Dry Shampoo - features of the application

Every day Estheticians inventing new means of caring.

Dry Shampoo - features of the application

Their work aims to make women beautiful and more attractive. And thanks to that, coming into the store, we can choose a shampoo, cream and other beauty products that are suited to our skin type. One of the new products is considered to be a dry shampoo. It made relatively recently, but it has already managed to conquer the hearts of many of the female. But some believe this means simply incomprehensible, and therefore do not know how to use it.

History shampoo

Dry shampoo for hair began to use more four centuries ago. But then women used oat flour, cocoa powder, talc, starch or milled common salt. These blends perfectly cleaned shine from the scalp, the hair becomes soft, smooth and elastic. The only downside was a long combing loose mixture. Based on this, the French cosmetologists have decided to create a new dry shampoo for hair, which would be more convenient to use and the effect remained for a long time. And means it! New shampoo has a pleasant aroma, delicate texture and does not require a long comb. The formula of shampoo is constantly changing, which makes it versatile for any type of hair.

Dry Shampoo - features of the application

Features of the drug

Manufacturers produce a dry shampoo for the hair in the form of a powder or spray. Their composition can include white clay, corn, rice or oatmeal. These powders are not deposited on the hair, but, nevertheless, fed and well cleaned hair. In addition, the shampoo is added peppermint, menthol, panthenol, triclosan and various essential oils. All these components allow you to moisturize the hair, restore the structure, protected against external irritants and refresh the maximum. Dry shampoo is very easy to use: it is necessary only to shake Bologna and spray it over the entire length of hair. Another option - sprinkle the powder on the roots. To remedy completely distributed throughout the length of the hair, they need to carefully comb.

Dry shampoos - too different

You can purchase a shampoo that will lift the hair, creating a noticeable amount. In short, the advantages of such funds are obvious: time-saving, easy combing, moisturizing and hair restoration,

Dry Shampoo - features of the application

fast installation, use shampoo in all locations (for example, arriving at a party, the girl will not be difficult to refresh your hair for five minutes), and other . To secure a stunning effect, it was established hairspray (dry). It can be purchased along with the shampoo of the same brand, which will affect the hair only in a positive way. We direct the beauty of their own

Also, a cosmetic can do with their hands. Dry shampoo recipe is very simple, and make it a snap. For the preparation of the said funds, you will need: 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of salt, flour, meal, add 1 tbsp. spoon crushed almonds. In principle, every girl chooses the ingredients to help you troubleshoot it was her problem, so the shampoo can vary. Combining all the ingredients, apply the mixture on the hair roots, then spread over the entire length. But remember: no matter how you like this new tool, it in no case can not be used all the time! The best option - no more than 2 times per month.