Russian series, which will be released this spring

In recent television projects began to be characterized by a solid budget and guest stars of the first magnitude. This allowed significantly improve their entertainment. Many series have gained cult status, and their new season looking forward to the many millions of loyal fans. All this fully applies to the domestic television raduyuschemu us lately serials interesting work. In this review, the top projects, which are due for release in the spring of 2017 and deserve to have them pay attention.

Russian series, which will be released this spring

1. "Murka"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

Directed by: Anton Rosenberg and Yaroslav Mochalov / 2016

Crime drama of the First Channel will appreciate the fans of sparkling Odessa folklore. The action takes place in the multi-tape "the pearl of the Sea" in 1922. Maria Klimova (Murka) is a combat unit of the team assembled motley audience of the GPU, and in strict secrecy. The challenge for the collective one - clear the southern seaport of criminals.

The main character will not only show their outstanding fighting qualities, but also to arrange his fiery woman's heart a real exam. The audience will be on the course of the story to solve a lot of puzzles. This activity will stand out fun, because the creators of the series managed to collect a truly stellar cast ensemble. Say one thing - will not be bored!

2 "Consultant"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

director Alexey Rudakov / 2016

Psychological thriller tells about real events that occurred more than a quarter of a century ago in one of the Russian cities. For many years there wielding serial killer, suggestive for a few years terror to the local population, and not sparing neither adults nor children. He was invulnerable, and absolutely extraneous people responsible for his sins. And only then, when there was a creative collaboration of the local investigator Bragin (Maxim Drozd) and capital psychologist Shirokov (Cyril Kyaro), the investigation was put in place, although this alliance and staged all sorts of bureaucratic obstacles.

3. "Mata Hari"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

Movie: Denis Berry, Julius Berg / 2017

Biographical drama, which became the result of the creative efforts of united international team continues retrospective projects, created by order of the First Channel. It tells the story of an amazing woman, known worldwide as Mata Hari. Brilliant dancer and favorite of the European elite has seen in his lifetime many sorrows and hardships.

She has long and unsuccessfully tried to return his daughter to her ex-husband, who swindled her and stripped the joys of motherhood. For the sake of her daughter had become an intelligence agent, not one. Came the First World War, which put an end to her tragic fate.

4. "Smile Fox"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

Director: Igor Fight / 2017

Fans of the classic detective recommend to watch this miniseries. He tells a heartfelt story of eight students, biochemists, and that through many years remained close friends and colleagues. They communicate with each other, using the usual student nicknames.

Party on the occasion of the release of the decade ends tragically. It comes the mysterious murder of the boss. His investigation will slightly open a lot of old and new mysteries. Search killer will turn this charade, and as the main suspect pobudet each friend.

5. "Plaque"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

directed by Karen Oganesyan / 2017

This is the domestic adaptation of the popular TV series of the same name of the French. The director managed to skillfully woven into the story, filled with dramatic and brutal truth of life, the reality of our everyday life. This is a true story about opers group under the command of Major Kaplan (a brilliant role played by Vladimir Mashkov), which is famous for its cohesion and reckless decisions.

They are on the verge of a foul, often overstepping bounds of the law, but otherwise not beat crime. They are honest to ourselves and to the public, but they have a lot of enemies who want to hide them behind bars and get the coveted promotion. Spectators waiting for the real battle of nerves and characters. Must watch!

6. "Birth Certificate"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

Director: Elena Tsyplakova / 2017

Poignant criminal melodrama which tells the story of Olga - a museum employee. Four years ago, her life was a terrible tragedy - is missing her one year old daughter. Her husband put up with this loss, and she continues to look for it, and believe in miracles. The couple drifting apart, and there Olga met a man in whom falls in love and is waiting for his child.

It will have to go through bitter loss and joy, betrayal and accusation of the sins that she did not commit. But nothing can break her in this life. To help her come out from where she had not expected. What will happen with Olga? We are enjoying this social drama and holding his fists heroine.

7. "Double solid"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

Director: Vladimir Nakhabtsev / 2017

In the second season of the series will be affected provocative painful issue for our society - domestic violence. The history of the main character Anna will continue a year after the events of the first season. She is discharged from hospital. His once favorite networking business, it changes to work in the fund to protect women suffering from inadequate husbands. Her husband, Vladimir, broken her constant lies and betrayals, finds solace in alcohol. What lies? Will they be able to regain the simple human happiness? What they have to pay for their mistakes in the past and the present?

8. "Red Bracelets"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

Director: Natalia Meschaninova / 2017

This Russian-Ukrainian project for the screaming truth can not remain unnoticed. It is an adaptation of the acclaimed Spanish show about adolescent patients, rallied a group of "red bracelets." The original script belongs to the Catalan writer Albert Espinosa. That only he had not experienced in my life, as already in the fourteen years he was diagnosed with bone cancer.

His leg was amputated, he lost a few more bodies. Ten years he was destined to take place in different hospitals. The doctors said that he had only one chance in a thousand. And he wanted to live, he clung to each get a chance and won. Childhood memories of everyday life, spent a decade in the hospital, and formed the basis for the plot of the book. Agree, its television adaptation must see!

9. "Dead at 99%"

Russian series, which will be released this spring

Director: Stepan Korshunov / 2017

Life demanded by Moscow architect Artem goes on. He earns a lot of money and is easy to get rid of them. Life in a big way suddenly stops when it accidentally mistaken for an arms dealer. It arrange hunting experts from the FSB, and Interpol themselves traders dangerous goods.

For him, there comes a real force majeure, when he is to survive in the city without papers, money, weapons. I hope he can only assume. Watch this criminal action, get ready for the audience a lot of mysteries and spiritual experiences.

10. "The law of the jungle stone-2"

Director: Pavel Kostomarov / 2017

The first season of the show shook the domestic audience. And the new season of the young gangsters promises a lot of interesting. In the new episodes again focus will be not on the part of a criminal plot and on the experiences and emotions of the characters. Unforeseen circumstances in which characters repeatedly fall, make it possible to get acquainted with each of them, to "feel" their inner world, to find out the details of life and discover the unexpected nature of the components.

Stage of maturation of heroes runs easy, and the easy way they were never promised. Are they willing to trust and forgive each other? Does friendship outweigh the selfishness and greed can? A lot of questions that the viewer wants to be sure to get answers.