Bioreinforcement person: forms, technique, indications and contraindications, photos before and after patient reviews

Bioreinforcement person - a reconstruction of the original circuit. The procedure helps to smooth wrinkles, sharpen oval. As a result, the skin looks younger and revitalized. In carrying out the process bioreinforcement cosmetologist introduces gel injected subcutaneously into the problem areas.

This method is considered to be very effective, as it promotes rejuvenation. After a course of procedures the effect lasts for 1-5 years. Biogel which is administered subcutaneously, improves skin firmness, whereby naturally formed shape of the face.

The procedure is completely painless, so it is very popular. Experts recommend starting to spend bioreinforcement person from 35 years. If the first procedure is carried out in 50 years, and required lengthy result is much more difficult to achieve.

The peculiarity of the procedure in

Having considered bioreinforcement face reviews with photos before and after, we can see that it is quite a popular procedure that allows you to achieve a very good result for the formation of the oval and giving greater elasticity of the skin. This technique is resorted to when the results of peelings no longer satisfy.

Bioreinforcement person: forms, technique, indications and contraindications, photos before and after patient reviews

The essence bioreinforcement face is to restore the natural frame composed of elastin and collagen production slows down with age significantly. Often, this procedure is performed on the face, since it is primarily losing sharp contours. Many are simply trying to smooth out wrinkles, as in some places over time, facial skin begins to sag.

During execution bioreinforcement procedures in deep layers of the skin and polylactic introduced hyaluronic acid. After a while they begin to actively operate, eliminating the existing problems and preventing subsequent deformation of facial contours. Now the front frame in beauty salons reduced with bioreinforcement fillers or strands.

Techniques bioreinforcement

In carrying out bioreinforcement face lift vector is done and softfilling. Vector Lifting implies that entered multiple subcutaneous injections in a certain direction. This author's technique, which allows to achieve a very good result.

Softfilling performed using a cannula. This technique makes it possible to minimize the number of skin punctures, which significantly reduces the likelihood of bruises.

The main advantages of the procedure

Based on the photos and reviews bioreinforcement person can conclude that such a procedure has many advantages, among which it is necessary to allocate such:

  • long-term modeling of facial contours;
  • the absence of surgical intervention;
  • the result is visible immediately after the procedure;
  • eventually be enhanced.

In addition, among the main advantages of such a procedure can be identified faster rehabilitation period, as the bruising and swelling are just a few days after bioreinforcement.

The use of fillers

When Bioreinforcement face hyaluronic fillers used and polylactic acid. In the application of the hyaluronic acid gel is introduced into the surface layers of the skin. As a result, sagging is eliminated, it is filled with moisture and stimulated reparative processes in the tissue. After the procedure the skin is moisturized and toned.

Polylactic acid is a fruit acid and as hyaluron, gradually dissolves. This material has a pronounced effect as penetrates deeply into tissue and operates actively. Polylactic acid promotes the production of collagen in the cells. The result of introducing more noticeable.

Bioreinforcement person: forms, technique, indications and contraindications, photos before and after patient reviews

However, it should be noted that the effect may gradually grow and lasts from 6 months to 2 years. In conducting bioreinforcement hyaluronic acid facial can achieve excellent results and far less risk of side effects. Entering hyaluronic acid is carried out strictly according to the scheme to gel under the skin can be distributed evenly in a particular area.

apply such drugs to achieve the desired result for bioreinforcement person as "Surdzhiderm" or "Juvederm Ultra." In addition to this, may be applied and more potent agents based on other components. In particular, this means such as "Radiesse," "Ellanse", "Sculptra".

Injections are administered by means of a special device. This minimizes the number of punctures, reduced morbidity. Bromination facial fillers is very popular, as penetrating the tissue, the drug is gradually resorbed. The molecules of hyaluronic acid retains large amounts of water, ensuring the production of elastin and collagen. Their stimulation leads to a gradual compaction of the skin and a significant increase in elasticity.

bioreinforcement hyaluronic acid person technique is simple and safe, but it can not provide such high-quality and instantaneous lifting effect as threads. The elasticity of the skin forming a clear outline of the face will be gradual and in some cases, to obtain the desired result will need to spend a few treatments with an interval of 1-2 months.

