Very useful cabbage diet for weight loss

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Very useful cabbage diet for weight loss

Many women, in order to throw off those extra kilos, often resort to various diets. Some of them require significant financial costs for the products, but this is not necessary for our choices. The main product can be found in almost all the gardens and shops. In general, the topic of this article - cabbage diet for weight loss. Why is it? The answer is very simple - the vegetables are very low in calories, but, on the other hand, it is full of beneficial nutrients and fiber, which is a must for losing weight people. So, for example, 100 grams contains only 26 calories. And indeed, very often diets are harmful to health, which is not the cabbage juice diet. Another advantage of this version of the diet - the size of servings, which you do not have control. Especially since you can not limit yourself to white cabbage, because there are many varieties of this vegetable, for example: chinese, broccoli and so on. You can not give up on other foods to make enough cabbage entrée, thus completely eliminating the sweet and flour. I propose to consider several options for the Cabbage Soup Diet. Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss for the week

In this embodiment, the main dish is fat burning soup. Recipe for this dish is very simple: first you need to make a decoction of cabbage diet, add the carrots, potatoes, bell pepper and a bit of onion. Eating this soup, you can lose a few days about 3 kg. It can be used for a week, at the same time adding to the daily diet of vegetables and fruits, as well as you can drink half a liter of buttermilk or yogurt. In addition to that you can eat one boiled egg.

Very useful cabbage diet for weight loss

Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss for 10 days

In this embodiment, the vegetables should be eaten raw, and use it in salads. Here is an approximate of this diet menu:

  • Breakfast. Cook cabbage salad and boiled one egg. Drink it all it can be yogurt.
  • Lunch. Best of all, if it is vegetable soup.
  • Dinner. Here you can afford a small piece of boiled meat or fish. And of course, do not forget about fresh salad. That is you need to eat for 10 days, and you will be able to lose about 7 kg.

Cabbage Soup Diet to lose weight for 5 days The essence of this option is as follows: take the food you need at one and the same time and no less than 5 times a day. And also do not forget that you need to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Here is a sample of this diet menu:

  • Very useful cabbage diet for weight loss

    Breakfast number 1. In the morning, it is desirable to eat a salad, which you can fill with olive oil, 2 chicken fried eggs and drink green tea with milk.

  • Breakfast number 2. You can eat low-fat cottage cheese and drink green tea or a decoction of rose hips.
  • Lunch. As prepare hot soup, also eat salad and about 300 grams of cooked chicken without salt.
  • Snack. Drink one glass of milk or low-fat broth hips.
  • Dinner. Prepare a lean fish and eat no more than 100 grams, can also be a vegetable ragout, which must necessarily include cabbage, and wash down all the green tea without sugar. Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss is also improving, as most of you will eat vegetables.