After Shave Balm Nivea Men: description, reviews

After Shave Balm - a necessary tool that men use almost daily. It is able to soothe irritated skin, create a cooling effect and contributes to the regeneration of skin cells. The best means of this cosmetic segment, according to men, is Nivea for Men.

Why do you need care after shaving?

In use, the razor not only removes facial hair, but often the upper skin cells. This is what leads to such effects as irritation, itching, burning. Men with sensitive skin are confronted daily with the discomfort after shaving and try to make these impacts as negligible as possible.

After Shave Balm Nivea Men: description, reviews

The cosmetic companies are developing these balms to the needs of men's skin and try to add them to a large number of caring components. After all, after shave balm should not only soothe irritated skin, but also softens the skin, cooling and promote rapid regeneration of cells. The set of such means and directed at slowing the growth of hair, which after some time leads to a decrease in the need for daily use shaving razor.

Nivea brand with the best dermatologists of the world has developed a large number of products for men's skin care products. The most popular of these is the after shave balm for sensitive skin.

Product Description

This tool is designed not only to relieve irritation after using the razor, but also has many features that are appreciated by the male half of the population. It includes a large amount of disinfectant components which disinfect skin. After Shave Balm is composed of a plurality of plant extracts and promoting relatively rapid healing of wounds and fractures which may be after shaving process.

After Shave Balm Nivea Men: description, reviews

Hydration and nutrition of the skin, the manufacturer promises, necessary for good appearance of the man. "Nivea" also creates a cooling effect on the face, which promotes a comfortable feeling after shaving.

The company Nivea launched on the market several types of cosmetic balms, and the best of them, as already mentioned - for sensitive skin, as well as the "Silver protection". The first means of the above suits for men, skin that is exposed to severe allergic reactions and irritation.

A "Silver protection" is an excellent antibacterial balm with soothing and cooling effect. Both options are quite popular among men all over the world and they have a great number of advantages.

For sensitive skin

Balm, which is designed for sensitive skin care men, placed in a white package. On the shelves, he stands out from other products for the care of men's skin. Reviews of balm after shaving show that its biggest advantage is the availability and cost budget.

After Shave Balm Nivea Men: description, reviews

The facility has a light, fairly liquid consistency, which contributes to comfortable and easy distribution on the skin and rapid absorption. It immediately begins to soothe irritation and eliminates allergic reactions. A few minutes later on the face does not remain traces of redness and skin looks well-groomed and beautiful.

The cooling effect remains for one hour after application, and flavors that are present in an after-shave balm, absolutely does not conflict with the masculine cologne.

"Silver protection"

After Shave Balm Nivea Men: description, reviews

This tool is also in white packaging, but its distinguishing feature - a blue cap. This balm is composed of silver ions, which are known as one of the best antibacterial components in cosmetic products. This after shave balm aimed at decontamination and rapid soothing of irritated men's skin. It creates an invisible layer that protects sensitive skin from the harmful effects of the environment. Balsam liquid in consistency, immediately absorbed by the skin and does not cause discomfort.

Men who do not have sensitive skin type and are not subject to irritation, prefer this version of the balm after shave "Nivea". It perfectly nourishes the skin, moisturizes, protects and imbues it.


Most men all over the world daily by means of skin care. This is a necessary step to ensure that the skin is not irritated, he looked good, and attracted the attention of the female population. After Shave Balm is often used not only by men but also by women to soothe irritated skin after hair removal. Buyers prefer products with the Nivea brand, which for many years has proven the high quality of products at a fairly budget price.