle too all modern nail design? Then you should know how to paint your nails in different colors. Classic simple: the middle and ring finger should be allocated separately. In other words, marigolds them painted in a different color.

A sea of ​​variation

But today there are many varieties of this manicure. Now we learn how to paint your nails in different colors:

  1. You can alternate colors in one. Such manicure look is refined and original.
  2. Some people prefer to allocate one hand index finger and little finger, on the other - big and a ring.
  3. stylish solutions will be considered, if you make up another nail varnish on large and ring fingers.
  4. There is another technique, refer us to an asymmetrical pattern. On the one hand stands ring and middle. On the other - just great.

But this is not the limit. There are a kaleidoscope of possibilities. Listen stylists. They can tell a lot about how to paint your nails in different colors.

Learning from the color palette

How to paint your nails in different colors: fashionable design ideas

Rainbow nail design - it is certainly attractive, but do not forget about the different color combinations. Otherwise, you risk getting artsy and flashy manicures.

So let's see what colors can be combined with each other. If you are a fan of pink varnish, you can safely choose as a second color of brown, gray, soft blue. If you like beige nails to complement this color can be dark brown, emerald green or red. For lovers of purple are perfect for dark purple, gray, orange or yellow colors. Extravagant girls can not live without red. If this is about you, add to it a blue or green. Excellent fit in this scheme, and yellow. Black and white lacquers are universal. They combine with almost all colors. With white the most advantageous will look red or blue. With black - light green, pink, purple. And can play on contrasts: to take black and white colors.

Now let's see what kind of design can be created using different color combinations.

Monochrome conservatism

This kind of very interesting and suitable for everyday use. Manicure looks calm and defiant. In order to create such a miracle on your nails, you'll need one color, but in all its wealth of shades. For example, if you take as a basis for the blue, it is perfect to highlight the blue or turquoise. For such cases, the rule: take and mix the base lacquer and white, you can get a variety of colors depending on how much white lacquer add. If you want to make your manicure more contrast, then take it by additional green or purple.

The achromatic glamor

How to paint your nails in different colors: fashionable design ideas

A feature of such a nail may be mentioned a combination of two different shades of the color wheel. The main thing that they were not contrasted. This manicure usually present one of three colors: classic black and white as well as a neutral gray. They go perfectly with different shades, so you will be able to sustain harmony. In recent years, this category includes nyudovy and beige, which is also quite neutral towards different shades. This manicure - a great opportunity to stand out, not crossing the border at the same time everyday colors. This design is suitable for those girls who do not like bright contrasts, but experiments with color to their liking. Interestingly will look a combination of black and gold, white and blue, pink and gray.

Complementary refinement

Here is another variation of the two-color manicure. From it come to the delight person daring, loving surprise and prefer extravagance. Of course, this option is more festive. The usual routine it will look somewhat defiantly. For this nail design are ideal combination of emerald and scarlet color, light brown and sky blue.

The two-color manicures at a nail

I must say that not only allowed to paint the nails on different fingers in the individual colors. It is possible to mix these shades and one nail plate. Today is a very popular species such as:

How to paint your nails in different colors: fashionable design ideas
  1. Manicure "Ombre". A combination of several colors, which pass smoothly from one to another.
  2. Geometric manicure. Two colors are clearly separated either horizontally or vertically.
  3. triad manicure. It consists of 3 colors that seemingly does not fit together, but nevertheless look harmonious. For example, yellow, blue and purple.
  4. Moon manicure. Nails will look unusual and elegant. With such varieties of the nail base as a moon allocated a different color.

By the way, you can make up and toenails different colors. Just do not forget that pedicure must be combined with a manicure.

The nail design applies another rule: manicure or should consist only of warm (bronze, red, yellow), or only from the cold (blue, green, blue) colors. Although the implementation of the complementary species of this rule can be easily ignored.

Experimenting with textures

Another feature of the multi-colored nail art - it is an opportunity to experiment with textures. However, from the very contrasting combinations is better to abstain. For example, do not use together matt lacquer and mother of pearl. But with metallic matte shades will look stylish and harmonious.

You can try to bi-color manicure and 2 textures:

  • Sand. This varnish has appeared not so long ago. Manicure, fulfill, also called diabetes. It contains Shimmer (miniature glitter), and silicone beads.
  • Glitter. These paints contain in their composition of reflective particles that give your nails shine. It looks very festive and extraordinary. Sequins can take many different forms.
How to paint your nails in different colors: fashionable design ideas

paint your nails in different varnishes, which differ not only in color but also texture, so exciting and interesting that you will love this activity. And who knows, maybe you'll create your own version of nail art.

Feng Shui in the service of fashionistas

Did you know that there is another explanation why the nails painted in different colors? The whole point of Feng Shuya. Of course, we've all heard about the teachings of the East, which allows us to adjust our lives. Believe it or not - a private matter. But if we still choose the two-color manicures, why not listen to the advice of the Chinese sages?

Oracles say that secrete other desirable lacquer nail on the index or middle finger on his right hand. And you can immediately and that and the other. It is connected with the fundamentals of the Chinese teaching. They say those fingers stimulate the influence of Saturn and the Sun, to achieve success in business and in personal life.

On the left hand the honor of being decorated in a different color fell to claw on the thumb. That he is able to reduce anxiety and to protect us from false hopes.

How to make two-tone nail polish?

How to paint your nails in different colors: fashionable design ideas

does not usually occur when painting each nail color to individual difficulties. We are all perfectly mastered this art. But what if you wanted one claw to experiment with different shades? In this case, it will have to try hard to manicure turned out neat.

For the moon manicure, you can take advantage of special stencils. They have an adhesive surface and removed easily after coating.

In the case of a manicure "Ombre" triadic, or you can use a sponge:

  1. First, the nail to be coated to the pitch and allow it to dry.
  2. Further, on a hard surface (you can use plastic or cardboard), apply 2 varnish.
  3. Toothpick gently mix them together. So you get another color.
  4. Dial mixed paint on the sponge. As it is suitable sponzhik or foam. The main thing is that its surface is wider than the nail.
  5. Transfer the nail to the nail plate. If it did not work too carefully, do not worry. Patches on the skin can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. The removal process will be even easier if you lubricate the skin before a manicure of hands with a nourishing cream.
  6. The treatment is coated with nail fortifier.

As you can see, the art of nail design complexity is no different. In addition, this is so exciting activity that, once agreed to experiment with colors, forget their disturbing emotions and pleasure from the stunning result is impossible. And if so, then paint your nails in different colors! Photos help to determine the colors and make the right choice of color.