Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

The American edition of Buzzfeed find out from a number of plastic surgeons, what they do and what interesting things in their life and work. It turns out that they are doing other operations in addition to liposuction and breast augmentation and these services can afford not only the rich and famous. The rest of the secrets - in our material.

Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

1. No, not all of us live in palaces, wear "Versace" and every weekend to have fun on a yacht.

This is not the "Beverly Hills 90210", where we will rest nicely, wear expensive clothes designers and enjoy the luxury. But yes, we really earn a lot.

2. Most of us do plastic surgery to help people like yourself and feel good about themselves.

Some people have a lot of weight and want to make an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck to get rid of excess skin. Some women want to return to his previous form breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding or cancer. Not all operations are vital, but they can return people to self-confidence and self-esteem.

3. We care about your appearance, it's true.

It is believed that plastic surgeons are very interested in how they look. For many experts it is true. It is difficult to find designer clothes, which do not care what he wears. Similarly, hard look unkempt, unhealthy surgeon who does not care about how it is perceived by others.

4. Plastic surgery - an extremely wide area, which includes a lot more things than liposuction and breast augmentation.

Starting to get a medical degree, you immediately realize how many actually happens specializations. There are hand surgery, pediatric plastic surgery (for birth defects like cleft lip), cosmetic surgery, surgery of the peripheral nervous system, microsurgery and general plastic surgery, comprising a mixture of many of these things. Plastic surgery - is much more than what people usually see in movies and TV shows. 5. This is one of the few medical specialties in which you are allowed to work with people of any age and any body parts.

Most surgeons in other areas there are restrictions on potential patients and body parts that they have the right to operate. But plastic surgeons can work with anyone, including children.

6. Plastic surgeons in the US after high school learning has not less than 14 years, and residency training they held especially intense in comparison with other medical students.

Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

We would like the public to better understand how much effort is required to obtain professional certification, how many years takes education and a number of important decisions taken surgeons.

7. There are two main types of specialists: those engaged in aesthetic surgery, while others - Reconstructive.

Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

The aesthetic or cosmetic surgery helps those who want to change something in their appearance. These include tummy tuck, liposuction, tightening the buttocks and things like that.

Reconstructive surgery can work with birth defects, the effects of unsuccessful operations and accidents (car crashes, burns). Surgery can do for other reasons related to health. One of the most frequent indications for reconstructive surgery - facial injuries, nose and ears after skin cancer.

8. The plastic surgery is no single "right" way to do the surgery. It happens that the same procedure can be done 25 different ways.

How many different types of noses, eyes, lips and ears, you see every day? For each procedure, there is a huge variety of different options, and it's one of the coolest things in our work. 9. Therefore, many plastic surgeons behind artistic background is, whether sculpture, painting, architecture and photography.

Some people believe that all orthopedists - former athletes or just sports fans. Plastic surgery, too, there is a stereotype - if we all understand the art. Yes, most of us do have some artistic hobby.

10. In some cases, you can choose a plastic surgeon for yourself - as well as choose the tattoo master.

Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

You can look at our previous work and assess whether our coincide with your ideas about beauty - because the visual result of each operation depends on the doctor. It's like flipping instagram tattoo or check his portfolio in the tattoo parlor. On our site there is a section "Gallery", and in offices - albums with examples of work, so that people can check that they are looking for.

11. Botox saves not only on wrinkles. It also helps with excessive sweating, migraine headaches and twitching of the eyelids or eyebrows.

12. Liposuction is most often used on the abdomen, back and hips.

Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

13. We refuse to approximately 30% of people who seek the services of plastic surgery, because their expectations are unrealistic or they want to harm health.

Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

We need to make sure that the patient's desire to conform to what we can give him. Sometimes people want something fabulous, unsafe, unhealthy, or that are not worth the risk. Some we will not operate, as much as they promised to pay.

14. No, we do not enlarge the penis. Usually it is done by urologists.

15. During the operation, we can experiment a bit to make sure that everything turns out perfectly, as the patient wants.

Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

In most cases, we are well aware of how much the procedure will last, but usually leave extra time to experiment, because we know about his perfectionism. For example, in breast augmentation implants, we can try different sizes and shapes to see what looks best, and choose the ideal.

16. Plastic surgery is not just for the rich and famous.

Most of the procedures are not fantastically expensive, and if you really need it, they are easy to accumulate.

17. Sometimes in our time can fit consultations, surgery, filler injections and checkups.

Plastic surgeons destroy stereotypes about their work

Each day can be different from the previous one. Sometimes, you need to wake up early for a meeting with the patient, to go to the conference, and for dinner back in the office and make breast reconstruction, breast augmentation or rhinoplasty, and then examine the weight of the patient.

One of the main advantages of the plastic surgeon - a variety of interactions with different people. Sometimes I spend a consultation on breast augmentation immediately after helping student who has a finger stuck in the gap between the door and the jamb.

18. We often explain to people that liposuction is no substitute for diet and exercise, but it can give the body shape.

Most want to do liposuction and so in good shape - they just need help with specific areas that are hard to lose weight.

19. Some of us try not to tell others about their work. We just do not want friends to come to us for advice and services: beyond awkward and uncomfortable. I do not want to tell people that they are not good candidates for surgery, or to estimate their body, risking hurt their feelings. Therefore, we seek not simply to mention his profession.

20. So if you see us outside the doctor's office - please do not girlfriend, mom or girlfriend mom know that we "can do for them."

Sometimes expect from us advice "here and now", no matter where we are, but it's the last thing we want to do while on vacation, vacation with family or just leisure.

21. with a plastic surgeon is better not to bargain. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

If you try to cheat, the level of service will meet the payment. If the clinic offers big savings - perhaps they are working non-certified anesthesiologists or nurse. There is a risk of contracting something and die, the savings is not worth it. Make sure your plastic surgeon is a professional association. You do not want to risk their lives just to save a thousand dollars?

22. We do not try to assess the appearance of people in everyday life, but sometimes it happens.

No, we do not go in circles, wondering how we would like to correct the shape of the nose out to the man. But sometimes we think, what procedures would be useful to people. This is because a significant part of our lives, so that from it can be difficult to escape.

23. Some operations take up to 12 hours.

We were lucky: usually we are no emergency operations, like other surgeons. But we can also work long hours. Some operations take a particularly long time - for example, certain types of breast augmentation surgery, which require transplantation of other tissues. 24. In our work, too, can slobber. Especially when you communicate with patients who underwent mastectomy.

Working with these women, we tend to get involved in their lives for a long time - sometimes for years. Therefore, we have formed a special relationship with them, and in the end, we keep in touch.

25. We are lucky: plastic surgery makes people happy and the level of satisfaction of our patients is extremely high.

We usually work with healthy patients that achieve the desired results. We do not often have bad news. Basically, we do the operation, which people want, and that will make them more beautiful and confident.