Wedding dresses in the Greek style, and not only

How often capricious and fickle fashion returns to the proven and classical models of clothes! This equally applies to the wedding trends. Exquisite wedding dresses in the Greek style again at the peak of popularity.

Wedding dresses in the Greek style, and not only

A bit of history

Women's dresses in the Empire style appeared many centuries ago. Here ideal and role model was the culture of ancient Greece and one of her masterpieces extant: wedding dress in the Greek style. According to legend, such clothing in ancient Greece (and much later in Europe) could put on only with the Great Goddess of Olympus and representatives of the aristocracy.

Model features

Wedding dresses in the Greek style has a unique feature: they are able to perform miraculous transformation, making it visually almost perfect figure. One only with its elegant silhouette of this outfit is able to solve a number of existing problems. For example, a bride, a complex about my small breasts or unusual abdominal and hip size, feel much more confident. But the main feature of this model - the overestimated waist. Starting from the line of the bodice, the A-shaped skirt or skirt-bell gently flowing excellent folds.

Wedding dresses in the Greek style, and not only

Wedding dresses in the Greek style, fit woman expecting a baby. This outfit is versatile in silhouette, it looks elegant and romantic, visually increases the height of the bride, turning low Woman stately goddess.

Jewelry dresses in the Empire style

Most often dresses in the Empire style decorates embroidery or applique on the bodice. Compound skirt decorated with satin or silk ribbon. In some cases, the tape replaces the bow. Traditional dress in the Greek style decorated with drapery and reliefs. In such one-shoulder dresses can be opened, but the length remains the same - it covers shoes and goes to the floor.

Greek Dresses - a classic wedding ceremony

Wedding dresses in the Greek style, and not only

A light and airy dress for the bride you will not find even with a strong desire. Woman will not hamper tight corsets and hoops cumbersome, which certainly are in a magnificent dress.

Those who do not like classical music

If you are not a fan of the classics and want to thanks to your wedding as well remembered by many guests, you should pay attention to is very popular today, black and white wedding dress. This spectacular model will suit absolutely all women: blondes and brunettes, slender and full, very young girls and older ladies. But most importantly - it will make an impression. Cascade wedding dress

Many are surprised by this name, although it is well known, this model. Wedding Dress, short front and rear long, for several years chosen girls who want to emphasize their individuality. The style of this dress is not new and is not an invention of modern designers. He appeared in the nineteenth century. In these dresses famously danced the cancan charming dancers. Such a model can afford the very young and very slim bride.