How to build the biceps at home? How to build the biceps without dumbbells - exercises

Biceps - shoulder muscles. Its main function - bending the arm and forearm and the wrist-wrenching. Biceps triceps is the antagonist. He, in turn, is responsible for the extension of the hand. Biceps, or the biceps muscle, affects the amount of hands, which is a measure of physical fitness and endurance of men, it is from this starting bodybuilding.

How to build the biceps at home? How to build the biceps without dumbbells - exercises

Where to start?

How to quickly pump up your biceps? Give biceps attractive volume - very, very difficult, laborious task. If the newcomer is not sure of his strength of will and perseverance, it is better not to take up this activity at home! Before you plunge headlong into the training, the best once again to weigh the "pros" and "cons" study at home with respect to exercises in the gym.

House or gym?

This issue sooner or later wonder everyone who begins to live a healthy lifestyle. It all depends on what goal budding athlete. In order to simply maintain their muscle tone, enough regular exercise at home and jogging in the mornings or evenings.

However, if the aim is to achieve a beautiful relief forms, "bumps on the hands" and "cubes on the press", then there is no diversity trainers - very important for a thorough study of the muscles - can not do. The next very important advantage is the availability of a gym buddy who just need a safety net to perform anything like serious weight training at the gym.

A third and very important "for" - a coach, a man who has come to know all the difficulties and bodybuilding mistakes and now devotes time to the newcomers, sharing with them their experiences and skills. That coach will tell you what exercises are most effective, which you will approach the trainers, how to avoid mistakes in training, how to pump up your biceps and triceps, and so on. D. Fourth, a significant advantage of the gym - it's total concentration on the process. Nothing on TV transmission, a hungry cat calls to a phone and other household affairs will not distract you.

It should be borne in mind that not all of the available financial gyms have enough variety of simulators. If it has a pair of dumbbells, treadmills and boards for the press, it is not worth attention, classes there will be little different from home. Push-ups, jogging in the yards and on the horizontal bar pull-ups get rid of the queues and money. How to build the biceps at home? The main thing - hard work and meals.

How to build the biceps at home? How to build the biceps without dumbbells - exercises

By the way, about nutrition

The results of the training depends not only on the quantity and quality of training. Proper sports nutrition - the object of a huge amount of debate and research. However, one thing is for sure - the training without proper nutrition will not be effective enough.

Before the training is recommended to consume carbohydrates and proteins, but in any case, not fat. Carbohydrates are necessary in order to provide the body with energy for exercise, and proteins necessary for muscles themselves. Protein - a kind of building material for the fibers.

The most common products for use before exercise:

  • poultry meat with bread or rice;
  • lean beef with potatoes (boiled or steamed);
  • eggs and oatmeal.

If a portion of the volume - it is better to eat a couple of hours before exercise, to have time to digest the food. The stomach must be empty during class, or there might be nausea, pain, belching. If, however, a small portion (poltarelki porridge) - that can be eaten 30 minutes before a workout. In addition, before school is recommended to drink strong coffee or tea (without cream).

How to build the biceps at home? How to build the biceps without dumbbells - exercises

The main demand of the body during physical exertion - is water. It is important not to forget to drink, even if there is no feeling of thirst. Symptoms of dehydration may include:.. Dizziness, headache, irritability, dry mouth, fatigue, etc. In this case it is necessary to suspend the exercise for a few minutes and drink the liquid.

Before the start of training necessary to drink a glass of water, and then during the process required to drink a little bit every twenty minutes, depending on sweating. You can also drink fresh juices, diluted with water.

Eating after exercise is very important. All that the athlete will use the first 20 minutes after school, go to muscle recovery. They are necessary for the growth of carbohydrates and proteins, because as bulging biceps at home, if you do not have everything that you need for this?

It is best to drink some juice and eat rice with vegetables (or fruit, bread, potatoes, etc.).

How to build the biceps at home? How to build the biceps without dumbbells - exercises

In bodybuilding diet should be low in fat. Avoid fatty meats. Fish, chicken and turkey breast, sometimes veal - the best option, no beef and pork is better to do. The eggs can eat only protein. Depending on the purpose, which sets itself engaged, the power will vary. For a set of weight - diet alone for relief - other.

Why do you need a warm-up?

Before you pump up your biceps at home, you need to learn the basic rules. In any case can not forget about the warm-up before training. It allows you to accelerate the blood circulation, stretch your muscles and joints, preparing them to severe stress and protect against injury.

The most popular option - a total workout for all muscle groups.

It is executed before training for the purpose of warming up the muscles and ligaments, as well as to improve the performance of the respiratory organs and the cardiovascular system. It can be in the form of jogging or jumping rope in the form of banners or simple easy exercises major muscle groups. Neglect stretching - is stupid and dangerous.

How to build the biceps at home? How to build the biceps without dumbbells - exercises

How to build the biceps at home? Quite difficult, so you should use weights to increase the effectiveness of the exercises. If you can not resort to the help of dumbbells at home, there are alternatives.

How to build the biceps on the bar?

You can use a street or a horizontal bar installed at home. You can use additional weight.

It is necessary to undertake the crossbar direct or reverse grip pull-ups and run slowly, making sure the load distribution on the hand muscles. Run from 3 to 5 to 10 times approaches.

Push-ups and pull-ups

Another way to pump up your biceps without dumbbells - pulling off the floor. Quite an unusual exercise, but no less effective - pulling up from the floor by a table and chair. For its implementation should lie under the table and put his feet on a stool or chair. Then take up the bottom edge of the table and slowly tightened up.

Push-ups from the floor - a classic exercise that must be performed with hands shoulder-width apart. The back should be straight, not sag. Should be lowered deeply desirable chin touch the floor. This exercise also works the triceps and pectoral muscles.

How to build the biceps at home? How to build the biceps without dumbbells - exercises

For this exercise different options: push-ups on fists, push-ups on one hand, the main thing - do not make any sudden movements. Muscle works when the load is high and the load is increased by the exercise slowly.

barbell exercises

The first way - the rise of the bar standing. It should stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart to place. Bend a little back in the lumbar region. Then, bending and straightening your elbows, you need to raise the bar to the chest. When the palm-grip must look forward. Be sure to make sure that your elbows remain in the same position. Movements performed without jerks, smoothly. The second way - the rise of the bar with a reverse grip. A similar exercise, compared with the previous, let you use slightly different muscle groups. The only difference - the grip should be reversed, palms facing down.

How to build biceps dumbbells?

How to build the biceps at home? How to build the biceps without dumbbells - exercises

Sitting on a stool, the legs should arrange a little bit to the side. Hand with dumbbell is placed between the legs. Then start slow flexion and extension of the elbow, hands alternate. Curls are made on the exhale. The second version of the exercise - the hand rests on the hip, the technique is the same.

Sitting on a stool, legs apart is not very wide. Dumbbells should be taken in both hands, let them drop to the right and left on the outside. Then slowly bend your elbows and unbent, dumbbells are raised to chest level. The second variant of this exercise - alternate curl.


It is important to remember - in order to achieve the desired result, it is not necessary to throw a workout, if a couple of weeks, the result is not yet in sight. Many are wondering how to pump up your biceps in a week? Nothing. It is physically impossible. In sports endeavors require perseverance, proper nutrition, proper breathing, regularity and patience, patience, patience!