Actors with unexpected passions

They say that a talented person is talented in everything, and many modern actors prove the truth of this expression. Not only do they play in movies, TV shows or theatrical productions, but also find time for hobbies, which are sometimes very surprised by their fans. Playing the harmonica, ping-pong or knitting? Movie stars really know how to choose the original and unexpected hobby.

Actors with unexpected passions

Woody Allen

Actor and director Woody Allen's love to the fans around the world. Fans are able to recognize his films on one only opening credits and always good music. Author of famous paintings, including "Annie Hall," "Manhattan," "Match Point" and "Midnight in Paris" is a big fan of classical composers, opera and jazz.

Actors with unexpected passions

Woody Allen performs with the New York Jazz Ensemble at a charity concert at the Sistina Theater. Photo: Carl Shenderfer / Rex Features

Love of music is reflected not only in the works of the master of auteur cinema, but also on his hobby: perfectly Woody Allen plays the clarinet and is a frequent speaker at various venues. Even his nickname he chose in honor of American jazz saxophonist and clarinetist Woody Herman.

Bruce Willis

Surprise to many movie lovers can become musical talents of Bruce Willis. Star of the film series "Die Hard" has a harmonica, and even participating in the group, which not only plays this instrument, but also sings.

Actors with unexpected passions

Bruce Willis on A Great Night in Harlem, New York. Photo: MediaPunch / REX / Shutterstock

He became interested in music in his youth, but it has not forgotten about his favorite hobby, even once built an incredible acting career. Currently, Bruce Willis continues to play blues on tour with performances and even recorded albums, proving that it is not only a great actor but also an excellent musician.

Meryl Streep

Actors with unexpected passions

A still from the film "Music of the Heart."

Sometimes it helps to work in the film the actors to reveal their talents. So in preparation for shooting pictures "Music of the Heart," Meryl Streep learned to play the violin. Legendary actress, won this year's anniversary, twentieth nomination for "Oscar", daily engaged for six hours for eight weeks to get used to the image of the teacher of music. Meryl did not scare even the fact that the violin is considered one of the most difficult instruments to master. Despite this, the actress managed to achieve impressive results and excellent play both the role and the musical parts.

Alfie Allen

Actors with unexpected passions

The British actor, familiar to most fans of TV series, is keen on football. This sport is interested in Allen as a child, and since he loves and watch the matches, and go on the field. Alfie is a fan of the English club "Arsenal", and he often takes part in the matches between celebrities. However, he is interested in not only the game itself, but also the history of football. The actor even became a leading documentary series from HISTORY channel "Football: A Brief History of Alfie Allen." In this project, he travels to Britain, met with well-known players and sports commentators and learn information about your favorite sport. Russian television viewers can watch it a fascinating journey on Saturdays at 22:00, starting from 18 March.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake creates the impression of a man who can do everything: he sings, dances, voiced cartoons and appeared in films. In addition, Justin is keen on golf, the interest in which he instilled his father. For a talented actor and musician, this sport is not only entertainment.

Actors with unexpected passions

Photo: MB Pictures / Rex Features

Timberlake participate in tournaments, compete with other stars, and aims to make golf more popular. In addition, this year, he and the famous professional player Tiger Woods became the owners of junior golf tour to help young athletes improve their skills.

Susan Sarandon

Actors with unexpected passions

The activity of Susan Sarandon is connected not only with the movie, but also with table tennis. The talented actress is interested in this sport for many years, although their success in it is not considered outstanding and continued his studies mainly to have fun and keep in shape. Sarandon generates interest around the ping-pong table and attracts the youth, inspiring beginners. She believes that the sport is good for health, and in this case the maximum safe. Susan has even created a club where people can play ping-pong with friends with the same interests, and gradually expand the network. Love for table tennis was also the motivation for participation Sarandon in the movie "My Summer of ping-pong," where she played a small role.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Fans of movies and TV shows with this actress sure she understands the relationship, shoes and journalism, but few can assume that Sarah Jessica Parker loves knitting!

Actors with unexpected passions

The active and stylish star is not so easy to imagine home of the spider in the hands, but that does not stop her enthusiasm to engage in enjoyable hobbies. The actress says that knitting helps her pass the time on the set and calm the nerves, and the fans are delighted to see her in a cozy cardigan or stylish hats, created by her own hands.