Hairstyle "fishtail". How to weave?


A woman is always and everywhere unusual and should look stunning. It must be all perfect. Of course, the main thing in the form of - this hairstyle. That it attracts special attention of others. Beautiful masonry adds zest to any image. Every girl has left many that it changes for a change. Not so long ago hairstyle "fishtail" became very popular. Especially on this influenced by the fact that many Hollywood stars prefer it was her, stepping on the red carpet. This hairstyle is amazing by its elegance and charm.


How to weave?

Of course, the weaving machinery, "fish tail" is more complicated than the French or any other braids. But it is necessary to work hard, so you enjoy your way. From the first time to weave, not everyone will. Therefore it is necessary to take time and patience. "Fish tail" - a hairstyle that will adorn any head. But how does it spin? First you need to carefully comb your hair, so that they are not tangled. For even greater convenience, cost them a little wet. So, when your hair is combed and watered, we will start to weave. This hairdressing creation as hairstyle "fishtail", the first attempt to create a hard, so you can first make it not at the back and side. Divide the hair into two equal parts and then select your fingers thin strand. Move it to the left side of the head. From the left side of hair pulling a strand of the same small and toss it to the other side. Continuing along the same technique to the end. It is necessary to ensure that the strands are the same. So braid will look neat and smooth. "fish tail" gives room for imagination

Having mastered this technique, you can experiment with the location and the extent of her braids are tight. For example, you can try to create a relaxed "fishtail". It can weave from the middle of the head and do not tighten too tight strands. Hairstyle get a very romantic and easy. Lover volume can release a few strands of hair and do not tighten the braid tight. You can also straighten it by pulling the strands apart. Kos is a very lush and beautiful.

To fit hairstyle "fishtail"?


It requires thick hair. They hairstyle "fishtail" looks particularly good and attractive. But not all women can boast of thick hair. But do not despair, because it specifically to give hair volume you can get overhead strands previously tucked them under their hair color. It will look very natural and sexy. There is another way to increase the volume of hair. Before weaving to wash hair with shampoo and dry their hair dryer, not combing.

Which cases will approach such a hairdo? Hairstyle "fishtail" take pride of place among the best of everyday hairstyles. But such a braid can brighten and evening dress. To do this, you need only add accessories and release more curls to creation looked more feminine and charming. There are many variations of the "fish tail". There is also a hairstyle "fishtail on the contrary," which also looks delicious. Therefore, take some time training on weaving, you are sure to be delighted result.