Easily removes burnt fat from the grating plate

• Easily removes burnt fat from the plate lattice

Burnt the fat on the lattice gas stove - it is an unfortunate reality, but to scour a fat - unpleasant tests and thankless task. Without the use of special detergents to do so it is not easy. Moreover, the lattice wrong cleaning can cause damage. However, there are some very effective "folk" methods, which should be adopted every hostess and host.

Easily removes burnt fat from the grating plate

1. Cleaning using baking soda

Easily removes burnt fat from the grating plate

Prepare a paste of baking soda. / Photo: pinterest.ru.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is in each kitchen. Experienced hostess know that because of their alkaline-based soda is an excellent cleaner. The fact that it copes with the absolute majority of the contaminants. To clean the grill to be cooked mushy composition from water and soda. In problem areas of lattice soda applied to 1 hr.

After that, using a stiff brush performed primary treatment. Immediately after her - secondary treatment using a soft sponge. The cycle of applying a composition, brush and sponge repeated until clean of fat.

2: Purification of hot water and steam

Easily removes burnt fat from the grating plate

Submit possible not only to jail. / Photo: ami.by.

If the house is not a steam generator, it is possible to soften the fat by the following method. First we warm up the oven. Put it in a pan of the soap solution. After that, put on a baking grill plate so that it completely went under water, after which time it was stripped. After this procedure, the oven will need to wash off the soap and grease.

Important: remember to be careful when using an oven, steam and hot water!

3. Cleaning calcining

Easily removes burnt fat from the grating plate

The most important thing is not to hurry too. / Photo: stroy-podskazka.ru.

Note: this method is only suitable for cast-iron grates.

One of the simplest methods, the idea of ​​which is to simply burn all the fat adhering to the grid using a blowtorch. If desired, the same thing can be done simply having brought to the burner grate. With a uniform ignition of the fat will burn throughout the lattice.

After completion of the procedure, the bars should be wiped with a cloth or sponge.

Important: when working with fire remember safety as well as that the bars can not hold hands.

4. Cleaning ammonia

Easily removes burnt fat from the grating plate

Put in the bag, pour the alcohol. / Photo: sollys.ru.

Ammonium chloride is sold in any drugstore. Not everyone knows that this is a 10 percent ammonia solution. However, experienced hostess, as a rule, are aware of the wonderful properties of ammonia in matters of cleanliness guidance.

To clean the grill with take our plates, put in a bag and fill it to the vial of liquid ammonia. String bag and leave the rest for the night. In the morning extract grill and my ordinary detergent. Remember that ammonia has a very strong odors, and therefore should provide good ventilation of the room.

5. Cleaning mustard powder

Easily removes burnt fat from the grating plate

However - effective way. / Photo: riafan.ru.

One of the most unusual methods. In all of this treatment fat mustard powder extremely effective. The process resembles the operation described with soda. First you need to prepare a "mush" from water and mustard. Thereafter lattice daubed wetted with water and the prepared composition. It then remains to wait 2-3 hours to wash and grate with the cleaning agent.

6. Cleaning with vinegar

Easily removes burnt fat from the grating plate

The vinegar will help. / Photo: toxid.ru.

Any acid dissolves fine organic compounds, including fat. We are interested only vinegar. All you need to do soak the grille in vinegar in a suitable sized container. A few hours later will be good enough to wash the grille with a sponge.