Rare instances of weapons in the world

• Rare instances of weapons in the world

The advent of firearms was a turning point in the history of mankind.

Rare instances of weapons in the world

The constant modifications and improvements in search of the most effective means to destroy the enemy at times led gunsmiths engineers to rather strange results. Most of these unusual types of "firearms" produced experienced circulation - the samples listed below and does become a dream of Antiquities.

Rare instances of weapons in the world

Gun Vojvodina system

Design offered gunsmith PV Voevodin, who participated in the competition to design a new automatic pistol for the Red Army. For 1938 specifications of these weapons were very good: simplicity and reliability of design complemented by high accuracy and power of battle. Until 1942 the Soviet Union launched two plants of experimental batches of Vojvodina gun, and then the war began.

Rare instances of weapons in the world

M2 Hyde-Inland

Americans during the Second World War and did not manage to create any decent submachine gun. Closest to foreign competitors crept M2 Hyde-Inland from the design office Marlin Firearms. 400 copies of the PP went from hand to hand, no one delivery to the troops was not done.

Rare instances of weapons in the world



Perhaps one of the strangest guns on our list. Paul Bran Latridzh set out to create the perfect design for self-defense in the streets. Despite the unprepossessing exterior, in 1890, Brun-Latrige was pretty effective weapon, even if it released a very small circulation.

Rare instances of weapons in the world


The gun was developed in the first winter of the siege of Leningrad: the sailors of the Baltic Fleet regular TT did not come, because its details freeze together at low temperatures. "Balts" designed specifically to work in such conditions and the gun perfectly withstood all tests. But the blockade to establish serial production did not work, so there are only 14 "Balts" in the world.


Very rare sub-machine gun, manufactured GDR for the needs of the people's militia. Caliber 7, 62 mm and a high rate of arrow provided excellence in confined spaces, but the experience of using WG-66 on the streets was negative - pumped accuracy. The first batch of 38 copies and was the last, so that today the WG-66 PP for antique dealers tidbit.