Bob hairstyle - timeless classics

For more than 100 years old bob hairstyle is relevant and in demand among the beautiful half of humanity. Historical evidence suggests that the first haircut in the style of Bob appeared in ancient Greece. But the recognition and the official name of bob haircut has received at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to the dancer Irene Castle. She interfered with long hair during a speech, and at one point, she took them and smooth cut. In Russia haircut Bob called and called until now the square.

Bob hairstyle - timeless classics

The evolution of styling

Since the time of Irene Castle it took many years for which the bean was modified almost every decade. For example, in the 50s of the last century, this haircut was done "steps" and assumes a long bangs. In the 60s bean steel tease and call this embodiment hairstyles Sasson. At the beginning of the next decade to replace the fleece comes bob with curls at the ends. Bob the early 80-ies of different disheveled and careless packing. If you look at a photo bob hairstyle 90s, it is the complete opposite of the hairstyles of previous years. Now she is the direct and multi-layered.

Bob hairstyle - timeless classics

Modern trends

To this day, the square continues to change. Variations not theme "bob hairstyle" modern hairdressers developed a lot: an asymmetrical bob, long bean, bean-page, bean-fungus bulk bean A bean and many others.

Open the veil of secrecy

What secret is fraught hairstyle called "Bob"? Why is it so popular among women? And the thing is that this hairstyle is versatile, it fits the fairer sex of all ages. It does not take much time for styling, and always looks great. If you look at photos of hairstyles medium length, most of them are made on the basis of the bean. Which once again confirms the relevance and practicality of this hairstyle.

Your hair is in your hands

Bob hairstyle (quads) is not easy to implement, so if you want to mow your hair just so, refer to the hairdresser-professional. He, before performing a haircut, talk to you, find out details of what option you would like to receive, and will make every effort to ensure that you were happy with the result.

Bob hairstyle - timeless classics

Home Care

Bob hairstyle is easy to fit after washing with the most conventional means. To start with wet hair is divided into zones: central and two lateral. Dry them hairdryer start from the back zone. And the upper part of the front of this zacheshite upward and secure the clamp. Using a special comb Give backsheet hair the desired shape. Release clamp and continue drying strands top of the head, putting them on top of the lower tier. The same principle lay the hair on the sides. If bob hairstyle you have done with a bang, then laying begins with it.


Do not be discouraged if at first you will not put your hair in such a way as did the master in the barber shop. Practice a couple of times, and succeed. You will notice how every time the result of changes in a positive way. You always want to look charming and attractive? Then bob haircut - this is exactly what you need.