The use of threads

At the heart of bioreinforcement threads person laid the body's ability to reject everything alien that has penetrated into the subcutaneous region, creating a sort of a barrier of connective tissue. Literally 1-2 weeks after the installation of such filaments around them gradually begins to form a kind of capsule which is based on natural fibers of elastin and collagen. Thus the first thread to help keep the tissue in the state to pull up, and then the skin alone preserves the natural tone by the presence of the connecting strands that form around the mesh of the yarn. To perform cosmetology procedure is used two types of threads, namely, bioresorbable and non-absorbable. First made of kaprolaka or polylactic acid. The latter may be:

  • thin wire of platinum or gold;
  • polypropylene suture material;
  • Teflon.

In addition, there are combination products that help fix the tissue in the desired position, and then gradually dissolve. On the surface of the character of yarn is divided into:

  • smooth (Tissulift);
  • with notches and knots (Aptos);
  • with cones (Silhouette Lift Software).
Bioreinforcement person: forms, technique, indications and contraindications, photos before and after patient reviews

notches and the cones enable much better zafiksiksirovat fabrics and distribute the tension evenly. Such yarns help to provide a more pronounced lifting effect in comparison with smooth embodiments. threads person Bioreinforcement reviews specialists practicing a similar procedure is quite good, as they say, it is possible to obtain a sufficiently pronounced effect for a long time compared with the use of fillers. Thus, such an option is best for those who have a rather pronounced changes in the skin. Basically, the thread used to form an oval face in 50 years.

The most popular 3D-mezonity which are rather complicated system for the correction of facial contours. It involves lifting and mesotherapy. The procedure is performed by introducing a flexible needle with the fiber made of polidiaksona which dissolves over time in the body. This suture coated with lactic acid that is compatible with the body yarns.

After the procedure specialist removes the needle and the thread itself only remains under the skin. A few months later the suture dissolves, but under the skin retained a sort of frame made of connective tissue. Looking at the photos before and after bioreinforcement person, you can be sure that such a method allows to achieve a perfect result, which lasts for 5 years. yarn tension degree even after 1-2 weeks can be changed if necessary after installation if there is discomfort or the patient is not entirely satisfied with the result.

Indications and contraindications treatments

There are certain indications and contraindications bioreinforcement perform the procedure. Among the major indications you need to allocate as follows:

  • sagging chin;
  • the vague contours of the face;
  • lowered corners of the lips;
  • reduced elasticity of the skin;
  • enough pronounced facial contours.

Despite the security and ease of implementation of such a procedure, it has some contraindications, which is necessary to carry such as:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • the medication to thin the blood;
  • disease during exacerbations;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • disease of the connective tissue.

In addition, it is forbidden to carry out the procedure, if there is inflammation of the skin, as in this case, the production of natural hyaluronic acid several stops, and the introduction of artificial no results will not bring. Permission substance immediately bring the body.

Preparation for procedure

Technique bioreinforcement person consists of several stages, among which isolated training, as it helps to minimize the likelihood of side effects and various complications. you need to fulfill a number of relatively simple procedures before the introduction of fillers or strands, namely:

  • to take medications that normalize blood clotting;
  • to stop the use of anticoagulants and anesthetics;
  • pass the required tests and consult with an anesthesiologist;
  • to postpone the procedure during menstruation.
Bioreinforcement person: forms, technique, indications and contraindications, photos before and after patient reviews

In the case of a high risk of hyperpigmentation after the procedure, you need to take bioreinforcement tools that help to stop the production of melanin. It should be noted that the threads have a pretty nasty for surgeons feature, namely, they can lead to the proliferation of fibrous tissue in the area of ​​attachment. This greatly complicates the subsequent surgical facelift. Last bioreinforcement is recommended for 3-5 years before the proposed transaction.

