How to catch a catfish? Fishing for catfish: Tackle

How to catch a catfish? Fishing for catfish: Tackle

catfish belongs to the family soms, and its habitat is distributed in almost all the rivers and reservoirs of our vast country. The only bodies of water in which the catfish lives are the rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean. Many people think that the catfish is almost immobile lifestyle, but this is not true. For the winter, he really gets in the pit, which is such that a whole family of KGS is at the bottom in several layers. With the advent of heat activated and the fish comes in shallow water, where they feed and gain weight.

Overfed fish is split into pairs and go to spawn. Egg deposition process occurs at the KGS in warm water in the period from early May to early July. Spawn, catfish continues to feed on spawning carp close, and then goes into the mouth of the duct and eriks. There he hunts for small fish, waiting for prey with open mouth in an ambush. The best time for catching catfish is considered the summer and fall.

Selection of fishing gear

How to catch a catfish? Fishing for catfish: Tackle

Fishing for catfish - is not easy. This activity can not be compared with the usual fishing on Buccleuch or minnows. By the choice of gear and fishing rods must be approached carefully, not missing even the slightest subtleties. It is best to catch catfish using bottom rods. How to catch catfish in the donk, it is not difficult to tell, but the fishing experience comes only after periodic practical skills. They have a basic difference from conventional fishing rods, which lies in the fact that these rods have float and signaling bite tip is flexible rods, mounted with a bell. Fishing line and reel used when casting bottom gear must comply with the expected strength extraction. It should be borne in mind that some specimens can reach a weight of catfish in the three hundred or more kilograms, and length of such animals is about five meters. Such large catfish, of course, rare, mostly experienced fishermen angling for two-meter instances about thirty kilograms. Hooks for catching big catfish is also necessary to use special designed for this particular fish.

Tips novice fishermen for catching catfish

Anglers before you go fishing, you need to figure out how to catch catfish. All the rivers and lakes there are often varying bottom topography. This means that if one year you look for som place and will often and regularly prey to drag out of this hole, then the next year at this point the river bed can be not only a place of parking som family, but also the pit. Therefore, novice fishermen should not stubbornly and persistently to fish for a long time last year the place, and it is better initially to inspect the bottom for new wells and sumps. Catfish - it is a large predator that does not eat bread, corn or worms. The fact that it is better to catch catfish, tells his daily diet. Basically, it eats fish, frogs and mollyuskoobraznyh. The greatest appetite catfish noted in the period after spawning. The rest of the time Som active late in the evening and night, until the morning. Zhor it gradually subsides with period colds. Therefore, it is best to fish the warm summer night, using as bait for various pieces of meat or frog.

How to catch a catfish? Fishing for catfish: Tackle

The meat can stick like fish and chicken, as well as the river clams. Medium-sized frogs are advised to stick to the hook alive, hooking on the skin of the back. If there is a large frog, it is cut into pieces. In addition to touch, have som well-developed sense of smell, so the frog before the cut, it is better to fry first, to highlight her scent. Fishermen should be remembered that, before traveling to the river, you need to prepare several types of bait, because you can not guess what it will work today. The catfish is known, that he hunts out of hiding with bated. Waiting for the time when the extraction inattentive closer to a desired distance or swims past, it attacks. Therefore, you need to stick the bait on the hook so that it looks natural and does not cause distrust among the fish.

Catching prey on croaker

How to catch a catfish? Fishing for catfish: Tackle

Kvokerami called the catfish fishing enthusiasts, who use a special gun, which publishes a certain sound when they hit the water. This simulates the sound of croaking frogs, which loves to feast on a predator. How to catch catfish on Kwok, known since ancient times. There are two common ways of applying each of which depends on certain fishing conditions.

Croaker-fishing with the boat moored effective when it is necessary for fishing on one compact spot potentially having sufficiently attractive in terms of production. Before lowering the anchor, initially using sonar survey a bottom and zayakorte boat slightly above the well on the found. Lower the baited line and five to seven times kvoknite of water so that the pause between strokes was about one second. Then wait about ten minutes if no bites, most likely at the site catfish is not necessary. It is necessary to change a little place and repeat all over again.

Catching "alloy"

The second method of catching catfish on Kwok - it's catching "alloy". How to catch catfish in this case, it is better to explain in relation to the river. Chosen place with slow current. Fishing is done from a boat, which sails past the pits, sumps and places of interest with the flow rate. It is important not to frighten the noise production, because catfish are very neat and held her at the slightest rustle.

The advantages of fishing from a boat on the shore fishing with

How to catch a catfish? Fishing for catfish: Tackle

How to catch catfish from a boat, it was described above, and this way is undoubtedly the best. The main advantage of this method of fishing from the bank is that the bait can omit it in a place where there is a potential prey, initially surveying the bottom of the relief with the help of sonar. Catch the boat can even novice angler, while from the shore, you must first learn the correct casting the lure to the desired point of fishing. With the boat, you can easily fly fishing on the pond and in a short time to find the right place nice results. How to catch catfish from shore, is known to many, but it turns out it's not all. From the shore, you can be satisfied with only one coastal strip, which can be reached on foot, and throw distance depends on the gear and skill angler.

Correct vyvazhivanie production

How to catch catfish, we have decided, but it is not all in the course of fishing. Even if the catfish took the hook, it does not mean that you have already extracted. An equally important process of fishing, as well as the right bait is itself playing a fish. It is not necessary to make sudden movements and quickly reel fishing line or string. Catfish usually behaves quietly and the whole burden is caused when playing only its weight, but it can weigh a lot. Also be aware that the catfish can swim in underwater snags or bushes, and then the fishing line can be stopped, so vyvazhivaniya skills come with experience.