Most of curious stories of divorces

Most of curious stories of divorces

1. The wife locked in the bathroom of her husband for three years.

Turkish women have been one man, rich and unloved. They lived together for 15 years, and so he took it, especially his habit of three times a day to take a shower, that she wanted to divorce him. But I do not want to lose money .. And then Kevser Babattsu invented this: when he undressed and went to take a shower, she closed the door. And there sat Orhan Babuttsu neither more nor less - three years. Food woman threw him in a dog bowl, drove home lovers and eagerly awaited, when a man dies, his property goes to her. But do not wait - about prisoner learned neighbors and reported this to his mother Orhan, and she - the police. When his wife was arrested, she explained his action thus: "I think he's a dangerous lunatic - well, there will be a normal person so often to take a shower!"

2. The reason for the divorce - a cat.

Judge in Taiwan gave the woman a divorce because she refused to share a bed with the cat man. Scandals of the cat family life made impossible couple. The man allowed the cat to walk on demand wherever that may be, including the bed, it does not educate. Year of the woman is still somehow endured, and then filed for divorce.

3 500 dollars for silence.

What to do to your wife, not sawed? The most proven way to stop it - divorce. However, the Romanian businessman decided this question in a different way. It pays to his wife about $ 500 a month for what it does not whine at him. Nicolau Popa said: "My business is doing well, but takes away all power. When you get home in the evening, then simply I fall out of the foot. So I made a deal with my wife, I pay her $ 500 a month if she nags me. " However, this does not always happen: his wife Maria, specialty programmer, all day sitting at the computer, and she had no one to talk to. That is why sometimes can not keep the promise not to cling to her husband ...

4. Fasting as a protest against the abuse of his wife.

A resident of Spain Castellón de Piedra Roberto Vidal such money as the Romanians, probably had not. And so I began fasting to protest against the abuse of his wife. He locked himself in his car in the center of the city, drinking only water, and occasionally goes to the toilet. The car plastered with posters in which he explains the reasons for their strike. 45 elderly kastelonets protests against domestic violence of his wife. It constantly seeks to "ruin his life, destroy and survive out of the house, leaving the children themselves," clings to the fact that it is too thick, it does not earn much. The men he was very sympathetic ...

5. Do not walk away from me - I will burn the house.

In Sweden, man, angry that his wife was going to divorce him, sold all of their common property, and then burned all paid money for it - about 81, 3 thousand dollars. The court acquitted the man. His wife is still gone.

6. The property is divided at auction.

Meanwhile the Swedes, at least, did not have to divide the property. Two Chinese tormented each other and the judge who led the divorce process for several years. They could not decide who should get the bike, computer, video camera and actually flat. The judge was tired of it all and decided that the controversial things need to be put up for auction, in which the former husband and the woman will take part. According to the rules of trading, each "lot" is set separately. One who offers a large amount, and it will get, and the other will get the money.

7. Three SMS-ki - and you are divorced.

A Muslim man can divorce, three times saying this to his wife. And now it can be done with the help of SMS-messages. At least, this is allowed by law in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. A law after the debate, which took members of the cabinet part, human rights activists, representatives of the Islamic clergy. Opponents of the electronic procedure, said that it is contrary to the canons of Islam. Malayziyki made statements that it stimulates the divorce. But a Muslim woman will listen ...

8. The father gave his son a wife for three cows and a goat.

63-year-old Kenyan John Ngoche was away from home. And at this time in his 21-year-old third wife came to 25-year-old son of the first woman. And they are ... Well, in short, you understand what they do. And when John came back and caught them on a hot, they got into a fight with his son.

The fight, the crowd watched the villagers. After the men namyali each side other, I gathered the village council of elders. After a lengthy exchange of views, they have approved this decision: a woman to give her son, but take him compensation in favor of the father - three cows and a goat.

9. Was the wife and daughter became.

Scotland there was a similar story: 20-year-old Alison Smith found her husband, 21-year-old George Greenhow, in bed with his mother, 44-year-old Pat, just ten days after the wedding. Insulted Alison immediately filed for divorce. And then, cooled down, forgive lovers and even agreed to be a bridesmaid at the wedding ... It is true that the marriage of George and Pat has no legal force - under Scottish law, a man can marry his ex-wife's mother only if the latter died.

10. Marry a corpse.

They fell in love, when Joan was thirteen, and Robert - fifteen. Since that time, they are constantly together.

After high school, settled together in eighteen Joan gave birth to a son named Jimmy. Everything was good, but three years later, Robert died in a car crash. And marry they did not have time. Heartbroken Joan, saying that vowed to love him forever, decided to still connect to a legal union with the beloved - and to be together after death.

The priest agreed to perform the ceremony, the wedding ring on the finger of a young had put on himself. Joan was dressed up in a wedding dress, Robert was dressed in a white tuxedo. And the next day after the wedding, the funeral took place.