How to spread shoes: Options

Question "how to carry shoes" wondered at least once in every woman's life. What to do, if this time "fashion victim" were you? First, you need to figure out how much you are missed because the stretch shoes may not be more than half the size. If the difference in the size and the longer it is necessary to return the purchase back. Shoes made of leather and suede stretched more easily than from synthetic materials. Patent leather is also not the best facility for experiments.

How to spread shoes: Options

Special products for shoes

If, nevertheless, a strong pair of shoes or boots purchased, the answer to the question "how to distribute new shoes" professionals offer to buy special tools for stretching in a shoe store. Usually this product are available in the form of a foam or spray. Means applied both inside the shoe and the outside. Then, after putting on the socks, "pull the" your shoes or boots, and go to the complete drying of the material. The procedure can be repeated to achieve the desired result. Craftsmen to the question "how to carry shoes" give a few answers.

Variations on the theme of

Instead, spray a professional welcome to use alcohol or vinegar solution. The liquid must also be put inside your shoes wet to put on a pair of socks and walk on until complete evaporation of funds. Disadvantage of this method - the smell, which remains a long time. You can try to stretch your shoes using a wet newspaper. It is necessary to fill as much as possible tighter shoes pieces of wet paper and leave to dry. Just do not dry your shoes or boots near the central heating radiators - they are from this port.

How to spread shoes: Options

Another embodiment of

There is a way to stretch shoes with the help of the freezer. Must be filled with water balloons, or ordinary plastic bags, well tie and put them in your shoes. Then all this construction should be placed in the freezer. As we know from school physics course, water expands when it freezes, and shoes stretched, and without the participation of your long-suffering feet. However, winter boots, this method is unlikely to help.

The method for suede

All of the above methods are applicable to shoes made of leather. But as the spread suede shoes, because moisture can be detrimental to her? There are ways to dry stretching with a special sliding shoes. To use such a device is simple - you need to insert the pad into the shoe and with a special lever to increase its length. To such an extension may take a few days.

How to spread shoes: Options

How to carry shoes with the help of beer?

There is also a method for stretching of shoes made of genuine suede. Moisten drink your shoes inside and Put on them on thick socks. And fro in such a way to completely dry the shoe.


Anyway, before you look for answers to the question "how to carry shoes," think about it, and whether it's worth it. Firstly, during the stretching procedure, the shoes can lose a trade dress, and back to the store it will not be accepted. Secondly, if you are ready to spoil your feet terrible blisters, raznashivaya shoes? Indeed, in this age of commodity abundance is quite possible to find a pair of shoes to taste and size.