Our hair and asymmetry. Haircut, which will transform each

Add some color to life

If tired of the usual hair style has long been bored people, it is necessary to try to make an original and unique, and this applies to the asymmetry. Haircut this has long won popularity among the fairer sex. It is perfect for people who want to change their image. As an addition to the asymmetric haircut acts highlighting, coloring, optional color. Initially, it was fashionable to make asymmetrical haircut only on short hair, but there is now an opportunity to make a similar hairstyle in the hair of any length.

Our hair and asymmetry. Haircut, which will transform each

Features hairstyles

For medium hair haircut make on the basis of the bean, and then beat a variety of options. For example, the top of the head are cut short, and the bottom is left longer hair. Or on one side of her hair fall to the chin, and then they should ideally go into a short, ending in another temple. Do owners of straight hair medium length hair will look like this more effectively than in women with wavy hair. bold decisions

If you are an asymmetrical bob, options also raises enough. Do not forget that short hair requires that she always paid time. For example, washing your head, just need to style your hair, otherwise the image will look unfinished. You can make long strands, aligning them with the hair "hedgehog."

Long-haired negligence

Our hair and asymmetry. Haircut, which will transform each

will also go to the asymmetry of the long hair. Grooming of this kind creates the greatest visual impact thanks to its bright and clear manifestation. In the case of a large length hair require highly skilled professionals. Options asymmetric hairstyles are different. It all depends on the client's imagination and skill of the hairdresser.


The nature of asymmetrical haircut depends on the type of entity:

- For oval persons, especially with a well-defined cheekbones, fits any kind of similar hairstyles, for example, can make a ragged fringe.

- For owners of the round type of person the most viable option - the asymmetry. Mowing should not create a volume on the cheek level, the best option - a magnificent head and covered with elongated strands of the face. - If fine hair, asymmetrical hairstyle gives volume. Therefore, for the owners of such hair, this hairstyle is salvation.

Our hair and asymmetry. Haircut, which will transform each

- a girl with very thick hair asymmetry (haircut with non-standard basis) allows you to make easy hairstyles. At the same time work with the hair becomes much easier. Often in such cases, women Mills tips to make the image of a negligent effect.

Keep an eye on fashion

Concepts such as symmetry and straightness of lines in haircuts losing out in fashion. Many celebrities have demonstrated their courage and eccentricity asymmetrical hairstyles. Firstly, it is a challenge standards, the reluctance to look like everyone else. Secondly, such experiments to change the external appearance are subject to creative and imaginative person, receiving all new for joy. If you are tired of the standard haircuts, you should try an asymmetrical haircut.