How to recognize the enemy spies in the Soviet Union

• How to recognize enemy spies in the Soviet Union

How to recognize the enemy spies in the Soviet Union

In the days of the Soviet Union, the country was under the scrutiny of foreign intelligence services and their implementation illegal agents identify and deal with that, was charged KGB. But, as the millions of honest workers to recognize an enemy spy? It turns out that in this respect there are clear instructions and recommendations.

to produce documents

What is most important during getting to illegal on the territory of alleged enemy? Of course, well-written documents. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it. Representatives of the Soviet secret police noticed that the foreign intelligence services in sufficient detail and high-quality forged Soviet passports and other official documents certifying the identity of the person. Catch them to be either on the inaccuracies in the date of issue of the document, in particular on the timely replacement of the photo. But the most accurate indication of the passport were staples. The fact is that if the Soviet Union for these purposes are usually used iron staples, the foreign intelligence was used in stainless steel clip. In this document to always clips showed signs of rust or corrosion of the metal, have forged documents spies have not been observed. Then the KGB looked at how to fill out paperwork. In the USSR passports filled with ink, and Western intelligence special ink that was not difficult to identify. It often happened that in the documents as the place of birth in the spy point not the existing settlement. Then have a suspicious person is checked against passport, military identification card and work book. I spy, they have the same degree of wear, and were filled with the same handwriting with a single shade of ink. At present such documents could not be. Verified as the first place of residence, where the document was issued. It is important that it be accessible and verifiable, not abandoned village in a remote corner of the country. Often already at the stage of examining the documents could reveal a spy or an enemy spy illegal.

Genesis vs. Spy

In that case, if a suspicious entity documents themselves in order, special authorities paid attention to the knowledge of foreign languages, and frequent trips abroad. These people were particularly close attention in the country. Appearance in person team, who spoke with an accent, pronouncing Russian words according to the rules of one of the dialects of foreign languages, demanded his immediate check for reliability. In addition to citizens of the country, not to get on the stick, as a possible spy was better not to use proverbs and aphorisms other countries. If the person in the conversation showed good knowledge of the order and the way of life in another country, but have little understanding of Soviet reality, he was immediately put on the note as a foreign agent. In this case, security officers are always alarmed when people knew the full name of the state institutions of the USSR, but was not aware of their abbreviated pronunciation in the vernacular, such as housing and communal services and utilities, and so on. D. Excessive politeness, discipline and smartness also aroused suspicion. Check the KGB to the citizens who knew how to prepare cocktails (in the USSR always preferred pure drinks), showed love for refined not peculiar to our country's foreign dishes, as well as know how to cook them. Suspicious considered ignoring the bread during the meal, as well as an attempt to dilute the drinks with ice. Even too good work in manufacturing was suspicious, and pronunciation of the name of tools in a western style. It is unlikely that a person who has lived all his life in another country, and as an agent for an abandoned illegal in the Soviet Union would be able to consider all the details of everyday life. It is these little things and catch foreign agents KGB.

You are in a razvedshkolu learned?

In the case of an illegal alien had quality documents, perfectly knew the nuances of life in the USSR, it could issue a special training. Authorities have always paid attention to the person who has unusual skills. Under secret surveillance security officers citizens who were able to understand fall topographic map, compass possess, shoot straight and know methods of struggle, not being a professional military. Knowledge of photography, radiodela, the ability to use the walkie-talkie also betrayed a possible illegal immigrant citizen of one of the Western countries. It does not encourage excessive observation at a total external isolation, as well as a good knowledge of the city too, including a public thoroughfare. Discrepancies extensive knowledge in several non-adjacent areas with an average "according to legend," education and the desire to tie acquaintance on their own initiative with the carriers of secrets betrayed human potential spy. Thus, abandoned on the territory of the USSR foreign agent hardly had the opportunity to become naturalized and fulfill its mission without in order not to fall under the supervision of the KGB, who oversaw almost all the organization of the Soviet Union.