Learn what hairstyle suitable for round face, and other tips

Learn what hairstyle suitable for round face, and other tips

What are the hairstyles fit for round face

Each of the fairer sex wants to look perfect at all times. One of the components of any image is a hairstyle. But not every hair styling will adorn a woman, so the article and examine what hairstyle suitable for round face.

How to determine your face shape

To find it, just sit in front of a mirror and draw pencil reflection. If you get a circle or something similar to it, that our article is just for you. A round face is characterized by high cheekbones and forehead, flattened chin. Hairstyles for round faces should complete visually lengthens and narrows its shape. It is necessary to pay attention not only on the length of hair and hairstyle, but also to the color that matches your type. Next, we try to understand what hairstyle suitable for round face.

Learn what hairstyle suitable for round face, and other tips


One of the best options for hairstyles for moon-faced ladies are shoulder-length hair with sharp outlines layers. Medium length hairstyles suit everyone without exception: for any age and for any type of hair. If you want a square, then just need to front ends are straight and elongated. If you are the owner of curls, the best option would be a multilayered cascade to the cheekbones, which can narrow down and balance the face. The main task - to bring roundness to the oval shape, since it is the standard. Best of all, when long hair, then you can easily create a variety of relevant options hairstyles. A short hairstyle for round face (female)

Layered haircut is the best option for short hair. Scattered all over the head of different length strands visually lengthen the face. The main thing that locks around the cheeks were thin, and his head was magnificent. Collecting hair from behind, you can achieve the visual lengthening and narrowing shape. By this way had a couple of strands. It is important to remember that if you comb the bangs to the side, it also allows you to achieve a good visual effect.

Bangs for round face

From this seemingly small element depends strongly on whether the hairstyle to look stylish. For a round face fit not long bangs to the side of the forehead, if the sides of the hair cover their ears. Also suitable profiled long bangs. Its best combed to one side, if the hair is short and curvy. Direct and siblings give more roundness. You can make your hair combed back, the forehead is completely open.

Learn what hairstyle suitable for round face, and other tips

Tips for creating a suitable hairstyle

To hairstyle looked good with a round face, you need to pick up her hair, or make a "ponytail". Also suitable installation, in which the strands fall on the face and at the same time hide the extra inches on the cheeks. Try to keep your image dominated by vertical lines. Interesting Facts

In many countries, a round face is identified with a soft, kind person, loving comfort and quite ambitious. And in Europe the 15th century pale round face with a high forehead was the standard of female beauty. Now that you know what hairstyle suitable for round face. Successful experiments!