How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

In ancient times dark skin people featured low material prosperity. Its dark hue was purchased in the fields, plantations. The young ladies of noble birth have always been pale and specifically to avoid the sun. But times are changing rapidly, and with them changing mores, tastes ...

Today, the golden-bronze color indicates a high welfare, which makes it possible, regardless of the season, to rest in warm countries and, of course, to visit a solarium.

How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

Of course, the solarium is available to everyone. But the debate on artificial tanning do not stop: it is harmful or helpful? If useful, then how to use a solarium? If harmful - then what? Moreover, the doctors began to sound the alarm about the possible consequences of tanning.

How to Choose a solarium

Tanning - quite a popular service provided by almost all the beauty. Therefore, along with the question of how to properly use a solarium, there is no less important - how to choose the solarium?

The very first thing you should pay attention to is the state of the lamps. Often, it can be seen even with the naked eye. If the external lamps in order, it is necessary to look at the technical data sheet. Lamps must be changed immediately after elaborated the specification in the data sheet. Remember, it affects your safety.

How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

The next factor that you can not lose sight of - the serviceability of equipment. The timer must function perfectly, the machine - open easily from the inside.

An important element is the protective kit. He can enter the value of the services or sold separately. In any case, protective glasses must be. Modern solariums are vertical (less common), horizontal and seating. To determine which one is best, difficult. The choice depends entirely on personal preferences and characteristics of the organism. However, there are some differences between them.

Horizontal solarium

These solariums are considered classics. However, they have two major drawbacks. As a rule, in the tanning bed tan turns uneven. Designated body contact with the bed of coating sometimes remain light. The second drawback is a closed space, which for some people - quite an ordeal.

How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

The advantages include the possibility of complete relaxation during the procedure. In this case, the risk of burn is minimal because of low power lamps are used for tanning beds.

Vertical solarium

It has become very popular vertical solarium. How to sunbathe in it? Yes, in any comfortable position, you can even dance. Tan falls evenly, without any flaws. These models are usually equipped with additional features that allow you to sunbathe with maximum comfort - stereos, comfortable handrails, cooling systems. The vertical solarium use powerful lamps, so the tanning time is clearly limited. Worth noting and hygiene of this type, as completely avoid contact with the skin.

How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

The downside of such models is the possibility of burns. But if all the safety regulations is completely eliminated.

Sedentary solarium

This is the least common type. It is intended for the tanning of individual body parts. For example, the face, decollete, arms. This allows a solarium in the shortest time to get a tan fashion. Lamps in tanning seating is very powerful, so frequent sessions are contraindicated. Otherwise, the skin prematurely old.

Use of the solarium

conflicting opinions often arise about whether you can use a solarium. You can and should be. Some people are not even aware that the sun deck - it's not only an opportunity to get a quality tan, but also a huge source of health. Especially it becomes urgent for the people of the cold countries. After all, for them it is an opportunity to remedy the lack of necessary sunlight. It should be noted that, no matter how useful solarium, contraindications to visit (described below) should be considered.

How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

The main positive effects of the solarium:

  • stimulation of production of vitamin D, which affects the usefulness of the assimilation of calcium and phosphorous;
  • improvement of all metabolic processes, circulatory and endocrine activity;
  • increased immunity, and thus help the body to fight colds;
  • a beneficial effect on skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, eczema);
  • stimulation treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system (ischemia, dystonia, hypotension);
  • increase the body's ability to fight diseases of the respiratory system (rhinitis, bronchitis);
  • heating of the musculoskeletal system;
  • excellent preparation of the skin for the summer sun activity.


Even if you differ good health, be sure to check with your doctor before solarium. Contraindications relate not only to diseases. Taking certain medications (contraceptives, antibiotics, antidepressants) can not be combined with an artificial tan. Do not combine a visit to the solarium with other cosmetic procedures - peeling, facial cleansing, depilation. As for the disease, the solarium is contraindicated in hypertension, gynecological diseases, mastitis, diabetes. Thyroid disorders should also work to keep you from a visit to the solarium.

skin types

Choosing interior, pay attention to professionalism. Masters correctly calculate time, pick up the necessary tanning scheme in line with your skin type. Professionals prompt as possible to use a solarium to get a quality tan, it does not harm the body.

How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

Brunettes with dark skin perfectly perceive procedure from 10 minutes to an hour. Brown-haired, slightly dark complexion, is worth looking at the tan lasting 8-20 minutes. Fair-haired girl with fair skin may be in the solarium for 5-15 minutes. A blonde with a delicate pink skin it is better to abandon the session. Their skin is completely vulnerable to such procedure.

Terms of tanning

To get from a visit to the solarium benefit, not harm, you should consult with your doctor about how to correctly use a solarium. If there are moles on the body, all doctors are advised not to bask in the sun. In this case, the solarium is quite acceptable. Moles on the procedure, simply close the special stickers.

It is not necessary to apply sunscreen, as they are absolutely not suitable for the procedure. There are specially designed tools for the solarium that help protect the skin from drying out. Use them.

A great temptation - to get an even tan, eliminating the white stripes on the body. However, doctors do not recommend. It is not necessary to expose the breast such stresses. To eliminate the possibility of allergies, rinse thoroughly with facial makeup. Do not use before a session of perfume or scented water. In the shower, use only moisturizing agents.

Do not neglect the eye protection. Be sure to buy special glasses. Closed eyes do not protect the retina from the burn. This can be done only intended for tanning goggles. If you wear lenses, they are recommended to shoot.

How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

The artificial tan is very bad effect on the hair structure, making it dry and brittle. So be sure to cover your head, carefully hiding all of their hair.

How solarium

Most often, decide how much you need to use a solarium, it helps professional who conducts the session. Factors affecting the duration of the procedure, quite a lot. That is why each client individually selected, the duration, and the adoption of the scheme sunburn. Even if the need for urgent Sun forced you to go to the solarium, how many minutes of sunbathing, do not decide on their own. Recommendations of excellent professional help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

In most cases, the course consists of 10 treatments and lasts 2 to 3 weeks. To maintain the tan is recommended to repeat the procedure once or twice a week.

Be sure to let the skin to relax. The optimal number of courses per year - two.

Information for beginners

If you come to a tanning salon for the first time, be sure to read the phone's operation. Ask a specialist how to use the control panel, so that if necessary, you can immediately call a specialist for help.

Do not seek to greatly reduce the time between sessions. in such a way not to get a quick tan. Keep in mind that manifests tan for 8 hours. With each subsequent time the procedure is reduced and the stability is significantly increased tanning.

How to use a solarium? Solarium for the first time: the recommendation. Solarium: contraindications

After the session, the skin may feel tension, sometimes accompanied by a little red. This is normal, indicating that the body the maximum allowable dose of ultraviolet radiation was obtained. In the case of such manifestations of the next session must be somewhat reduced.

Instead of a conclusion

Sunlight enriches people's life energy. Tanning process greatly strengthens the immune system, stimulates the production of active substances increases the skin's barrier function. Anyway, tanned body - it is really very beautiful! Modern technologies allow to get a beautiful golden hue and improve health even without a trip to the south. All this is perfectly replaces solarium. The main thing - do not forget the advice on how to properly use a solarium to the procedure affords pleasure and gives a good mood. And, of course, benefited.