Givenchy Pour Homme: flavor description, customer reviews

Givenchy perfume house boasts a long history. In 1952, the young designer Hubert de Givenchy created his own brand, having knowledge of such masters of fashion as Robert Piguet, Jacques Fath and Elsa Schiaparelli. The prototype of his style became popular actress Audrey Hepburn. Her image has inspired the designer to create their own unique style.

The first of Givenchy perfumes from

The emergence of aromas collection not long in coming. the company's development has accelerated rapidly since the first fragrance.

The first fragrance was dedicated to all the same inimitable Audrey. Gentle L'Interdit was the first and the successful development of the perfume Givenchy. This floral aldehyde fragrance has become a symbol of refined style of the fashion house. fragrance nose - renowned perfumer Francis Fabron.

To date, the perfumes of the fashion house is considered one of the most popular among all manufacturers of luxury category. One of the most popular men's fragrances have become Givenchy Pour Homme, Eau de Vetyver, Givenchy Play.

The history of men's fragrances

The first perfume "for him" was released two years after L'Interdit presentation. Monsieur de Givenchy belongs to the fern fragrance thanks to a combination of moss and lavender. Bouquet offers fresh sound cloves and lemon, which is set off by spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon. Heart represented mysterious lavender and lemon verbena. Base fragrance combines woody notes and oak moss.

Givenchy Pour Homme: flavor description, customer reviews

In the same year there is another novelty for men - Eau de Vetyver. The perfume was created by Hubert de Givenchy in collaboration with Francis Fabron. This fragrance is considered to be one of the best among all the songs, which is the main note of vetiver. In addition, it was the favorite fragrance creator Givenchy house. After Givenchy left his post as head of the company, the flavor was removed from production and restored only after 12 years. Woody, some tart flavor, which vetiver, sandalwood and cedar set off the freshness of bergamot and a hint of spicy coriander. An important stage in the development of the perfume fragrance collection was Gentleman 1974. Its rich palette includes floral notes, honey, cinnamon and bergamot, interspersed with manly scent of leather, musk, wood and amber. Subsequently, this fragrance will be the beginning of an extensive range.

The modern fragrances for men

Especially popular among the audience enjoys line Givenchy Pour Homme. The first fragrance collection was created in 2002. He is a kind of version of the fragrance Givenchy Gentleman in 1975.

Reviews of Givenchy Pour Homme characterize it as a status and noble-sounding fragrance. It is ideal for self-sufficient and self-confident men. Spicy and woody notes to create an aura of some mystery and secrecy.

Description Givenchy Pour Homme

Sound fragrance opens citrus notes of mandarin and grapefruit combined with the powdery violet and light sharpness coriander. Heart, represented by vetiver and lavender, some believe a reference to the Eau de Vetyver. In any case, these notes favorably set off the initial freshness and brightness of the notes. The base flavor, presented labdanum and white cedar, leaving a soft woody trail.

Stylish bottle is made in a rather unusual way. Concise cylinder connecting a metal and a wine-colored matte finish.

Givenchy Pour Homme: flavor description, customer reviews


Givenchy Pour Homme men's fragrance line continuation

Like many successful perfumes, he could not be continued in other ways. So, two years later, perfumers Alberto Morillas and Ilias Ermenidis create a new version - Givenchy Pour Homme Blue. Reviews describe it as a very stable and loopback perfume. This fragrance is also belong to the group of spicy wood.

Start sound opens grapefruit and fresh bergamot. This is followed by a sensual chord of pepper and cardamom combined with mysterious lavender and artemisia. Olibanum notes, white cedar and vetiver create a traditional wood trail.

The bottle is made in conventional form, but in blue.

Givenchy Pour Homme: flavor description, customer reviews

After the release of the flavor development Givenchy Pour Homme line stopped for 5 years.

The return of the legendary fragrance for him

fragrances Description Givenchy Pour Homme would be incomplete without mention of the controversial and multilateral fragrance of this collection.

The year 2009 was marked by the appearance of the third fragrance - Adventure Sensations. The creators of this fragrance is presented as the embodiment of strength and courage, hidden behind the business elegance and restraint. His character is multi-faceted, but at the same time laconic: incompatible at first glance, the notes create a bright and harmonious bouquet. Top notes of lavender and balsam fascinate its unobtrusive and charm. Such a soft chord quite harmoniously set off by spicy notes of the heart, such as chili peppers and refreshing bergamot. Custom base represented patchouli, complements the composition sweetish softness.

Bright red bottle perfectly captures the essence of this fragrance: conciseness, concealing a bold challenge.

Givenchy Pour Homme: flavor description, customer reviews

Hot new men's fragrance line

The collection continues to grow not as often as would be desirable for many admirers of perfume brand creativity. However noses Givenchy continue to develop collection Pour Homme. At the moment, the last is the flavor Silver Edition. It perfumer Alberto Morillas has embodied two shaped side - conservative and modern elegance. This underlines the mood and colors of the bottle: austere and elegant gray color that never goes out of fashion.

Bouquet Givenchy Pour Homme Silver Edition men's perfume includes floral and woody notes, which form an elegant way.

Sound opens up a bright chord of grapefruit, bergamot, along with a resinous scent of ale. Heart composition replaces original freshness powdery-woody notes of the chord and redwood violet. The final sound leaves a sweet and tart trail of patchouli, tonka bean and vetiver.

This perfume is likely to prefer a sober and noble man, not devoid of modern lust for life.

Givenchy Pour Homme: flavor description, customer reviews

Of course, lovers of perfumery and in particular art masters Givenchy waiting for the continuation line. After all the important and interesting collection of merit.

If we turn to the latest innovations from the company perfumers, fragrance can be distinguished Gentleman Eau de Parfum, released this year. This traditional line of Givenchy is constantly updated with new versions of the legendary perfume. Many reviews suggest that the flavor is different pronounced masculinity, therefore, can be interpreted as a unisex. However, this is a purely subjective assessment, which can be based only on your own taste. Laconic Pyramid offers spicy black pepper. Next comes a pronounced iris. Base of black vanilla and patchouli adds a sweet softness and charm.

Fragrance is available in the original vial Gentleman line, but in black.

Givenchy Pour Homme: flavor description, customer reviews

Ruler Givenchy Pour Homme is considered as one of the most popular among the entire collection of men's fragrance brand. This is the original flavors with unusual selection of music and high quality ingredients used. They are distinguished by high stability and good intensity of sound.