Shaven temple - a bold claim about themselves or a fad?

Cute, sweet, thin-skinned, effeminate, long-haired and unique ... These girls often appear in the eyes of men. But it is no secret that times are changing and we are changing with them. Dedication, persistence, desire to express themselves - these are the basic qualities that want to enjoy the modern representatives of the fair sex. And they declare themselves in different ways: through the passion, style, clothes, hair. With regard to the latter, here the choice is large enough. And now we often notice such unusual hairstyles, like shaved head.

Shaven temple - a bold claim about themselves or a fad?

What attracts this hairstyle modern fashionistas and what rules should be guided by making such a haircut?

Shaven temple - self-expression or a fad?

First preference for a haircut gave the samurai (17th century). Then it began to actively use the punks (80 years). And now shaven whiskey girls - is not only fashionable and shocking, but also popular.

Shaven temple - a bold claim about themselves or a fad?

trendsetter this fashion believe Rihanna, who appeared with this hairdo in the movie "Battleship". Then this trend succumbed and other celebrities (such as Avril Lavigne, Cassie, Cathy Topuriya et al.), Bringing in their way of a kind of mystique and charm. options for hairstyles

If you want to follow the fashion, then do not forget that hair "shaved temple" can be done in different ways, shaving as much hair as you see fit:

Shaven temple - a bold claim about themselves or a fad?
  1. You can do hair, shaven only one temple. The remaining hair should be straightened to visually enhance their length and lay on the other side (shaved temple remains open). Such styling emphasize the brightness of your makeup and give the image of confidence and aggressiveness.
  2. The girls, who prefer short hair, you can shave two temple. This hairstyle will emphasize the beauty of the eyes.
  3. shaving sideburns and neck fit girls with long neck and smooth body contours. Laying can be done by gathering hair in a braid. But to the selection of clothing will have to be taken responsibly. It is best suited to a hair dresses and tops that open shoulders. This outfit combined with a hairstyle with shaved temples will make you look like an ancient queen.
  4. You can select and very shocking hairstyles on hair of any length. For example, shave whiskey and paint them in the color you like. This hairstyle will help you emphasize their individuality.

What should be the hairstyle with shaved temples? Useful tips:

1. The best way to approach high-shaven temples or bouffant styling. You can also braid the braid on the border with the clipped part of the hair.

2. Use soft curls undesirable. After all, they give the image of romance and femininity. A hairstyle with shaved temples very flamboyant and aggressive.

3. With such haircuts do not mix curly ornaments, rims and hoops. But if you still want to use hairpins, then they should be quite simple and unnoticeable.

4. When choosing decorations, give preference to small elegant earrings, but in any case not long chains and large rings.