How to paint beautiful eyes: useful tips for lazy

Beautiful makeup - this is the right make-up!

How to paint beautiful eyes? Often this question is raised by the girls who are not fluent in your face or rarely use cosmetics. Make-up is needed to correct the facial features, mask the shortcomings emphasize the dignity. But in the hands of inept cosmetics can only exacerbate the situation - to add the age, fatigue, make a person less attractive. Therefore, it is important not so much how to paint beautiful eyes, apply blush or lipstick as how to do it correctly.

How to paint beautiful eyes: useful tips for lazy

The first step to flawless eye makeup

Everyone knows that the skin before applying makeup you need to prepare - to clean and apply foundation. But often, the skin around the eyes deprive attention, and yet it also needs to be applied to the base and tonal resources. Concealer with light-reflecting pigments give the skin radiance and disguise fine lines. Pencil with a dense texture will hide the dark circles under the eyes. But not every foundation for the skin around the eyes, for example, do not use matting agents. Skin age is very thin and is substantially free of the sebaceous glands, and thus the use of such means may receive dryness and flaking. Prefer tonal resources with moisturizing effect.

How nice to make up eyes shadows?

Applying shadows - the next step to a beautiful eye makeup. There are many techniques of eye makeup as the evening as well as on every day, but plays an important role eye shape. That is, when used properly shadows and pencils can be increased eye effect or to emphasize their beautiful cut. It is difficult to give a recommendation for everyone. Apart form the eye, have a value of their color, skin tone, even the way they are planted (close to the nose or widely separated). To understand how to paint beautiful eyes, and what colors to use in relation to your tsvetotipa, you just need to experiment. Something that looks amazing on one woman may not go quite another. Use different techniques, experiment with color. The basic rule applying shadows - shading. There should be no sharp lines of the transition from one color to another.

How to paint beautiful eyes: useful tips for lazy

How to paint a pencil beautiful eyes?

Color pencil can be anything - a classic black, brown, blue, green, etc. Your choice is limited only by your external data... Black is suitable for almost everyone and is used in classical technique "Smokey Eyes". Brown will make a softer look. A white pencil, applied to the lower eyelid, not only visually make eyes more, but also hide redness if necessary. Himself a pencil must be sharpened, otherwise the line will be too greasy, and moderately hard, otherwise you can scratch the skin. A line is drawn along the lash from the inner corner to the outer. If it is to spend a little more eyes, it is visually pull it, which is important for creating an image of the eastern, or emphasize the beauty of almond shape. And if you want to visually enlarge the eyes, the lines of the outer and lower eyelid is not worth joining. After drawing a pencil line blend well.

How to paint beautiful eyes: useful tips for lazy

How to paint eyeliner?

Eyeliner application technique does not differ from the pencil, with the only difference being that it does not need to shade. But for many, this procedure causes great difficulties. It would seem that so tough - to hold a brush line as thin as possible and close to the lash line. But the main secret of eyeliner is to line was smooth, and it is not always possible to immediately. Those who are accustomed to using eyeliner daily, usually at the end stuffed hand.

How to paint beautiful eyes mascara?

To paint over the lashes well, the brush should be held perpendicularly to their growth, and to paint must be from the roots to the tips. two layers to be applied. If you apply a few coats of mascara, the lashes will look harsh and unnatural, in fact, do the cilia can stick together. If this happens, disconnect them a needle or pin.

How to paint beautiful eyes: useful tips for lazy

How much should be decorative cosmetics?

This is largely determined by the age and lifestyle of owner beauticians. Young girl have enough mascara, lipstick or gloss, toners for teenage skin, to hide pimples. Young and fresh face is beautiful in itself. Older girls attend night clubs, celebrations and other events that require evening makeup. How to paint a beautiful eye mascara? Here, without the palette of shades and pencil can not do. But women in the age need a lot more decorative cosmetics. After all, in the face of already present wrinkles, dark spots, under-eye circles and many other things that you want to hide, correct. After all, every woman wants to be beautiful and young!