Company "Mary Kay": Product reviews

The company Mary Kay is specially designed for women. In order to start a cosmetics business, you need to sign an agreement. Consultants all over the world offer products "Mary Kay" method of direct sales.


A little bit about the company

Development, testing, production and packaging of almost all Mary Kay products is carried out at its own plants in Dallas and China. Its doors, the company opened in 1963. Specialists of its research laboratories engaged in the development of unique formulas which help to achieve great heights in the field of skin care. The main objective of the company is the safety of the product. Meet the expectations of the consumer or exceed them - this is one of the principles of "Mary Kay". Reviews of the production, however, is quite different. Some like cosmetics and the service provided by the company consultants. Others received negative experiences with the products of this brand, it is not recommended to use it.

Production and service "Mary Kay"

Reviews of satisfied customers speak about the excellent condition of the skin after applying the product. Professional beauty consultant (so-called specialists) individually selects system of cosmetics that are needed skin at the moment. You need to use them regularly, morning and evening. The range of sufficient funds to complement the step by step system, taking into account the needs of the skin.


The most important thing - a professional consultant and consumer confidence, only then will the best reviews. About "Mary Kay" is known in 35 countries, which means that millions of consumers take advantage of this makeup and get excellent results. The company is rapidly developing, improves the formula of its funds and get them patents. Rumor has it that in a cream "Mary Kay" (responses confirm this) is hormones. Yes, it is true, but hormones are not of animal origin and vegetable. Plant hormones - it extracts from plants. Their competent reception will keep all useful properties and correct application will give the expected result. Only those companies that are investing huge resources to the continuous research and development of high-quality products are able to get the highest score. One such company is Mary Kay.

The unhappy consumers of "Mary Kay"?

Customer reviews of the company, which products do not like talking about the poor quality assets. Consumers indicate that did not achieve the desired results. The majority of these negative responses indicate a lack of professionalism from a consultant, as well as the reluctance to carry out their functions. Because of this, any, even the most successful company can get negative feedback.


"Mary Kay" counts on the service that should provide consultants: to choose the means for skin, interested in her condition, to give advice, to familiarize customers with the new company's offerings.

The conclusions and advice

Range of products in the cosmetic market today is huge: you can often change money, guided by the reasonable price, and not to think about the results. That is why the class of mass-market cosmetics popular. However, if you really want to properly care for their skin and keep beauty for a long time, then turned his attention to the professional approach and guaranteed quality.