Mascara: Comments

Mascara can enhance the beauty of your eyes like no other cosmetic product. With the right choice, you can make yourself look flirty, playful, dramatic. The trick is to find and purchase a mascara that matches your eye type. We largely rely on someone else's opinion when buying cosmetics, clothes, shoes. When going to buy mascara, real friends are also very important. First you need to identify your needs and then look for makeup that will satisfy them. Therefore, when choosing the best mascara you should know the type of your eyes. Let's look at this range of cosmetic products on the market and answer the question: "How to choose a mascara?". Basically, the entire female half of humanity wants to give to the splendor and cilia length.

Mascara: Comments

Volume Mascara

Its formula provides a seductive look, especially when the smoky eye makeup present. Some species such mascara look natural and completely suitable for everyday use, if you stick with neutral makeup. Charming eyes, painted with the help of the cosmetic product, will never look bad. L'Oreal Double Extension

Among the many bilateral is the best waterproof mascara (women's responses confirm this fact). Has basecoat comprises ceramide and R strengthening cilia. Ideal for sensitive eyes and for women who use contact lenses. If you use mascara one of the most important criteria is the quality of the brush.


Mascara: Comments

has a relatively large brush with densely packed bristles, which distributes the paint evenly over the lashes. Consistency is ideal: between dry and too wet.

Maybelline Lash Stylist

This brush has the shape of a comb. With miniature wide cloves obtained magnificent lush eyelashes. But this brush takes practice, because at first you risk getting stuck together with each other hairs.

Maybelline Volum 'Express Falsies

The whole line Volum 'Express is good to create a beautiful makeup. The design of the case is nice and bright, resembles the shape of a barrel. Brush rubber, rather large, contains many of the bristles. Major brush difficult to accurately make up a small cilia around the eyes - it's the only drawback, in my opinion.

Mascara: Comments

MAC Zoomlash

Ambiguous mascara, a variety of reviews. Wet formula leads to agglutination of the cilia. Brush size average with a good bristle brush. Another minus - is the price, the cost of funds varies from 800 to 950 rubles.

CoverGirl LashBlast

Silicone brush, prickly bristle paint over each cilium. Displacement and elongation are achieved at the first stroke of the brush. The only negative is that it is difficult to buy. You need to either write out on the internet, or to find a store that is engaged in the delivery of cosmetic products from America.


In order to make your lashes look lush and voluminous, it is necessary to put a black pencil strokes on the inside of the upper eyelid.


When choosing mascara reviews certainly have value, but it is a cosmetic product, which is unique. If a woman means come and liked it not for the fact that I loved and fit other.