How to trick the brain and do not want to eat

• How to trick the brain and do not want to eat

How to trick the brain and do not want to eat

How to maintain a slim figure and it does not suffer from hunger?

Here are 15 little "tricks" that will help reduce your appetite and do not eat too much.

1. Eat sitting. Never eat standing up - you will eat much more.

2. From the table, always go out with a sense of light starvation. Only 20 minutes after the meal comes a feeling of satiety.

3. It is necessary to have breakfast. Best breakfast - oatmeal cereal or oatmeal. They are useful for a long time to maintain a sense of satiety.

4. Coffee relates to beverages, appetizing. Drink it without sugar and not more than 2 cups a day.

5. Do not forget that dinner should be up to 2 hours before bedtime.

6. In the intervals between meals if you feel slight hunger, eat a yogurt, an apple or a yogurt.

7. When you eat apples, be sure to eat up the seeds. In the grains of one apple contains a daily rate of iodine, it reduces appetite.

8. Eat more soup, drink the broth. The liquid itself quickly fills the stomach and prevents overeating, and the broth also delays the next attack of hunger. 9. A glass of mineral water or tomato juice will help to reduce the amount of what you eat after a third.

10. To forget about eating for a couple of hours, drink half a cup of parsley broth or rinse your mouth with mint water, which can be purchased at pharmacies or brew yourself: mint beam on a glass of water.

11. Compote of dried fruits will bring benefits to the body and outwit your appetite. You need to drink half a glass before a meal.

12. The duty to preserve the feeling of satiety legumes, beans and potatoes in their jackets. If you eat pasta, add vegetables or cheese (instead of meat or mushrooms).

13. Very disciplined tight dresses and pants. If you pereeli for dinner, you will not only feel it, but visually see.

14. Do not be lazy to go out at lunchtime for a walk. During the day, you not only get the necessary light, which promotes the production of serotonin ( "happy hormone"), but also to spend calories.

15. Make a famine less tangible help massage - press a few minutes the pad of the middle finger on the point between the nose and upper lip.