Caffeine in the struggle with losing weight

• Caffeine in the struggle with losing weight

Caffeine in the struggle with losing weight

Tea and coffee are two of the most widely consumed beverages in the world (except water, of course). And recently we wrote about how to milk protein may reduce the effectiveness of green tea in reducing weight, but today let's talk about the benefits of coffee with milk diet. If you are a fanatical opponent of "the Milk", or want to lose weight, you should drink a drink, substituting cow's milk for vegetable or goat, which does not cause inflammation in the body and does not harm neither the skin nor the figure nor the health of the whole.

As the coffee helps to lose weight

Caffeine and flavonoids contained in natural coffee, are a very important part of the plan to reduce weight. Although, obviously, like everything else in life, too much of healthy foods can be harmful, so it is not necessary to drink 10 cups of strong coffee a day, because it can potentially help to lose weight.

A reasonable number of cups of coffee is three or four times a day, provided that you do not have problems with the cardiovascular system and digestive tract. Studies show that 400 mg of caffeine per day are safe for most healthy adults - it is about the same as four cups of brewed coffee (as latte and cappuccino caffeine less, so they can have a drink and 6 cups without harm to health, but do not figure) . To reduce weight should drink black coffee without sugar and other additives, so it will be good for your health and will not increase your calorie intake throughout the day.

A cup of coffee makes the body burn more calories. Waking up in the morning hard, really hard. The only thing that makes this task easier - this is the first strong cup of unsweetened coffee. He wakes up your nervous system, resulting in the movement of the digestive tract and give the impetus needed to get started. Hooray caffeine! In addition, coffee is rich in substances that cause your body to burn more calories. It promotes weight loss, but the addition of milk in coffee reduces this effect.

Can you drink coffee with milk for weight loss

You can if you are careful enough. It is worth remembering about the product calories. Per serving of black coffee (about 450 ml) - about 10-15 calories. The latte and cappuccino of the same volume without sweeteners contains 180 calories. And it provided that you use the milk of average fat content if you add the cream, the calories may be more. For example, the same 450 ml mocha coffee - is from 300 to 450 calories. Thus, the coffee with milk can take the place of a meal.

However, if life without coffee with milk for you - not life, you can afford some weaknesses, even when losing weight. You can add milk to your drink and it does not reduce the effectiveness of weight loss, if you do not sort out with calories in the diet. Average coffee with 30 ml of skim milk (two percent) with no sweeteners contains about 30-45 calories, so you can quite their "bite" without harm to the figures. You can even drink 2-3 cups a day, without fearing for their figure, the main favorite drink cappuccino at night, because milk contains lactose, and it is better to use up to 14-16: 00. If you eat everything in moderation and at the right time, no harm. On the other hand, green tea contains much less caffeine, but it can be effective for weight loss, since it is possible to drink before exercise, fasting and even after 16:00, without fearing that the drink acidity can damage the digestive system. You can safely drink up to six cups of green tea a day and still be within the caffeine standards that will promote weight loss.