How to style your bangs: a number of ways

What will be discussed?

Almost all go bang, the main thing - to choose a hairstyle that is suitable for you. This element hairstyles draw attention to myself, first of all assess the surrounding strands, covering your forehead, and only then - the rest of the hair. That is why to know how to style your bangs so that the entire haircut look attractive, it is very important.

Before the installation of

How to style your bangs: a number of ways

An important caveat: laid bangs follows immediately after you wash your head and before you start to work on the rest of the hair. In other words, a fringe should be moist. If you have time to dry your hair, be sure to wet the strands on his forehead (for example, sprinkle them with water). Before laying, apply powder on the forehead - the bangs will not appear dirty during the day.

Basic Tips

Apply on hair right tool - the foam, mousse or gel. Try not to overdo it, remember that everything is good in moderation. If you want to look soft strands, do not use a variety of means at all. During the installation, first always spend a hairdryer hair from top to bottom, and only then - on the right and the left. How to style your bangs so that the hair shine? Use a hair iron. Be sure to watch for the heating time and temperature: through negligence can burn your hair.

Different ways of laying

How to style your bangs: a number of ways

Everyone knows how to style your bangs so that it seemed the volume - it has to be wound on a circular comb and dry the hair dryer, lifting. Side strands are laid in the same way, but, of course, change direction and comb the hair dryer. Of course, now we are talking primarily about classic straight bangs. However, such methods can be placed strands of various shapes.

How to do without the hair dryer?

Since hair dryers and irons greatly harm the hair, it is useful to know how to style your bangs are not using them. In fact, everything is almost the same as usual. First, you must put on hair styling products, then comb the desired shape to do the necessary manipulations: wind the strand on a round brush or a comb bangs comb in the right direction. Finally, the hair can be treated with lacquer. The only difference from the classical way - you do not use hair dryers in general.

Zapletal bangs

How to style your bangs: a number of ways

If you want an original way to lay a bang? Try to braid it. Make a French braid: zacheshite bangs to one side and begin to braid a braid along the face. You can, again, comb the bangs to the side and spin it, utilizing the remaining hair. The resulting braid kill the invisible and cover the hair.

How to style your bangs regrown

If the length is still allows, put the grown bangs just as usual. If the hair is a little close your eyes - experiment. The easiest way to put the bangs to the side, rather than straight. You can comb your hair back to open the face. Some celebrities are placed bang in the roll - this is an interesting option that is worth trying out if you want something unusual. As you can see, the question of how to choose the bangs too important - because styling is done on the basis of its shape. Therefore, intending to change her hair, think and how to look after your new bangs styling.