The steps of the procedure

Technique face bioreinforcement consists of several stages, and the procedure begins with a consultation specialist who will implement it. If there are no contraindications for its implementation, the appointed date and time for the procedure was not found in the inspection process. Subsequent work by the expert includes the following stages as:

  • preparation of the skin;
  • anesthesia;
  • disinfection;
  • bioreinforcement;
  • final stage.

Preparation of the skin means by itself that mild means intended for washing, with a face completely removed all the available cosmetics and pollution. Important anesthesia process. In applying the filler is sufficient to use a special cream that contains in its composition anesthetic. The cream is applied to clean and dry a thin layer of skin for about 30 minutes. In some cases, the film is applied to gain greater analgesic effect. If the threads are set, it will take more severe pain relief, including the use of general anesthesia.

Bioreinforcement person: forms, technique, indications and contraindications, photos before and after patient reviews

After that the skin disinfection. For this is applied to the desired area of ​​an antiseptic solution, in particular, "Chlorhexidine". If applied anesthetic cream for pain relief, then it is removed in advance. The procedure itself is quick enough bioreinforcement. Initially, the person is put on a special grid for more precise input injected into problem areas. There are several different schemes performing bioreinforcement and they are chosen strictly individually. The course consists mainly of 3-4 procedures are performed at a frequency of once a month.

At the final stage the doctor handles all remaining lesions after penetration special antiseptic solution and if necessary, they are glued with an adhesive plaster. The patient explains the basic rules and restrictions in the first days after the procedure.

recovery bioreinforcement

Almost immediately after the completion of several procedures face swells and in place of a special administration tools or filaments remain small hematoma. Sometimes they are so large that the person is almost entirely blue. Need to be finished completely any outcome since skin reaction to injury and administration of the material used or the drug depends not only on professional skill, but also the characteristics of the organism. There is a high risk of extensive bruising for a few days before and during menstruation, when taking fever-reducing, and many other drugs that affect the process of blood clotting.

Bioreinforcement person: forms, technique, indications and contraindications, photos before and after patient reviews

It is important to ensure proper skin care after the procedure bioreinforcement. The lower the precipitating factors in the first two weeks, the better will look face and a lot easier and the recovery process will be faster. After the procedure is recommended:

  • to take antiviral drugs for a few days;
  • skin punctures carefully treated with an antiseptic solution;
  • in the presence of discomfort in the introduction thread take painkillers.

In addition, there are some restrictions, such as:

  • is completely prohibited any thermal effect;
  • face massage;
  • the swimming pool, as this may lead to the penetration of infection;
  • to do sports and to the load on the body;
  • to bend.

The duration of the result after the bioreinforcement depends not only on the preparation used, but also the degree of skin desired material saturation. To normalize the natural Hyaluron, it recommended to conduct biorevitalisation course.

What are the complications of

Despite the high degree of safety of the procedure, there may be some complications. Often complications are swelling and bruising. The more sensitive and delicate skin, the much higher tendency to form a hematoma. It should be noted that the bruises are about 2 weeks, but you can also use the "troksevazin".

In some cases, blisters can develop after the procedure, which also held its own. For a more dangerous consequences include the risk of rapid aging and the appearance of the relationship between the introduction of special products and the natural condition of the skin.

Reviews of the procedure

Bioreinforcement facial feedback is mostly very good, as this procedure helps to quickly restore skin elasticity and has a minimum of adverse events and complications. The skin looks visibly rejuvenated, and facial contour fit.

Has very good reviews bioreinforcement facial hyaluronic acid, as the result is somewhat similar to a surgical facelift. However, women say that the effect is long-term only if the course of procedures.

Bioreinforcement person: forms, technique, indications and contraindications, photos before and after patient reviews

Negative reviews bioreinforcement face mainly relate to the cost of the procedure, as its price ranges from 8 to 35 thousand. In addition, many note a long period of rehabilitation, as well as the fact that to get better results require some reinforcement courses.

Bioreinforcement hyaluronic acid facial responses deserved experts also very good, because the procedure requires less recovery time. Swelling and bruising are not too pronounced.

In general, it is quite effective procedure that allows you to quickly achieve the desired result.