Effective exercise for the inner thigh

You have a good figure? But if you dare to wear a bikini on the beach? No? Kompleksuete because of the bulging belly, folds at the waist or "ears" on the inside of the thighs? Under clothing all these imperfections of the figure totally invisible, but when undressing attract attention. In order to bring the body in order, urgent action is needed, and without training in this business can not do. In this article I want to talk about how to get rid of fat deposits on the inner side of the thigh. After all, this is where the muscles lose their tone quickly becoming prematurely flabby and lethargic. There are effective exercises for inner thigh that can solve this problem.


Effective exercise for the inner thigh

Squats - great exercise for the legs. They are good that strengthen not only the internal part of the thigh. Working both front and side muscles and buttocks. For optimal results, you need to perform 30-40 times in a row following exercises for inner thigh:

- from a standing position to do sit-ups all the way; - from a standing position to do poluprisedaniya, that is, bend the knees, but did not sit down until it stops;

- the starting position: standing on the floor, feet to dissolve as much as possible, the socks are directed to the sides. Slowly squat until it stops, then return to starting position.

Mahi feet

Kick their feet (as exercise for the inner thigh) are very effective. They can be done in any position: standing, sitting or lying down. So a few useful exercises:

Effective exercise for the inner thigh

- initial position - feet on the floor, you are reclining and relies on direct hands without touching the floor with his back and looking up at the ceiling. You make mahi turn the right foot, then left;

- lying on the floor on his side, leaning on his elbow, lift the upper leg, then lower it. Repeat 40-50 times is necessary. Turn over and do the same with the other foot;

- lying on the floor on your back doing the exercise "scissors" - the mixing and dilution of the feet. Repeat 30-40 times.


Jumping - it is a very dynamic exercises for inner thigh. You can make them just on the spot or with a jump up. Do 50-60 consecutive jumps. It promotes active burning calories, and as a result, reduce fat deposits on the thighs. And at the end of training - stretching

Effective exercise for the inner thigh

Stretching performed at the end of training is very important. It will help prevent muscle pain that occurs on the day after the exercise for the inner thigh muscles. In order to perform stretching, you must do the following: sit on the floor, bend your knees, press your feet together, knees to dissolve in hand and try to touch the floor with them. Perform stretching need 7-10 times until the mild pain in the muscles. We looked at what kind of exercise for the inner thigh can be done at home. You do not need trainers or any sports equipment. We just need to do the exercises on a daily basis, highlighting lessons for 30-40 minutes. By following these guidelines, you will very quickly attain the perfect shape and be able to wear to the beach very revealing clothes.