As at home to whiten your nails? How to lighten your nails with baths and toothpaste?

Nail pigmentation problem familiar to many women. Yellow spots look unaesthetic and can buy brown. The reasons for this phenomenon is quite a lot, so before you eliminate the consequences, it is necessary to identify the triggers. Nail plate can change color due to fungal infections or due to internal diseases, such as liver, kidney or pancreas. Specks appearing as a result of smoking, using bright colors or lacquers after exposure to aggressive substances. This is due to the fact that the paint is strongly eats into the nail plate. Therefore, girls and women will be interesting to see how in the home to whiten nails.

As at home to whiten your nails? How to lighten your nails with baths and toothpaste?

The advantages and disadvantages of whitening salon

The center offers various treatments to remove stains and restore the structure of the nail. Naturally, internal diseases, they will not bring the desired effect. In this case, you must first carry out the treatment, and then to eliminate the aesthetic drawbacks. These services have several disadvantages: they are quite expensive and time consuming. Not every woman has the opportunity to take advantage of the proposed service. In addition, the nails are exposed to chemicals that adversely affect their condition. They may become brittle and inflexible. Much better to figure out how in the home to whiten nails and carry out the procedure themselves.

How to remove small spots?

Spots that have appeared recently, can be easily derived by using lemon juice. It must be rubbed into the nail plate in the morning and evening. The course lasts for about 5-7 days. If the skin is dry, it is necessary to add a small amount of any oil. Lemon juice should be left for a while, and then wash your hands with water without cosmetic additives.

As at home to whiten your nails? How to lighten your nails with baths and toothpaste?

Good removes surface defects conventional grinding. But it can not be done frequently, since it changes the structure of the plate. After the procedure, it is necessary to polish the nails.

Nail bath

Alternatively fit nail baths. A decoction of chamomile should be applied to the nails every day until complete disappearance of spots. Infusion brewed as usual chamomile tea, can slightly enhance the concentration, if necessary. In the broth add a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Fingers should be lowered so that the nails are completely covered. Treatment time is half an hour, then you need to wipe and moisten hands.

Women who look after their appearance, known as home whiten nails with sea salt. This method is effective and does not cost much. In addition, the baths have a strengthening effect.

To prepare the solution to dissolve a pinch of salt in a glass of warm liquid. If you wish, you can add a few drops of lemon juice or essential oil. If you do the procedure every night, there will always be well-groomed hands and nails - strong.

If the stains are ingrained ...

In that case, if the spots have appeared for a long time and are large, lemon juice is enough. It is better to whiten nails soda and peroxide. To solve the problem will take several days. The procedure should be carried out as follows: a cotton swab dipped in peroxide, then soda in. Then process each nail, leaving the mixture to the point where it is completely dry. It may take half an hour, then wash off and all you need to moisturize the skin.

As at home to whiten your nails? How to lighten your nails with baths and toothpaste?

Summer Resident Tips

Women who are engaged in gardening and horticulture, are often faced with blackened fingernails and rough skin. Therefore, they are interested in how to whiten nails after garden. Good effect can be achieved using rhubarb stalk. They need to rub the nail plate and skin.

If the smell of vinegar does not cause unpleasant emotions, it is worth to try the following method: moisten a cotton sponzhik vinegar solution and wipe them nail. After the procedure should not wash your hands with soap and water.

In any pharmacy you can buy glycerin, which not only whiten your nails, but also moisturize the skin. It must be mixed with hydrogen peroxide at a ratio of 1: 5 and applied to the nails. Five minutes later, you need to rinse with warm water.

As at home to whiten your nails? How to lighten your nails with baths and toothpaste?

In order not to think about yellowness long time, it is necessary to know how to whiten nails toothpaste. It should be applied to the brush and clean each nail about two minutes. With regular procedures yellow spots disappear permanently. You can use the liquid to clean dentures. Tablets should be completely dissolve and drop into the hands of the solution for five minutes. Then you have to wash them well and dry with a towel.

How to achieve rapid effect?

Women are unlikely to deny that sometimes there is no time to wait until the people's money will start to operate. In this situation it is useful cosmetic whitening pencil. It is applied to the back side of the nail and the surface of the plate is covered with a colorless varnish.

All of the above methods may be the answer to the question: "How to whiten nails after nail?" As you can use special solutions that have a lightening formula as a ready means. They can be purchased in almost any cosmetic company.

As at home to whiten your nails? How to lighten your nails with baths and toothpaste?

The woman who knows how at home to whiten your nails, always make a plan of action, if it will have yellow spots, so in a timely manner will eliminate the problem. Beautiful and well-groomed hands - is an indicator of normal, decent woman.