Signs that swimming in the pond is better to cancel

• Signs that swimming in the pond is better to cancel

When it is hot outside, we are sometimes willing to pay more for the opportunity to swim. But not all waters are created equal, but all can be dangerous. Here are a few signals to, to come up with something else to do.

Signs that swimming in the pond is better to cancel

1. Lifeguard distracted

Pools and beaches require a lot of attention, and lifeguards should be on the alert. But if he kept looking at the phone screen, he could see in the water? That's right, nothing. And when it comes to the pool, and even measure the rate of chlorination forget.

2. Turbid water

It is primarily concerned with the pool. If the water is dirty, difficult to see the tile (or it is broken) - not even poke your nose. A few years ago in one of Boston's pool drowning woman, and she was found in just two days. At the same pool was used! Just the water was dirty, and visitors together with rescuers simply did not notice it at the bottom of the body.

3. Algae

It is unlikely that you polezesh now a swamp, but also in the water, where it is not necessary to bathe slime and algae is only at the shore. Some plants produce toxic bacteria that can be hazardous to health. If you do not see anything suspicious, but the water smells strange - it is not at risk. And in any case, do not let your dog swim!

4. Children

The presence of children in the water - it's not a reason to give up swimming. But if they all crumbs and without diapers - think about it, are you ready to take the risk, because the feces spread rapidly through the water basin or lake.

5. Strange wave

This item relates primarily to the seas and oceans. If you see strange for near shore or areas where the water color is different, it can be very dangerous to life!

6. Too many people

If the swimming pool or natural body of water more people than water, better stay on the beach. More people - more likely to pick up an infection, but less - get into the field of view of the rescuers.