10 tips that you can not prohibit child

What words do you usually talk to your child - "can" or "can not"? Both are extremely important for young children: "may" instills confidence in their own capabilities and fosters trust in the world around them, and "no" establishes a framework of what is permitted, and gives a sense of security. Let's talk about when in fact need to set strict prohibitions, but when you can allow your child to do what he wants.

Of course, children's education is not complete without a moderate number of prohibitions necessary for the physical and emotional safety. But psychologists say that ten things you can highlight that it is not necessary to prohibit child.

10 tips that you can not prohibit child

to dress themselves, to eat and drink

Of course, you make it better, better and faster the child, but is unlikely to help its development. Baby experts generally considered independent buttoning buttons and pulling the gloves some of the best exercises to improve motor skills of fingers, and therefore for the development of the brain.

Dedicate more time to get ready, so that the child could have breakfast or dress himself - at your own pace, without haste and with no fuss. Of course, if you are afraid of being late, you can say, "I'm sure you can handle himself with clothes, but we need to hurry. Let me help you now and in the evening you yourself can wear pajamas. " And the ability to use a spoon or a cup is useful in kindergarten, if you do not want to cram school lunch in educated by you "sad sack".

To help parents

How often can hear from indignant mothers: "My son never wants nothing to do at home!" But somehow they forget, a few years earlier protected him and expensive items from the interaction: "Do not touch, and then break it!" "Put in place, break! "Adults are afraid that the baby will have to adapt, but that he needed to feel their own importance and necessity and hear parental approval. Ask (not demand) child help you in everyday affairs, allow to carry out simple instructions and do not forget to give thanks for the work done.

Being active

When the baby makes a noise, runs, jumps and plays the fool, he actually physically develops and relaxes splashing accumulated energy. Of course, such behavior is not welcome in the public areas (health center, shop), but at home, you can allow it to stay the way it is. Maybe you should join in and have some fun with it?

Some mothers forbid children to climb on the horizontal bar, preferring the quiet commotion in the sandbox. Yes, it is easier to deny than to show how to climb up and down, control your body. Allow active exercises, podstrahovyvayas if necessary.

to sleep with the light

Fear of the dark - the natural fear for children four to five years, which in this age are psychologically separated from his mother. The price paid for such autonomy is the occurrence of nightmares in children, in which profit is closely intertwined with fiction and fantasy. Dim nightlight calms baby when he wakes up, and help ensure that there is around terrible monsters. However, it is believed that violates natural light during sleep, so enter the coverage as a temporary measure.


Do not be afraid that the child gets dirty, picking up a brush with paints or markers. Purchase a special non-toxic paint, spread on the floor or table oilcloth, equip baby apron - let draws.

Also permitted to engage in research activities on walks. Let the child somersaults in the grass, measures the depth of a puddle, throws up armfuls of autumn leaves, without worrying about stained clothes. After all, you probably have a washing machine.

To investigate the items

Allow the children to understand the purpose of the device, and a variety of subjects. You'd be surprised, but many child development experts recommend talking to the kid, "to touch things. Squeeze, to shift from one hand to the other, pull, drop-down, knock, imaginary and tear! "Exclusive toys sometimes less attractive to a child than a pile of old newspapers or a box with buttons. If you are afraid of expensive dishes or valuable trinket, remove it away from the tenacious and inquisitive pen. Or try to examine it together, explaining why this thing is so dear to you and that it is better to find other items for games.

Watch cartoons

Yes, the quality of modern cartoons sometimes does not hold water, and developing the transmission is not as useful as one might think. However, today's children it is important to be aware of popular cartoons to discuss them with their peers. Pick those transmission and animations that you find useful. See required together with the baby, discuss controversial points and give examples of acceptable behavior.

to leave food on the plate

Do not force your child to leave the table clean plates. Meal has to be a pleasure, not a medieval torture. Firstly, the size of the portions and the number of dishes you can always argue. And nutritionists are concerned about the rapidly growing number of young fatties. Second, do not distract the children's cartoons, vpihivaya cunning as much as possible useful spoons of porridge. This benefit will be when the child will feel the taste of food, chew slowly will be considered a pleasant dinner ritual.


Fiction - a natural for children interweaving of fantasy and reality. Help your child to distinguish fantasy from deliberate deception. Tell us what his story is very similar to a fairy tale, have come up with something else like that. Try to show a genuine interest in his fantasies, thus encouraging the development of a creative personality.