Rating mascara 2012

All cosmetic companies believe that their products are the best on the market. But which one is really worthy of female attention? Stop living in the rumors! Introducing you to the carcass rating for eyelashes.


Currently, there are many different types of mascara. There are primers that thicken eyelashes, give them fluffy and have different color shades. With waterproof you avoid smudging ink, and save a curved lash line, as well as get rid of the tendency to stick together. Some voluminous and lengthening mascara include nylon and rayon fibers. Others contain pro-vitamin B5, which is often used in hair conditioners.

Rating mascara 2012

Mascara: rate 2012

Lancome Definicils - Splurqe

Suitable for almost all women without exception. If the texture you first seem watery, you can dry a little bit of it. But know that at the end of the week it is naturally dry and becomes soft, creamy consistency. The ideal thing for a female eye. The manufacturer - company "RIF Gauche" and the price corresponding to the brand - from 1100 to 1600 rubles. L'Oreal Clean Definition Telescopik Mascara - Deal

A good mascara. Reviews of admiring women just scream about it in publications, which are intended to cover the views and experiences of consumers. It lengthens lashes and gives splendor, falls easily without lumps and clumping. The cost varies from 500 to 600 rubles.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Deal

Rating mascara this company for many years at the top. Loved by makeup artists around the world for over 35 years. Pink and green tube is almost symbolic. This acquisition will help move the older generation of women back to his early years. Being young, they certainly used to make only her. The consistency of the cream, does not stick lashes. Miniature brush lets you paint over eyelashes gently around the eyes. Available a wide variety of colors and shades. Price from 145 rubles.

Rating mascara 2012

Diorshow Mascara - Splurqe

Professional mascara lengthens well and gives volume. Those who direct the cilia, it is easy to effortlessly twirled them. It will be a wonderful gift for any girl. Available in three colors, including the ultra-blue. The only drawback - the price of 1021 rubles. Clinique Hiqh Definition Lashes Brush then Comb Masckara - Deal

High mascara for eyelashes rating of this company is undoubtedly justified. She lies down without lumps, although a little thickish consistency. Brush paints over the comb-shaped ideally each eyelash, without sticking them together. Available in two colors. Ideal for those who want to make eyes look more natural. The cost of 900 rubles.

Rating mascara 2012

Avon SuperShok Mascara - Deal

Avon company also got into our rating. Mascara that company available and inexpensive. SuperShok definitely lives up to its name and emphasizes the beauty of the eyes. Brush, consisting of rubber bristles, well separates lashes. No flaking and is produced in four colors. Special Offer from 199 rubles.


Carcasses are only good for about three months after opening the package, so it is more profitable to buy a mini-tubes. The advantage of such a purchase is the ability to use different shades of color at the lowest price.